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which Kitchen Aid mixer should I buy today on Cyber Monday

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The Professional series is on sale for 299.00 and the 5qt one is on sale for 198.00


Which one would you buy. I need to know ASAP so that ds18 can order it for dh to give me for Christmas. My understanding is that these deals online only last today.


Thank you for your expertise and great advice! I am counting on you!

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I am wondering the same thing...the cheapest 5 qt artisan one I have found is $212 after rebate...and I'm seriously thinking about it. Where do you see one for $198? :001_smile:


I saw it on the link from the NeverPayRetail.net


This is a great site and I am a fan on facebook so her deals pop up automatically on my page.

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I am longing to step up to the 600 horsepower one (I have a 350 right now, but making some of the stiff doughs, or large batches, it isn't a happy camper). Also, I'm hoping to start making some of our own pasta noodles, which means I'll use it even more.


Get the beiggest/best one you can afford. 10 years from now, who knows what you'll be doing! (This from someone who swore they'd never do THAT!)

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I have 5 qt heavy duty one from Sam's. I love it and it has never once had any complaint about what I put in it. My only regret is that, for our family of 7, I probably should have gotten the 6qt. Sometimes I have to make just a little more than the 5 qt bowl can hold comfortably with our larger family. But I only paid $100 for it brand new so I could hardly pass it up. ;)

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