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Is anyone else feeling tired lately?

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After keeping up with a demanding pace of hs'ing plus teaching part-time at a school as well as to my own private art students, I am feeling just exhausted lately. Maybe the cold weather of the season adds to the mix and makes me feel like wanting to hibernate. At any rate, I'm so tired this weekend that I am planning to stay home from church in the morning and devote the whole day to rest.


Is anyone else really bushed this month? Is this normal for December for hs'ers?




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For me, December has always been very difficult. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. In this month of little sunlight, I have so little energy, but I have the most to do. With my mom's passing, I am positively exhausted. I feel like I am walking around with an 80lb weight on my back. My achy parts ache a bit more these days. Not only do I have all the regular holiday stuff, I need to clean out my mom's place. I just can't face it.

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December is always a hard month for us...


I homeschool Friday through Monday - because I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - so virtually every weekend is interrupted by a party or festivity of some sort.


Now, I am partially to blame for this... two of my three children have December birthdays as does my husband. And, we're about to add a fourth December birthday to our household - I'm due with our fourth child any day now.


So... 9 months pregnant and VERY tired! :001_smile:

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