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Dd has been taking those ACT practice tests..

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and today she got a 31.


I'm so proud of her, she took over her own schoolwork when she was 14, I wouldn't say she's gifted (although I think she is), rather she's very motivated and hard working.


She's going to take the ACT this summer and start juco classes this fall. She wanted to go to a big college, but we're not ready to let go, she's too young. She'll have to grow a bit!


ETA- I won't say what I got on my ACT.

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Yea! That is WONderful news.

With a score like that, maybe a scholarship is in the offing?

I *ahem* did well enough on the English portion that I didn't have to take Frosh Eng at OSU. I rather regretted it, though, because long papers didn't come easy. It was nice to have the credit. Perhaps your dd can use good results to get into a higher level and skip the placement tests. Hey, any way we can reduce those college classes, I'll take! lol

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Guest Katia

Did you mean that was her 'practice' ACT score? Not her 'actual' ACT score, correct?


Just a FYI; my dd took 5 or 6 practice ACT tests and scored 31-33 on each of them......then on the actual test she scored a 28. We were both really surprised at the drop, but she said she got stressed on the math portion and couldn't talk herself out of it....


Just saying.


I hope your dd really does score that well on her actual test. My dd will be re-taking ACT in Oct in hopes of not stressing out again......and in hopes of scoring as well on the actual as she did on her practice tests. :001_smile:

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