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  1. Can I ask what it is about internet friendships that you feel is not 'real'? In what ways do you feel non internet relationships are better? Where is the boundary between 'real' and 'not real' - does is have to involve physical proximity to be real, and if so how frequently must they be in the same space? Where do pen & paper or telephone based friendships rank in this hierarchy? Are there opportunities for short residential courses for maths/science in NZ? In the UK there are a number of companies/charities/universities that organise such things for interested teens & they can be a good place to meet like minded friends.
  2. In the UK (England & Wales at least, Scotland is slightly different) a BSc is 3 years and typically the honours is a standard part of that. It's common now to do a combined masters & BSc for funding reasons, taking 4 years in total; separately a BSc(hons) + MSc would be 3+1. PhDs here are typically minimum 3 years. I checked the websites for Cambridge, Manchester & York - all require a Masters.
  3. https://archive.org/details/TheTeenageLiberationHandbook has free PDF & EPUB format.
  4. We're using this approach for maths & sciences. Sometimes I mark, sometimes they mark. For biology DD2 & I both do the questions, swap books & mark each others. I find having them mark at least some of their own work is beneficial, since they look at what they did wrong & what they should have done, rather than just the number of ticks or crosses. I don't know how much of a factor it is that they'll sit exams at the end of the course.
  5. Winning a gold medal at IMO suggests she was profoundly gifted as a high school student. Posting here seems entirely appropriate, since this is where parents of students aspiring to this sort of mathematical brilliance are most likely to read.
  6. This is the thing that bothers me most about not having a term that's both widely understood and accepted. If we're all avoiding the g word, it's hard to identify fellow 'g parents' to discuss our kids with! Or to find kids with a similar level of intensity.
  7. I agree. I follow "Gifted Homeschoolers Forum" on facebook, who often post interesting things I want to share with my friends, but I cringe when I think how some might interpret that word. I wish there could be a term which more accurately conveys 'quirky, intelligent, wildly asynchronous.....'
  8. Anyone here used the CM Live literature courses? I'm considering their renaissance lit course for DD & would love to hear others' experiences.
  9. I would have let mine read it at 10; YMMV. It's not explicit, but for example having two of your wives beheaded might not be everyone's cup of tea.
  10. I also wanted to offer encouragement & agreement to those saying learn to type now, whilst your son is young. My DS is trying to learn at 21 & is wishing that I'd enforced regular practice when he was younger, as I have with his sister.
  11. We use an ipad with a bluetooth keyboard. It's especially handy when the textbook has diagrams to copy & complete - just take a photo & annotate it on the ipad, then add it to the rest of the document where you're typing the other answers. We've just started using Word & it's much more versitile than Pages. I haven't yet found something that works for maths, since Word on the ipad doesn't include the equation editor.
  12. For anyone reading this thread in the uk, RSC do afree live streaming each year. This year it's Henry IV and part two show next Monday. The website says it's for schools, but they've confirmed home educators are also welcome to register.
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