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DD and dean's dinner

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I'm quite sure she's absolutely NOT expected to bring anything. As a faculty member (and my partner has served as associate dean), I've been to several similar dinners and no one has ever brought the dean/provost/chancellor a gift.


But as you say, something small can't hurt. I like the idea of candy; flowers or a small plant would be great, too.

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Well, I was in college many moons ago, back then in the mists of time, we did not bring anything to the dean. He and his wife put on those dean dinners as a celebration of our efforts and it was ALL ABOUT US! They were wonderful dinners and I have to say, it was great to get to know the dean. Your dd should not feel that she needs to take anything.


Now, I would recommend that she either take a "thank you" note or a homemade appreciation card with her or send one quite soon after.


Most deans understand that students are struggling to come up with funds to stay in school. They know they don't have extra money to throw around giving gifts. That is of course, unless your student is a scholarship student at an otherwise "wealthy" school. I would imagine that in that environment, where deans are used to gifts and students with money, then another protocol might be followed.



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