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  1. The good news is that, even with my business travel all week, everything I've eaten has been completely compliant. The bad news? 3 days, 4 glasses of wine. Ugh. So I'm not starting over, even though we're supposed to. I'll just continue with the plan. No more alcohol after this trip, and continue with the eating through February, with the exception of the meal I have planned on 2/5. The moral of the story is that work is bad for my health, one way or another!
  2. Never mind. Irrelevant. Off to tackle Day 16.
  3. I'm sorry your husband is in ICU. That's a lot for you to handle right now. Take care of yourself.
  4. I've done it twice before, too, but I've never done the reintroduction. I don't think I have any specific food sensitivities, either, but I've decided to just do the reintroduction anyway, just in case. Besides, there has to be some reason why my daily headaches have magically disappeared.
  5. Chiming in as another who keeps opening this thread to check on you. I'm hoping you're at your husband's bed side as he begins his journey to recovery.
  6. Day 14. I feel really, really good. My wine and cheese plate craving passed without incident (whew!). I made chicken wings tonight. Baked crispy, then homeade buffalo sauce and ranch with carrots. Seriously good to watch football with. Ok, now the hard part......I'll be traveling all week for work. Tuesday through Friday. Not only does that mean every single meal out, but I'll be hanging out with my booze-swigging coworkers all week! Give me strength....
  7. This is exactly what I'm going to do. I have a night out planned on 2/5, but I'm going to make that my first reintroduction day instead of 2/4. I already know what I'm going to eat, because I know the restaurant I'll be going to. So really, it's just going to be a normal reintroduction day. Then I have an event planned on March 5. I plan to go to that event and eat what's there, then go back to Whole 30-esque eating after. I actually want to go as long as I can. I feel great. I don't want to screw it up. I think I'll decide in advance what days/occasions i plan to eat "old style" food, and just do it, and then go back to this new way of eating most of the time. We'll see. I'm feeling confident today. :-)
  8. I JUST read about this! I want to make some buffalo wings and was planning to use ghee instead of butter in the sauce (combined with Frank's). I saw a different recipe that used coconut cream instead of ghee.
  9. Day 12. I want a glass of wine and a cheese plate. I'm wavering. Ugh.
  10. Oh, yeah. I suppose you really can't do that, and you can't fake it since it's (I'm assuming) a small group and not like a roaming cocktail party.
  11. 1. YES! That's it! 2. It's not that hard, honestly. The anticipation is worse than the event. Get some fizzy water in a rocks glass with a lime garnish, and you'll feel like a grown up and part of the party. Looks like a gin and tonic or something. The food part, by the time, should be pretty easy for you, too. Have fun! 3. Me too! Well, sort of. I have one event in February that I plan to participate in, but other than that I can do it. 4. Thanks for the review! I need to try mine.
  12. Day 11: "Looking good, Billy Ray." "Feeling good, Louis." Trading Places. Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd. Anyone? No? Sigh. I have a good bit of energy. I don't want to kill people. I feel thinner. Lighter? I don't know how to desribe it. Not that I've gotten all skinny all of a sudden, but it's a good feeling, whatever it is. Food yesterday: Meal 1; Leftover spaghetti squash and leftover taco meat heated in a skillet, added some fresh spinach and hot sauce, a couple of runny eggs over the top. YUM. Meal 2: This lemon garlic chicken in the instant pot. Really good, and not at all smushy and overdone like a lot of IP meats can be, and Nom Nom Paleo's IP kale and carrots. This was delicious. I'm making it again today. Husband and DD13 loved it, too. Meal 3: No meal three. I was out and about and had a Larabar, and I also had an apple with some Sunbutter at some point in the day. I know we're not supposed to snack, but we have to do what we have to do. I was busy. I have zero idea what I'm making today, but it should probably involve brussel sprouts since I have some I need to use before they go bad. Or broccoli, for the same reason. I need to decide on my proteins fast so I can get some out of the freezer.
  13. Maybe. I don't have any food sensitivities that I know of, except...wait...maybe I do. I have had daily headaches for a long, long time. Since starring Whole 30, I haven't had one. This is my 3rd time but my 1st time actually being strict about it, so I think there may be something to it. As for weight loss, that isn't even the stated goal of Whole 30. My husband has lost 10 pounds in 9 days. i don't know if I've lost anything because I didn't weigh myself, but I'm definitely less bloated. I also need to lose weight, but I think I will lose naturally without being "on a diet" if I eat like this for a long enough period of time to make healthy eating more of a habit. I'm certainly eating a lot more vegetables. But again, if weight loss is your main goal, you may just want to go low carb for bit. Do you really think you should call a bunch of women who want to Kill All the Things a bunch of sissies!?!? haha Actually, my homicidal urges seem to have passed, and no deaths to report.
  14. Not that I want everyone killing things, but I'm really glad i'm not alone here.
  15. Day 10: I don't really love zucchini, but I like it ok when it's roasted. People tend to overcook it, and that's when the stink and slime come in and make me gag. I just bought a zoodle maker, so I'm going to try that but I'll wait to hear from you to see how it goes. haha I just made spaghetti squash for the first time ever where it came out edible, to me. I didn't cook it as long, so it still had a bit of crunch. Made for perfect pad thai. I may mix the leftover with my leftover taco meat for lunch today. I may even add some spinach and a runny egg, because I haven't had eggs in a few days and now it sounds good again. I know we're not supposed to drink our nutrients, but I had the best juice this morning! Spinach, kale, parslety, apple, and celery. So delicious, so refreshing. I'll eat something in a bit, too, but the juice was delicious, and mostly vegetables. I feel good, but man...the Kill All the Things stage is not good for me. I hope it passes. I'm grumpy! DH has lost 10 pounds. Dudes.
  16. Yeah, about 10 minutes in. It was nice, and it didn't hurt so much anymore at that point.
  17. I got one, and I used it once. I think I liked it, after it stopped hurting like I was settling in on a bed of hornets. Then getting off the thing hurt even more. I did not have any great release of tension or soreness, but I did like that warm feeling when the endorphins kicked in. I should probably use it again, because apparently I adore self-torture.
  18. Maybe this is it, and I just haven't been seeing it from that angle because I'd never heard of them.
  19. That's funny, because while I share your loss of bloat (yay!) I'm feeling incredibly snippy at my husband and children. Like they can't even breathe around me or they're doing it wrong. Poor people. At least I recognize it, and have apologized, and asked for some grace. They're all just trying to stay away from me! It started on Saturday and continues today. I hope I can make it go away soon. It's really not ok.
  20. I saw that as something a bit different. She put herself out there specifically for the purpose of calling attention to one having the ability to choose to die with dignity in certain circumstances. The coverage seemed not so much to be waiting for her to die, but to be reporting on her appearances and lobbying efforts and the "cause" at large.
  21. I don't have anything against them. People can share their own story, or not, in whatever way they like. The coverage, though, is so bizarre to me. Honestly, it's like every media outlet is sitting around waiting for her to die. So distasteful, in my opinion.
  22. I just made brisket in the instant pot. I don't recommend it. If you want good brisket, go to Texas, or have my sister make it for you. I'm aggravated. That was a $30 piece of grass-fed beef. Grrr.....
  23. Does anyone know about this couple? I don't follow country music at all, so I had no idea who they were until they started documenting every minute of Joey's battle with terminal cancer. Now, every time it seems every time I channel surf or muck around on the internet I see story after story about what are, unfortunately, her last days. The whole thing seems so intrusive to me. I know it's their choice to do this, but it seems as if the entire media has been on Death Watch for several months now. I always feel like I should avert my eyes when I see yet another story. What do you think?
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