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Books to accompany Snap Circuits?

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I bought the super duper SC-750 with teacher guides but would like some background information on electricity written at my son's level (he's 3rd grade but reads at a higher level).






Right now I'm trying to just get the basic words in kiddo by using them consistently during hands on. E.g "these components are in series" or "we have broken the circuits, and the electrons have stopped moving through it" or "the light dims because we added resistance", and doing some isometrics with our hands, like holding hands and pretending a mouse is running down his arm, up mine, across my back, down my other arm, etc.


There are some rookie read alouds that we used last year and review this year. I have discovered, with kiddo and science, instant grasp does not translate to long term memory. :) If you wander around Amazon:



using physics terms, you'll find lots of beginner books to get from the library. I am finding that when it comes to nuts and bolts science, my son does better with lower level books than he reads for fun in his bed.


BTW, we are enjoying the alternative energy kit. It has been a nice reinforcer on just what "energy" is, stored, potential, etc. and adds more plan old physics in to the electricity component.



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I haven't seen anything better than the Snap Circuit Student Guides (the Project Guides come with the sets, and the Student Guides are sold separately). You might have to go through some of the sections with him, but they're first rate in terms of making the concepts accessible with a minimum of jargon, and the diagrams are first rate. There's now and "Extreme Student Guide" so you need only purchase one book.


The guides are available at the Snap Circuits parts store.

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This is the set I have: http://www.amazon.com/Snap-Circuits-Student-Training-Program/dp/B000IXMP6Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1286482623&sr=8-2


It includes the Teacher's Guide, the Student Guide, and 5 project books. The Student Guide (for SC300R/500R/750R) is good but I guess I'm looking for a more elementary introduction to electricity as a whole. Even though he understands how to create a circuit, use a switch, and so on, he's not really grasping what is really going on at an atomic level. I've used the Usborne and Kingfisher encyclopedias as well as our "I Want to Know About" series books but somehow it's just not clicking yet.

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he's not really grasping what is really going on at an atomic level. I


Have you done chemistry yet? Just the atom, the proton and electron and the idea of levels of energy took some time to sink in. Next I moved to how water does its thing. Water is an amazing molecule, and I draw it over and over as we discuss anything. If you read up on the properties of water, you will be ready to discuss it on the atomic level. Once kiddo got the idea of polarity, electricity seemed clearer.....it really is a difficult thing to grasp. Once you have it, ho hum, but I know I was never taught anything that complex at 8.


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