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Another College Interview Q?

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What does it mean when the interviewer states , hurry up and take your SAT's, we have all your other info. we need, but we need to see your SAT scores by Jan. She said her math wont show up well, and they said they focus on reading and English portions.


I want her to wait til summer, so she can study, I dont want her to flop w/o studying, or stress about SAT's.


What shall we do?

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Well, I'm a little confused by the age/grade listed for your dd.


I just got through telling a candidate that he needs to get one more form turned in so it is in his file when his October ACT scores post. Our admissions board doesn't consider an application complete without official test scores.


There are two cut off dates from the college I work with. One is the last set of scores they will use to establish someone as a candidate. The other is the last set of scores they will use as consideration for admissions.


Granted, I think that the college I work with has a front loaded admissions cycle compared to many others. But if I were talking to someone who planned on starting college in fall 2010, then I would be strongly encouraging them to be signed up for the next couple of tests.


You might still be able to get into the October test, although that might be too close to still sign up for.


In general, I suggest that folks interested in a service academy take a test spring of junior year and again fall of senior year if needed.

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