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Definitely Dairy

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Some of you may remember that there was a question about whether Madelynn was having dairy protein intolerance issues. Well, it's settled in my mind that she does. Bummer!


So, here's the long story if you want to read it:


She had symptoms of reflux (ie. lots of spitting up, wet burps followed by crying, Mylanta helping the symptoms). Dr. gave us Zantac which wasn't helping so we switched to Prevacid. At the same time we started Prevacid, I went on a dairy free diet. She got a little bit better but not all the way so we upped the Prevacid dose to twice a day (Dr. wrote the rx giving me that option). She got a lot better after that. Spitting up became a more normal amount, though some days were more than usual. Crying became normal amounts; nighttime crying was due to being tired and she could be calmed down. She was no longer arching her back in pain.


So, it was time to test the elimination diet. I hadn't really planned on it but I accidently ate some Doritos, forgetting that they had dairy in them. She didn't seem to react. Then my older two kids were gone for a kid's night so I decided to make a comfort-food dinner of chicken fried steak (dairy free), mashed pototoes (dairy free), and country gravy (made with a packet and water). The gravy packet had dairy ingredients but I went easy by using water rather than milk and only had about 3 tablespoons of it. My favorite part of that meal is the gravy. I had a sandwich with a slice of cheese; all of the other ingredients were dairy free though. I had homemade egg and sausage mcmuffin with a slice of cheese. We ordered pizza for dinner. All of this dairy was spread over a course of 4 days. Well, she's been spitting up more and more each day...more often, more quantity, more forceful. She's been crying more and more each night and less and less calmable.


So, back to dairy free. When she's back to feeling okay again, we'll take her off the Prevacid to see if she even needs it if I'm on a dairy-free diet.


On a good note, I found a dairy-free, soy-free ice cream that I found acceptable. It's made from coconut milk and costs a whopping $6 a pint.

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You can make your own yogurt & ice cream from coconut milk. It's much, much cheaper. Dd has reflux & dairy allergy here, too. We're actually going back to the pedi GI tomorrow to see how things are going (she was scoped & diagnosed a month ago with allergic esophagitis--her throat swells up when she gets dairy and makes the reflux tons worse). :grouphug: Giving up dairy 100% is hard but they feel SO much better!!

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Glad to hear you've found a solution for your baby. My daughter has issues with dairy, except she is 7 years old and she gets ear infections from it rather than gastro upset.


I am familiar with the ice cream you are talking about and the same company makes a coconut milk yogurt that my kids really enjoy. I actually saw it in our regular grocery store this week.


I feel for you. My son has all kinds of allergies (gluten, nuts, fish) but the only thing that it really kills me to avoid is dairy. There is just no good replacement for it.



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Joann, My last baby also reacted badly to dairy. I'd forget and eat something with whipped cream and he'd scream. He'd literally sit and scream at my ni**le for hours at night. I then gave up dairy (unless of course I forgot and ate a slice of cheese or a sweet with whipped cream! and oh boy, would I pay later!).


Now he is almost 2 and while I give him some milk (sometimes, not much) then it makes him constipated. Yogurt given at night seems to give im a fever (as in also an ear-ache)....


As for me, I am eating my cheese and occasional hot cocoa and I have been having constant mouth-itching.


Sorry, this wasn't much help. Bottom line is, please do avoid diary for now -incl. the wicked cheese in pizzas which especially gives me a reaction and probably would be even worse to your baby.

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I'm glad you found an answer to your little one's problem. My third son was allergic to dairy and I remember the relief when I found how to help him.


He is now 16yo, and while he has pizza occasionally and has milk in his cereal with no problems, he still avoids dairy otherwise.

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