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heeelllllpp meeeee!

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After eating carb free for a whole 7 days I broke down and had a cookie. So sue me! What is life for if you can't enjoy a cookie?!? And now I'm seriously considering binging on the rest of the cookies that I have waiting in my freezer. Aaaaarrrrghhh! Somebody help me! Tell me it's worth it to have self control.........I feel like I'm faaaallllinnnngg......:o

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Try what Frog did for Toad (in Frog and Toad and the Cookies, or something like that!). Wrap them in paper, put a string around them, tape the string (duct tape, of course), and Then put them in the freezer. If that doesn't work, feed them to the birds. Or you could just invite my dh over and he would eat them all. I used to have trouble resisting cookies, but since I married dh they rarely last long enough to tempt me!

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Thanks you guys. I like Peek's advice, one cookie a week. Although if I get desperate, don't be surprised if one of you finds a package of cookies arriving on your doorstep. It may be a bit mauled, and some cookies may have traces of drool on them, but do not be alarmed.


In the mean time, I will perservere. What's the A.A. saying? One day at a time....

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