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  1. Day 7. I definitely have lost some bloat. Not sure about weight because I didn't weigh myself before I started and haven't weighed myself now. I need to lose, but I'm determined to focus on making better food choices overall instead of being obsessed with the scale. If I do that after W30, with an 80/20 mentality, I'm certain I'll naturally drop weight, albeit slowly. No breakfast today except black coffee, because I simply wasn't hungry. I made paleo pad thai (with Melissa Joulwan's Sunshine Sauce) for lunch and it was really, really good. Dinner: Brisket in the instant pot, plus roasted baby yukon potatoes and zuchini Here's a tip, or at least my experience. I tried to do the spaghetti squash in the IP, but it just didn't really work well. I mean, I liked the texture, as I prefer it to be a tad crisp still and not so smushy (the technical term), but not matter how long I did it it would not cook evenly. I'd end up getting overly cooked some strands, some just right, and then some of it that never did cook. Weird. Energy: I have some. I was able to stay out last night much longer than normal, so that's a big win!
  2. I travel constantly for my job, and it really is pretty easy to stick to W30 protocol. He'll have to be willing to be "that guy" at the restaurant, and (like pp said) make sure that the meat and veggies only have comjpliant oil, but's not hard. Even with hotel buffet breakfasts. A few hard boiled eggs and some fruit and he'll be good to go. If it's a restaurant with made to order omelette station, even better. I second traveling with some emergency food. I tried Epic bars, but honestly....ick. I prefer the compliant jerky you can find at TJ or WF or whatever, and some chopped veggies, fruit, nuts. I do like Epic bites and bits, and they help for me, particularly when I'm with a client and they order food in where I have not control. I've gotten to where I carry single serve olive oil packets with me, and then I can always have salad with olive oil, and throw in some Epic bits and/or nuts and I'm good until I can get out of there. ETA: Here's a timely blog post about this very topic, in case you're interested.
  3. I don't know. I suspect Dr. Oz has something to do with it. haha As for the bar? I went, and it was fun. I ate nothing, and threw back several drinks...of club soda and lime in a rocks glass. It wasn't that hard because I ate a huge dinner before I went, but man....that particular bar has amazing food. It's a gastro pub. Smoked gouda stuffed homeade tater tots? Why, yes, please. I Sigh.
  4. I woke up this morning intending to make this, I need an egg break entirely. So I skipped breakfast and had an early lunch. We had an event and went out before it (yes, we eat out a lot), but this time was easy and delicious! It was a Superfoods Salad at Cheesecake Factory. Kale, spinach, arugula, broccoli, avocado, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, grapes, goji berries, pears, some other good stuff I can't recall, and grilled salmon on top. Instead of the dressing I had olive oil and vinegar. i ate that salad for a good 20 minutes and there was still about a pound and a half of it left when I called it quits. Haven't decided on dinner yet, but I'm supposed to go hear my husband's band play tonight. In a bar. When I'm not eating bar food or drinking alcohol. Sigh.
  5. My Instant Pot finally arrived today!!! Kalua Pig (and cabbage) for dinner tonight, and probably several meals over the weekend. I'm so danged excited I can hardly stand it. I've been eating basically the same breakfast every day, which is reheated sweet potato and either sausage or chicken thigh, with two eggs on top. It's really good, but I'm going to get sick of eggs here in a minute, so it'll be good to have some leftovers on hand again.
  6. I ended up going out to dinner after all. So much for my rock solid resolve. It went well, though! I had a steak, cooked with no oil and salt and pepper seasoning only, a salad with veggies only, and I took my own compliant dressing with me, and a baked potato, dry, except I took a small container ghee with me for the potato. One thing I found out tonight is that Outback rolls their potatoes in a soy-based oil before they salt the outsides, so i didn't eat the skin. Who knew?
  7. I guess that'll be it, if I can talk the hubs out of eating out again. ETA: Actually, he can eat out if he wants, but I don't want and so I won't. The kids can stay home or go out. Makes no difference to me. There. It's decided.
  8. And now DH is saying we should go out to dinner. We went out last night. I really don't want to go out. Ugh.
  9. Help! Quick! I have a pork roast and a brisket ready to go for my instant pot that's being delivered today, except now it's not being delivered until Friday. Which means I have nothing ready to cook for dinner tonight. It's too late in the day to start either of the above in a slow cooker even if I wanted to. I have to have DH go to the store and pick up something for dinner. What should I have?
  10. Day 2 was yesterday and I already messed it up, but...whatever. I didn't eat a carton of ice cream or anything, I just had dinner at a hibachi place and wasn't 100% compliant. I skipped the rice and the miso soup, but I did have the salad with ginger dressing, and they cooked everything with butter. I skipped the terriaki. Not awful. I'm fine with it. It was a birthday dinner for DSD and we talked her out of picking the pizza place since DH and I would have been sitting there with nothing to eat, and so this was her 2nd choice. Anyway...I'm actually getting used to the black coffee, which is a huge surprise for me. I don't usually sweeten it anyway, so it's just the creamy texture that I miss. I haven't had breakfast yet, but when I do it'll be sweet potato and sausage hash with 2 over-medium eggs on top. YUM. It's the same thing I had yesterday and it was filling and delicious. Lunch will be leftover beef veggie soup with sliced avocado on top. Dinner? Not sure. I'm hoping my new Instant Pot arrives today, in which case I'm going to try a brisket. Wish me luck! I feel less bloated, for sure, but no energy spike yet. It'll come. It always does.
  11. I've read about some of the additional evidence that was not presented in the series. Even with it, I still could not have convicted SA had I been on that jury. The investigative incompetence and, in my opinion, corruption, was clear and staggering. I obviously don't know if he did it or not, and I wouldn't be surprised if he did, but he was not afforded the rights and protections that are supposed to exist in our justice system. Not by a long shot. As for Brendan Avery? That kid was absolutely railroaded. No doubt about it. I'm convinced that he actually had nothing to do with it at all. The most compelling takeaway for me, though, is that apparently every phone conversation in Wisconsin begins with "Yeah? Yeah." haha
  12. That looks delicious. I've pinned it. Thanks!
  13. I forgot to mention that I also baked a few sweet potatoes, made some mayo, and ordered the Epic Provisions Whole 30 Starter Kit. It's pricey, but I travel a lot and need some protein-based compliant bars and things for when I'm stuck in meetings and/or airports. Now I need to make some sauces. Anyone have any that they use regularly and love?
  14. Hi, all! Just stopping in to say I'm joining you. Today is Day 1 for me of my 2nd (or 3rd?) Whole30. It's been more than a year since the last one, though, and it's far past time. I went shopping yesterday but didn't feel like cooking, so today I roasted a bunch of boneless, skinless chicken thighs to have on hand for the week, and I have a crock pot full of veggie beef soup cooking right now. Wednesday I'll get my Instant Pot, and I have brisket and a pork butt just screaming to go in. Here's hoping it turns out, because the brisket is grass fed ($$$) and the pork butt also came from Whole Foods, so....not cheap. Oh, and my food for the breakfast except black coffee, which I don't love but can live without for 30 days (I like half-and-half in my coffee). Then I had a salad of mixed greens, tomato, avocado, and roasted chicken thigh with compliant viniagrette. Dinner will be that soup that's cooking now. I'm hungry right now, too, so I'm thinking about some sort of snack. I should go boil some eggs...
  15. I noticed Obi Wan's voice during that sequence the second time I saw it.
  16. I just saw it again yesterday, and I have a question. Who is the old guy that had the map to Luke? The one in the village that Kylo Ren killed near the beginning.
  17. Yeah....then no, definitely don't get that one.
  18. Have you played it already? If not, just be sure you know the game and your audience. It could be incredibly uncomfortable with the wrong set of people.
  19. Interesting perspective, because I'm not a stepchild. Not sure what you mean by I might not like the answer if I dig. I really think it's just that every family does things differently, and I need to get used to it. I'm just not yet. I also don't understnd the "teens need to suck it up and figure it out" thing. I don't know how you intended that to sound, but it comes across pretty harsh. Neither of my kids has said a thing except "thank you" to the gift givers. Meaning, they haven't said anything to me, haven't made any insinuation that they deserve something more...nothing at all like that. This is all a "me" thing.
  20. I do understand that part, which is why I'm not quite so bothered about DD19. DD13, though, has known these people since she was 7, and DSD was 6. I really need to let it go. They haven't done anything wrong, and, like I said, these are not unkind people. It's just so different from anything I've seen before that I can't understand it, and I can't imagine doing it myself.
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