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I need "Santa" gift ideas for 11 and 12 year old daughters . . .

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We try not to go too overboard on Christmas gifts. We generally get the children clothing, books, and a DVD or video game that are from Mom and Dad. Their stockings are filled by Santa and we try to do 2 gifts from Santa. The Santa gifts are generally toys or games or fun things.


So the problem is that buying "fun" stuff for our sons (2 and 9) is easy, but I am really stumped as to what to get our daughters (11 and 12)! Time is running out. I prefer not to have Santa give gift cards. I thought about bath/lotion sets, but that doesn't seem very fun. Does anyone have any ideas? What do your preteen daughters want for Christmas?






Also, my girls do not believe in Santa, but I think it is still nice for them to get a couple of fun gifts.

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My dd10 is getting the game Bop It and a pogo stick.


A few other ideas:

a jewelry making kit/materials for beading

computer game

karaoke machine


a SceneIt game about something they like

apron, cookbook, baking utensils, ingredients, etc

digital camera

scrapbooking supplies

make-your-own soap/lip-gloss/etc supplies


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We are now in preteen territory. For our daughter we did do the gift cards for a Claire's store. Santa also got her a music cd. He will also fill up her stocking with little $1 items from the dollar section from wally world, target or dollar store. Mom and dad do the big ticket items.


In my family since I was a teen, we'd do the $1 or $2 silly gifts/toys for our stockings. I plan on keeping this tradition with my family.

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"Santa" is giving my 10 yr old dd(and 11yr old ds) digital cameras this year. I got a good deal at staples of a Kodak digi camera, 2GB picture card and a carrying case for $99 last week. They were already signed up for photography classes for the January semester so it is perfect. If that is too overboard, other stuff she is getting this year is 2 kits to handsew her own teddy bears, new sewing supply kit and a few other little things.

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I got my dd a kaboozle box - the smallish clear boxes that latch closed and filled it with nail polish and supplies. I also got her a Claire's gift card. Sunglasses - the big and gaudy kind that they seem to love these days. She still likes Littlest Petshop, so a couple specific ones she has been wanting. Earrings. Oh and some dog outfits for our little dogs. She likes to dress them up. Really, I just got her lots of little stuff that is girly, I guess.

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