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  1. If I start making my own tortillas. :) It sure is a money saver sticking to one ingredient items! DH also likes an occasional bowl of Cheerios. :)

  2. I like your "one ingredient only" shopping challenge. We are almost there...but not quite. Are you going to continue it next month??

  3. Hi, gsanmb! :) I loved your post on the anti-semitism thread. It complemented mine very nicely. :) Overall, I was really pretty impressed that the conversation stayed very, very civil. I'm on an Ethiopian adoption group where the conversations relating to religion are NOT civil. Anyway... you wrote you knew me from another board, but I don't recognize your screen name. So... who are you?? :)


    My name's Kerith and we live in Portland, OR (but hoping to move soon; DH has an interview in Savannah, GA, so we'll see!). My kids are 6, 4, 3, and 2 and we love our learning-at-home lifestyle. We're the only Jews doing it around here. Oh, except, a family of 11 just moved here from Israel to start a chicken/cheese/dairy farm and reportedly they homeschool, but we haven't met them yet!


    Anyway... hope you had a lovely shabbos and I look forward to hearing more.



  4. Shalom, I would like to be on your friends list. We are also Jewish, although not Orthodox. I home school after Tzvi 8 is home from the Solomon Schechter school here. I send him for childcare as I am a single-mom, now an LPN nurse and hopefully to return to college to convert to an RN. We are hoping to go to Israel in a few years after I get my Bachelor's degree. Well, it is so rare to find other Jews in WTM boards.

    Linden Bat Asherah

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