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  1. We've used BFSU as a base (foundation) and then doing dedicated topics afterward to drill in deeper. We did BFSU with our dd (2 years older than our ds). Then did Real Science Odyssey Biology -> RSO Earth and Space (ds joined in here) -> BFSU again (review for dd - new for ds) -> Alternating between RSO Bio 1 again and revised RSO earth and Environment (currently where we are). Our dd is 8 now which is why we didn't mind having her reviewing the RSO stuff and BFSU again to be on the same page as our ds. As for BFSU, I'm one of those people that's a big fan. I think it's a lot m
  2. I got my first dose (Pfizer) a week and a half ago. Shoulder muscle was a little sore for ~24 hours and that was it for me.
  3. If you are allotting time to every item you wrote down every day then it can be a lot, but more likely some of it is mixed together and some of it happens through everyday life. We cover basically the same stuff you do (Spanish instead of French) + typing and coding. Geography/History can be pretty well mixed/rotated. We do Science 2x and History 2x per week (for the most part), so those are pretty much a shared slot. Literature and writing go hand in hand as a general English curriculum. Painting/Handicrafts/Drawing show up in our history/science/geography pretty regularly, but the kids also
  4. That makes sense. I wasn't even thinking of the sex/massage trope tbh.
  5. How many women did he he have to drive by that he didn't try to kill to go to three different Asian (Asian American?) owned spas to murder women that were 50+ and presumably not particularly 'immodest'? To view this as not racially motivated because the murderer says it wasn't racially motivated seems wrong on its face. Whether it was general hatred toward Asians or a more nuanced fetishization / devaluing of Asians probably can't be determined at this time, but it's crazy to me to view this as not racially motivated on some level.
  6. https://twitter.com/JeongPark52/status/1372226344788979714 Chris Hayes retweeted someone who was reporting on what Korean news is reporting on the killings. I can't vouch for the veracity of the Korean reporting or the accuracy of the translations, but that's where I also saw the 'I'll kill all the Asians' claim.
  7. +1 to BFSU, Mystery Science, and Real Science Odyssey. I think BFSU is definitely the place to start. It'll give your children an amazingly broad foundation. A common theme seems to be that people think BFSU is a lot of work, but I felt like it was pretty open and go with maybe 5 minutes of prep to read ahead to make sure I understood the goals of the section. We're doing RSO now and it feels like it requires a lot more planning than BFSU ever did (though I still like it too). Mystery science is good at what it does, which is explaining a topic really well and providing neat experiments t
  8. We have a semi formal schedule / curriculum for our 4.5 year old and have since about 3. She's been reading on her own since just before she turned 3 and has always enjoyed her 'lessons' so we've gone through all of BFSU 1 (finished in about a year), probably 60% of what's available on Mystery Science, Right Start A, 100 EZ Lessons (which we used to teach reading and it worked well for her), several Explode the Code and Beyond the Code books, and What your Kindergartner needs to know. Our current curriculum consists of RSO (hopping back and forth between Biology and Earth and Space), Right
  9. I see a lot of people saying it's hard to implement, but for us, my wife or I would open up to the section we were going to teach for the week and spend 5 minutes reading through the goals and discussion suggestions and then we would just talk about it with our daughter. Most demonstrations I felt like were super easy to get going on the fly (even easier than Mystery Science which my daughter also loves). The most involved demonstration we had was the bean plants which were in our last few weeks of the book and even that was just sticking some lima beans in a bag with a paper towel and checkin
  10. This is exactly the idea I had. If you were able to find / provide the lessons with permission from the original creator that'd be great. If not, I can probably cobble something similar together following the BFSU lesson order we went with. Thanks for the advice.
  11. We just finished up with BFSU. We all really liked it, but we're definitely not at the point where we could go to BFSU 2 and we don't want to just run through BFSU again. I was looking at Real Science Odyssey, but thinking maybe we would pick up both the Life/Biology as well as the weather/astronomy books and kind of go back and forth between them rather than spending a whole year on one and then a whole year on the other. Has anyone else done something similar? I was thinking this would be a lot more similar to the approach that BFSU takes with integrating all topics of science rather than ju
  12. Not even getting into the financials of how much of a pain insurance can be, literally just having to deal with insurance companies is gigantic pain and waste of time. We have insurance through my wife's school this year. You have to be enrolled in school to sign up for it. My wife had several doctors and specialists visits, a CT scan, and an out patient surgery this year. We paid our $500 deductible (lowest deductible we've ever had) to the hospital for the CT scan. We paid an additional $1100 for the 20% copay to the hospital at the time of surgery. Then we started getting bills from the v
  13. We went to the library a week or so ago to get our daughter's first chapter books to try out on her own (well really we take turns reading a page each at night as she's still intimidated by so many words on one page compared to picture books). While we were there, my wife went to check out their summer reading program. The librarian asked what grade our daughter is in. My wife said we home school and aren't really sure about a grade, but she's an excellent reader (our daughter was sitting at a table reading me a book in sight of the librarian at this point). She then asked how old our daughter
  14. The awesome thing is there are tons of great curricula out there these days. We've personally used Right Start Math (there are plenty of highly rated cheaper options though), 100 Easy Lessons, Explode the Code, Beyond the Code, Hand Writing without Tears, and Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, and Mystery Science. I'm happy with everything we've tried so far. Stuff I haven't used but comes highly rated by others that you might look into are: Logic of English, Phonics Pathways, All About Reading, All about Spelling, Singapore Math, Saxon Math, Math Mammoth. That's just
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