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Help me plan playdates for my girls

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I need to get more involved in playdates and have kids over here rather than having them go to their friends' houses all the time..... but I need suggestions!!!


I'd like to have some pre-planned activities in case the kids get bored of each other. I'm sure I can get some good suggestions here to keep girls from 5-9 entertained.


I'm all for doing simple crafts, but I need some ideas, please. :) What other things could I get them involved in together and have ready to do just in case that B word comes up?

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Baking cookies. Sugar cookies are great b/c they can decorate. You can make the dough ahead of time (or buy a tube of it), then they can use cookie cutters to cut them out.


Either bake them then decorate with icings (various colors!!) or do them before baking (my favorite way -- less messy) with little shaker jars of various colored sugars.

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Playdough Cookies


Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and stiffen the dough with an extra cup of flour. Divide dough into three parts and color each part with food coloring (use a plastic bag to mix in). Give each child some of each dough color and show them how they can roll, shape, etc. on a floured surface. We've had everything from snakes to a map of the world. Bake on a cookie sheet until done. Watch closely because different shapes will be done at different times.


Even the big kids enjoy this.:)

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We do a lot of playdates here. About 75% of the time the kids just play, running into the kitchen once in a while to refuel. The other 25% they are looking for an activity and the favorites tend to be cooking, board games, crafts and outside games if there are a bunch of kids (tag, red light, green light, hide and seek, etc). I usually don't do much with the activities though, just offer suggestions until I hit on one that excites them and then get out of the way.


If the playdate is really not going well you can always pull out a book to read or put in an educational dvd. We have had to do that once or twice when we had kids over and realized the playdate just wasn't going to work.

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