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  1. Our STEM DS took SPA 101 & 102 after a year of high school Spanish. It’s his first on-campus DE course. For this STEM kid, SPA has not been an easy A. As a first on-campus DE experience, in our minds, it has been a very good experience. It has reinforced so many previously “discussed” habits. The pace is certainly faster, the need to study daily, the responsibility to keep track of assignments (he lost track of one), importance of getting to know the prof (and what’s important for the test), learning to ask for help when needed, have all been reenforced and valuable hands-on less
  2. Here’s to extended FIRST seasons👍🏼. We are big fans of FIRST. Our oldest DS’s FTC team won “states” and qualified for Worlds! They started proposing design tweaks on the ride home🤓😂😎.
  3. I would 2nd Rec’s for Hoagies, Davidson, the other sites and the books mention. I’ve spent a great deal of time read thru those site forums and read most of the books mentioned above. Currently reading ‘Smart Boys: Talent, Manhood, and the Search for Meaning’ by Barbara Kerr, Ph.D. I’m 2/3 through it and believe it will become one of my “go to” books, very good so far.
  4. For a few years now we’ve been able to arrange for our boys to take the AMC at first a private HS and this year a local public school. Initially both schools were not sure how to handle combining homeschoolers with their school’s student with respect to the awards and some parent reaction. We offered that any awards should go to the school’s students. For example, last year DS2 finished 1st and DS2 finished 3rd. We received the official AMC school report showing those results. DS2, as a sixth grader made the AMC stats, However, the school’s internal awards for the 1st and 3rd place award/
  5. DS15, taking his first EC courses has cut back this year to accommodate his academics and FTC team (BIG hours including community outreach & volunteer hrs), still plays HS soccer and adv. piano lessons. DS13 stilling doing it all Soccer, B-ball, Chess, FLL, piano, band ....😎
  6. Our youngest had done AoPS classes thru pre-alg, Alg A and intro CP. Last fall we thought he had a busy schedule and we would stretch out Alg B by using WTM version. In the end it was was a good for us to learn or reaffirm our understanding of our son’s preference for AoPS’s discovery approach, pace, depth, and challenge. DS also missed the mathy community. At the mid-point of the year we were back to AoPS. Knowing your child’s learning preference and strength may drive the decision.
  7. Both our boys have late summer birthdays. We "redshirted" both. When our boys were young I asked as many folks who had wrestled with this decision. I don't recall any of our friends regretting their decision to "redshirt" their boys. It is certainly different for everyone. DS14 entered K at 6 years old, but did only 1/2 days as we after-schooled a lot the first few years (simply because he seemed to love it). We didn't know until 2nd/3rd grade that his academics would require accelerating (i.e., subject accelerating). It was during 6th going into 7th that we learned his middle scho
  8. Sometimes when I stop and listen to some of the questions I’m thinking about, I remember why this board is such a blessing. With much digging yet I’m wondering if we have to worry about the following: Had anyone taken a Chem, Math (Calc.), CS or other early college courses and still needed to take an SAT subj. tests to meet an app requirement at certain more select schools? Thanks in advance.
  9. A 2nd for FLL! One of the best experiences our two geeks have had both academically and socially. We started by finding an outside team. We had to travel an 1:20 minutes away, later formed our own team, now provide workshops at the local libr. It’s been a great deal of work, but worth it!
  10. After a good SAT score at the end of 7th, DS14 took EE at JHU-CTY last summer, will go back again this year, loves his AoPS, Robotics, piano and trombone. He had an excellent (if not entirely too full) 8th grade year (blended/hybrid/homeschool) full of high school classes. He came into his own as a soccer player and played U19 this spring in prep for HS school soccer. He is finishing a UAEC college prep class and will take a couple on campus classes (CS152 and SP101) in the fall at a local college. He really grew up a lot this year. Younger brother (DS12) just rocked the SAT himself,
  11. Our sons have found AoPS’s classes and AoPS’s online community (I.e., classes, message boards, study groups in the online classrooms) to be one of their best educational experiences thus far. As pointed out earlier, it may not be for every student, but for ours it’s been a blessing.
  12. We have had similar feelings as we plan next year. DS will be taking EC classes and could finish his HS freshman year with 18-20 HS credits. For whatever reason we would be more comfortable (right now) with him taking all these classes early (and his EC classes) rather then calling him a HS sophomore or junior. As I write this, I can’t say why. It may be that we understand his asynchronous development in his academics, sports, music, social and other areas of his life. We don’t see him or label him as any one “thing”. He’s not defined solely by his academics, music, social or sports. An
  13. I would echo what dmmetler said above, except for us it’s our oldest DS14. DS has several different groups of friends or schoolmates or teammates. He floats between the various groups. His schoolmates/mathgeeks/robotics kids are mostly older, his sport teammates or buds are mostly his age...a couple years ago he was spending more time with his “schoolmates”...now it’s about even as the teen year begin/progress and all that comes with it are upon us...any co-ed gathering are with the kids his age...as that group is going thru their teen years (and drama) at the same time. I believe he needs
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