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What do those of you who eat low/non prepackaged do for emergency foods?

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Dried fruits and veggies - apricots, apples, homemade raisins, tomatoes, zucchini chips, herbs


With the dehydrator, you can make homemade fruit roll-ups as well as jerky.


Canned goods - jams and jellies, peaches, pears, apricots, applesauce, tomatoes (whole, crushed, stewed, and a variety of tomato sauces), barbecue sauce, sweet and sour sauce, pickled veggies and bean salads (all can be canned with a hot water bath canner)


If you have a pressure canner, you can do more veggies and even some meats. (Though with other veggies and meats I think you'd be better off just keeping them in the freezer. The quality deteriorates with canning.)


More expensive, but we love Just Tomatoes brand of freeze-dried fruits and veggies. (Those would never keep around here as emergency food, however, because we all love them so much.)

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dried lentils/peas/beans


big sacks of rice (I put the sack in a rubbermaid container & stick in the freezer for a couple weeks to prevent bug infestations. I'll leave it there if I have freezer space but usually I need to move it back out.)






powdered or canned milk - use in baking or again, donate to the food bank at regular intervals










I'll eat through most of my stash but if you think you won't, then when it comes near the date it should be shifted, donate it to the food bank. There are things I have had in my pantry which we don't eat - canned meat for instance & that gets donated.


I don't have a huge stock. Most things I only have about a month - 2 mos. worth. If things really start going bad, I'm hoping there will be signs (please, let there be signs!) & then I'd start stockpiling more.


In an emergency, I don't expect to be eating like we normally do. I just want us to have something to eat & you can live very, very well on rice & legume.


btw- I totally expect our power to be lost in any emergency (we live in an earthquake zone) so I don't rely on my freezer for emergency supplies. Must be shelf stable stuff as far as I'm concerned.

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In an emergency, I don't expect to be eating like we normally do. I just want us to have something to eat



We've got a bunch of things in our emergency food supply that I would not eat unless it was a matter of survival. Military MRE's are :ack2: but they provide basic balanced nutrition.

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