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  1. The good news is that, even with my business travel all week, everything I've eaten has been completely compliant. The bad news? 3 days, 4 glasses of wine. Ugh. So I'm not starting over, even though we're supposed to. I'll just continue with the plan. No more alcohol after this trip, and continue with the eating through February, with the exception of the meal I have planned on 2/5. The moral of the story is that work is bad for my health, one way or another!
  2. Never mind. Irrelevant. Off to tackle Day 16.
  3. I'm sorry your husband is in ICU. That's a lot for you to handle right now. Take care of yourself.
  4. Chiming in as another who keeps opening this thread to check on you. I'm hoping you're at your husband's bed side as he begins his journey to recovery.
  5. I've read about some of the additional evidence that was not presented in the series. Even with it, I still could not have convicted SA had I been on that jury. The investigative incompetence and, in my opinion, corruption, was clear and staggering. I obviously don't know if he did it or not, and I wouldn't be surprised if he did, but he was not afforded the rights and protections that are supposed to exist in our justice system. Not by a long shot. As for Brendan Avery? That kid was absolutely railroaded. No doubt about it. I'm convinced that he actually had nothing to do with it at all. The most compelling takeaway for me, though, is that apparently every phone conversation in Wisconsin begins with "Yeah? Yeah." haha
  6. I noticed Obi Wan's voice during that sequence the second time I saw it.
  7. I just saw it again yesterday, and I have a question. Who is the old guy that had the map to Luke? The one in the village that Kylo Ren killed near the beginning.
  8. At first I thought Rey was Han and Leia's, which I still think could be the case. Then I thought Luke's, which of course I still think could be the case, but I still lean more toward Han and Leia if she's one of those. What Luke and Leia have another sibling, and Rey is his/hers? Hmmm....
  9. Honestly, if you like the way it looks then I don't see why you should stop. My aunt (in her 70s) colors hers, and my mom has always talked about how ridiculous she thinks that is. My mom (nearing 80) hasn't colored hers for years. She looks just fine, too. I can't understand why mother cares if her sister colors her hair or not. I find it odd. On another note, I recently started using the gray coverup highlight stuff you can buy at the grocery store on my sister when she didn't have money to go to the salon. When she did go to the fancy pants salon, he actually talked her out of highlights because he said her color was great. She said the gray cover was from the grocery store, and he said he didn't care where it was from. It worked. The moral of the story is that even though I know this isn't about money, if you ever felt like just picking up the stuff from Publix or wherever you totally could and it would work out fine, and not be as much of a chore as going to the salon.
  10. We can't line dry laundry in our neighborhood, either. I can't really think of any strange rules. The only one that bugs me is no veggie garden, even in your own back yard. I live in a town home, but seriously, particularly if someone fenced in their yard, why would I care if they grow vegetables? We pay $525 a year to the Master Association (they take care of, among other things, the pool and tennis courts, and all common areas that don't belong to a sub-association. Plus, we pay $105/month to the sub-association. That covers landscaping (lawns, pine straw, landscaping/flowers in common areas), doggie waste stations, roof repairs, exterior home maintenance, and a host of other things. I think it's a fair amount.
  11. Very nice! I love the sleek design (I spend hours in those kitchens at IKEA), and all that light makes me envious! I live in a townhouse, so one whole side of my house has no light, which is stupid because I live in the end unit, so I really could have windows if I wanted. Anyway, my kitchen is sort of small, galley style, but at least I have a window on one side. I'd kill for all that light you have now.
  12. I can get lost in this site! And I often get caught be surprise when people die and I just assumed they were already dead.
  13. I've told my kids that there is no evidence that there are any gods at all. Not the god of Christianity, or Hinduism, or Islam, or the ancients like Zeus or Thor. I told them I used to believe, that I no longer do, and that they will have to determine for themselves what they believe. One of my children is atheist. One currently identifies as Pagan, but she explores lots of things. I think that's great.
  14. I've certainly been turned off by the behavior of some Christians, but, like Ishki, I'm put off by the behavior of a lot of people, both religious and non. I don't believe because....well....I don't believe. No one else's behavior can change that for me.
  15. I obviously don't know if the man really existed or not, although for whatever reason I do believe he did. I've never questioned that too much because it simply isn't all that important to me. All of the legends that pre-date Jesus, but make essentially the exact same claims as those attributed to him, were sort of the proverbial nails in the coffin (cross?) of my waning Catholic belief system. The more I studied, the more I realized that not only were the stories of the Bible inconsistent and implausible, they weren't even original. That was it for me.
  16. Pretty much this for me, too. I do believe he existed and that his message was positive. I also don't believe he was divine.
  17. You didn't ask me, but since I feel the same way as Laura I'll say..... I don't know. I've yet to see it. But then, I'm not looking for it. My life is perfectly awesome and full without having to attribute it to a deity. I once believed in God. I no longer do, and don't feel like I need to. It's incredibly liberating.
  18. I'm also a skeptic, so I guess I would say I'm agnostic, but strongly leaning toward atheism. If I had any -ist label at all, I'd probably say anti-theist. I am personally opposed to organized religion much more than I am to an actual god. I like beerist. I'm going to claim that from now on, too.
  19. I have three. I got the first when I was 25 or 26. It does have meaning, but got it sort of on a whim. I still love it. The other two also have meaning. I got the last one about 1.5 years ago and it's my favorite. I have one more I'd like to get, but it's a large rib cage piece and I don't know if I could tolerate the pain anymore.
  20. My soon-to-be 10 year old daughter is getting: Rainbow loom with organizer and bands Sterling silver necklace with her initial on a disc pendant Fuzzy socks New head phones New slippers New outfit from Justice (this is a big deal, because I rarely buy stuff from that place) Perfume and lotion minis from Sephora Chocolate Other stocking stuff I can't recall The one that just turned 11 is much more eclectic and is getting some weird stuff that no other 11 year old girl would probably like!
  21. Well, because she likes it, and she wants it, and it's her body, not his.
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