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  1. Good morning! The kids are doing better today. We are having a slow, rainy morning but we'll get started in a few minutes. I'll probably make it a light day just because that always feels more doable after a break. So we'll do morning meeting, writing, and math. Read alouds and piano practice will be after lunch.
  2. Well, the kids eyes are still huge and everything is blurry. Its making one of them especially cranky. So I'm doing gobs of read alouds. We have a huge stack of read alouds from the library that we got behind on with all the house stuff. So today is a good day to get caught up. Its raining today, anyway. Maybe I'll make some banana bread this afternoon. That should cheer everyone up. 😊
  3. What is a normal number supposed to be? Sorry you are back to square one. 😞
  4. Well my grand plans for school work before 1:30 failed miserably! The toddler was up all night not feeling well. He finally fell asleep in my arms as daylight was starting to fill the room. 😰 He slept in my arms until 10am. So we got up and had brunch, lol! We have to leave the house clean for showings so by the time we were ready for the day and the house was tidy, it was time to go! I can't win! I'm sorry so many of you are under the weather! I hope you all feel better soon!
  5. Critter, we were posting at the same time! 😄 We have to get moving in the morning, which sucks on time change week! We need to get our full school day done by 1:30. Then we need to get ready and head out to eye checkups. So that means morning meeting, language arts loop, math, science, lunch, and chores before 1:30. Since the appointments are one at a time, we probably won't be home until after 4. Then they'll be all out of whack with dilated eyes. Uggh. A quiet, dark evening at home sounds nice though, as long as they aren't cranky. 😎
  6. Nope. Not hokey. Not cheesy. And its a very big deal. I'm so happy for you! And for your dd, even if she still claims to not like reading. What a huge accomplishment! ❤️
  7. We are back with a fully stocked kitchen! Woohoo! But I forgot ds needs allergy injections today. Boo! So we'll head in a bit out to get those done. I need a car wash anyway, so I'll check that off the list, too. The kids did all kinds of math on our road trip today. And reading chapter books. And snacking. Man, they can put away food! I always ate like a bird when I was growing up. I still do, kind of. 😄
  8. This is so cool! I hope you occasionally update the hive on updates to your new home, since its such a unique situation with it being your dh's childhood home.
  9. I'll have to tell dd about this. She and ds are both really into space right now since we started watching One Strange Rock. 😊
  10. I can guarantee your image of me is way off base! 🤣 And how did I miss the view from kitchen window thread?! Slache, you have a beautiful family and it looks like you all had fun at Disney! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Well we finally made an offer on a house today!!!! Now I have to distract myself for the next 2 days waiting to hear back. Hopefully we will hear some thing before the weekend. I'm so stinking nervous! I can't focus on anything else! I finally found a house I love (I mean, it has things I definitely don't love, but I can't get everything I want in one house) and I am convinced they won't come down far enough in price. They should because the house is way overpriced. I thought it was but even our agent rolled her eyes and said its priced way too high. Anyway, I'm still convinced they won't accept our low offer. Just so I'm not crushed when they don't. 😬 But I really love the house, so why not try, right? (Oh, and the kids love it too and dh is meh but he's always meh about everything. I didn't force him to sign the offer! 😁)
  12. Posting now for tomorrow because its going to be busy again. Getting up and out the door in the morning for a medical appointment in the "big" city. Long drive so I'll bring independent school work for the big kids. I also ordered groceries to pick up while we are there. 2 weeks worth! So excited to not have to go grocery shopping for 2 weeks! Family movie night tomorrow with pizza and popcorn and then crash!
  13. Good morning! TV went off at 8 and we all got dressed and went to the doughnut shop! That was a fun treat for the kids. 😊 We are home now and doing our afternoon chores early because we have another appointment this afternoon. We are house hunting, thus the reason for so many extra appointments lately. I really really really want to do regular schoolwork today but I am thinking it may be more productive to set the kids up with some child led learning today. Dh and I were on the phone with the lender for 20 minutes a little bit ago and the lender is calling us back at a set appointment time this afternoon before we meet with our agent. It just sort of balloons and takes over the whole day. The toddler was recently given a giraffe themed gift and he's asked to find a video to learn about giraffes. Older ds is currently obsessed with sharks and dd is in a jewelry making frenzy. So I'm thinking I might just write a checklist on the dry erase board of some interest related things to do today. I'll have them make their own lunch and quiz each other on math facts. They could do some computer math games, too if they want. The neighbor kids are home today so my kids are wanting to play with them. I can't tell if they have the day off school or if they are sick. 😬
  14. Sorry you have a sickie on your hands, HSL! Yesterday was not as good as Monday but unrelated to the new rules. Lol. Today started off solid with the TV off at 8 and morning chores. But dh is home today, so of course, that throws everything out of whack for some unknown reason. We are doing school lessons but are running behind. I am cooking lunch now while the kids have a break so lunch is really late for us, too. We have an appointment later this afternoon that we need to get ready for so that will take some time. Morning meeting ✔ language arts loop ✔ math- half done science- not done yet piano- not done yet art- probably won't happen today
  15. Hmmm... That's interesting. I have been under the impression that there isn't room for negotiations on HUD or bank owned houses because they just list them for what they need to get the mortgage off their books. So you have to take it or leave it at their list price in whatever its current state is, because they are also not going to pay for any needed repairs. I wonder if it varies in different parts of the country.
  16. Its horrible here! We are all butting heads over everything! Dh and the toddler fell asleep on the couch so the big kids and I are quietly eating (a very late) dinner and they are watching a show while veg with the hive. We are supposed to be leaving for our extracurricular in 10 minutes! I don't think we are going to make it! Lol! I'm done with this day!
  17. So here's the update on how today went: We actually got out the door early and we were 15 minutes early for our appointment! I thanked them for cooperating and getting out the door without a fight. The kids noticed that breakfast was much more pleasant (and quick) without the tv distracting them! So two early wins! Yay! We had time after our (shortened) appointment for morning meeting and math. Lunch took a little longer than an hour and they were a little grumpy during language arts. Science also took longer than an hour. We were all worn out by that point, so I let them have their screen time and we did our weekly house cleaning chore after. We ran behind the rest of the evening so they got to bed later than I like but, oh well, its a work in progress and I'm content with what we accomplished today. It was really the start of our days and a good routine that needed an overhaul because it really does set the tone for a good day or a bad day. We'll see how we do tomorrow! Schedule for Tuesday: -30 min morning meeting -30 min read alouds -1 hour language arts -1 hour math -30 minutes science -1 hour lunch break -after lunch: exercise, weekly chore, 15+ minutes piano practice Free Time 7pm leave for activity 10pm bedtime
  18. My younger 2 wake up between 6:40 and 7:30. They are still half asleep so they like to play video games or watch tv until they are awake enough for breakfast. If I say its time to turn it off, they are always "in the middle of something" and lobby for more time. Dd wakes up anywhere from 7:45 to 9:30, lol! Then she thinks she should get a turn with the tv because the boys did! 😣 Sometimes, I'd like to chuck that tv out the window!
  19. We lived in an ancient house in a sketchy neighborhood for a year while we remodeled our house. I hated it at the time but, looking back, it wasn't too bad. Again, we were young and stupid and had no kids! 😁 Figuring out temporary housing is extremely stressful so totally understand your hesitation!
  20. I would love to build! And there are good lots here we could pay cash for! Unfortunately, dh doesn't want the hassle of building. He just wants to move in to something now and be done with it. I was bummed. I made a really good case for building! (Sigh) Eta: you're building, right? Is that this year? How's it going for you?
  21. I'm posting tomorrow's plan tonight because the morning will be busy. Plus, I'm instituting new rules because we keep getting later and later and we need a little structure and discipline around here. #1: TV goes off at 8am sharp! If you're in the middle of something, you'll have to loose your progress because its time to get the day started. (An alarm will go off at 8am so I don't have to be the bad guy and tell them to turn it off.) #2: if you ask me to eat any meals or snacks in the living room, you will loose screen privileges for the day. (This comes on the heels of a big bowl of cereal and milk dumped on the carpet, a pizza roll filling squished out onto the carpet, and a salsa bowl hit with a blanket that flung red salsa in a 4 foot streak on the carpet. I'm so done with food in the living room.) #3: 30 minutes screen time will not happen before all schoolwork, exercise, and chores are done. If you are waiting for me to finish a subject with your sibling then doodle something, build a magna tile tower, build a Lego creation, read in your chapter book, get a drink or snack (keep it in the kitchen!) whatever but the answer to anything with a screen is "no". #4: if we have a morning appointment, you can bring along your independent work, but we will still do our regular lessons when we get home. We can take a hour break but we must do regular lessons unless you want to still be doing this year's schoolwork when you're 25. 😰 It sounds harsh, but man, its necessary! Its chaotic around here! The kids were very agreeable, which tells me it is definitely too chaotic if they are happy with these new rules. So I have a dry erase board on the wall with tomorrow's plan so they are aware of what to expect: Schedule for Monday, March 4: -9am leave for 9:45 appointment *dress warmly and bring some work/reading to prevent boredom* -1 hour lunch break -1 hour language arts loop -1 hour math -1 hour science (we are starting our seeds so they don't consider this schoolwork 😄 ) -house cleaning chore FREE TIME Wish us luck! I'll try to post about how well it went (or how badly) tomorrow afternoon.
  22. Wow, sounds perfect! Why on earth are you leaving? Lol! 😂
  23. The problem is we go way back with our agent and dh is still young and his chronic health issues are hidden. He's not in a wheelchair or using a back brace or anything. He actually did a few phases of building our agent's house 10 years ago! We could telling she wasn't "getting" how drastically our situation has changed. So we arranged one of the meetings with her at our house using the kids as a reason not to come to her office. While she was here, we showed her Dh's set up in the living room that takes a lot of space, his set up in the bedroom (also space hogging), the kids were thrilled to show her the school room, packed to the gills with books, desks, projects, supplies, and more. Pretty quickly, she said she understood better what we are dealing with. 😄 So I don't think she'll be showing us anymore houses that rely heavily on the stairs, or have super small living rooms and bedrooms. Here's hoping, anyway... Eta: this was actually in response to your comments about our agent previewing properties for us. Lol! I can't do quoting well on mobile! 😂
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