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Suggestions on Panini press needed....

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I'm thinking of adding one to my Christmas list. I love kitchen gadgets and think this would be a good addition. Anyone have one and use it? Favorite sandwiches that you make?






Yes, I've had one for maybe 10 years now or thereabouts. I do like it, but find I don't use that much as I have little counter space. It's a Cuisinart and was roughly $100 from Bed, Bath/Beyond.


Advice....make sure you and your family like to eat sandwiches to make it worth your investment. I would use mine more if I had space. It is a nice item. However, panini is a grilled sandwich. So, one can have the same thing, but grilled on the grill or on a cast iron skillet minus the line marks.


Any deli meat or two, same with cheese. Strips of onion and bell pepper either fresh or prepared earlier by grilling separately before layering on sandwich, crumbled blue cheese, bacon crumbles if you eat bacon, thinly cut tomato wedges, olives, finely shredded lettuce, any combo of the above. Mayo, honey mustard etc as dressing.


Be careful not to overstuff as it doesn't turn out as well....middle foods will not be heated even with "pressing" down.


Enjoy! HTH. Sheryl <><

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I got a Cuisinart one for my birthday. We love it. My oldest dd loves turkey and provolone cheese on sourdough. I made a pizza one that was very good with cheese, pepperoni, sauce, onions and green peppers. For my youngest dd, who is a grilled cheese addict, it makes my life easier as well.

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I've wanted a panini press for a while, but now I think instead I might get a Le Creuset grill pan and press-lid. The pan could also be used for grilling chicken or steaks.


I had this grill pan to cook ex-hubby's meat, and it was a HUGE pain to clean. In our divorce, it was the item "most wonderful to get rid of". I'm sure he never used it after the first clean.

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I see several of us have the Cuisinart Griddler. I love mine! I have the new version with reversible grilling plates- it's wonderful to not have that extra set of plates to keep up with.

Not only do we use it for panini, but also for pancakes, hot dogs, grilling chicken, veggies. etc. The grill side makes beautiful grill marks on veggies and meats, and it's large enough to cook a lot at one time.

Super easy to clean up, too.


When we have panini, we usually all have something slightly different- there are zillions of good panini ideas out there!

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