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Combining kids 3 grades apart


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My hubby and I agree that we really like the idea of a classical based education. We are currently using the following with our 1 grade DD who is 6:

Math- Abeka Arithmetic 1

LA- FLL for grammar

ETC 4-6 for phonics

ASS level 1

copy work for handwritng

History- WinterPromise Hideaways in History (though I like the idea of the cycling history)

Science- mostly experiments dealing with the world around us


We also have a 3 yr old son. So if I started the history/science cycle this year in first grade, I would be on year 4 and year 1 when DS needs to start in first grade. Am I doomed to always be doing 2 different programs or is there a good way to combine them? I know I could combine if I use WP programs. Would they make a good classical education?

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Just teach to your oldest and add in the younger. When you're on year 4 with the oldest the youngest could do year 4 as well and just focus on American History.


If I had to do different years for all of my kids I'd go insane!


My kids are also 3 years apart and this is what I plan to do.

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We're doing history in 3 years. We used MOH 1 last year for their K and 6th grade years, then covered the early middle ages this summer with books/movies. I'm using Kingfisher and Usborne to cover the rest of World History this year, then we'll be doing a full year of American history next year. I'm not sure about doing it with SOTW. My 1st grader is a non-fiction lover, so he prefers the history encyclopedias we are using for our middle school daughter.


I figure if I keep doing it in 3 years cycles though middle school, he will have actually covered all of world history 4 times during his schooling. I will say that most weeks we do history every day, not 2-3 days a week.

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You could let the first grader have an American History overview year (lots of picture books, biographies - just exposure) while the oldest finishes the history cycle with modern. Then when oldest is 5th and youngest is 2nd grade start ancients again. As for how to do it, I pick a spine that can work for them both and then add additional readings for my oldest.


For science you could use Let's Read and Find OUt books for your first grader, and then begin science more the WTM way in 2nd. But, I'm a poor one to give science advice as we've never really done it the WTM way.

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I started my oldest on the 4 yr cycle in K thinking that we would be back to ancients by the time my 2nd child is in 1st (she matured faster and is stronger verbally while he's more of a math & science kid). However, now that we're 2 1/2 years into it, we're now on a 6 yr cycle. So I think what we're going to do is to focus on American History for modern times and I'll start him in when we get to that point.


My youngest is 3 years behind my 2nd so we'll have to figure out what to do with her when the time comes...

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