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  1. I recently had to replace my old trusty crockpot with a new one and the crock insert is significantly lighter and slimmer. I wonder if that's a big reason they are cooking hotter these days. They are making cheap-y crocks! I kept my old crock since it was fine (it was the electric appliance part that failed) and I'm contemplating trying it in my new crockpot to test my theory. I don't have any 10 hour recipes to contribute other than what was already suggested but I am stealing a couple of these recipes for myself! 🤣
  2. I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much. 😞 Is there a residential treatment option for them at some point? I know you don't want someone else taking care of your sons but I'm worried for you (and your dh) that you're burning out. (Said by a full time care giver that circles the drain every now and then. 🙄)
  3. I love my Shark!!! ❤️ I've never used a Dyson to compare but the Shark has great suction and it can angle under furniture. Mine has an attachment for hardwood floors that's great. The filters are washable and I do wash them a lot but I just look at that as a sign its sucking all that dust out of the carpets! I have the white Shark Navigator.
  4. I came here yesterday, read everyone's posts, and then forgot to post our plans! 😁 Yesterday, we did basic lessons while youngest ds was on my lap all day with a fever. 😞 Today is math and writing lessons again. They are watching a science show right now. No idea what else I'm going to accomplish. I'm not in a great mood and I pretty much want to crawl in a dark hole until it passes. On that note, have a great weekend everyone! 🤣
  5. Well, yesterday did not go as planned. I still got a lot done, just different things than what I thought. We had an activity after dinner last night. I did not want to be too worn out for that and I realized how behind I was on laundry and how gross the house was getting, so I paused packing in favor of catching up on those chores. It feels so nice to have a clean house even with nothing on the walls and boxes stacked in the corners. Today's plan is to knock out schoolwork with the big kids and go grocery shopping.
  6. Good morning! I'm ready for the day, well I still have comfy pants on for now lol, and I've had my breakfast, coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, and got the laundry started. Feeling like I'm off to a good start today! My plan is to get started packing now since the kids are just waking up and starting breakfast. Then I'll have them come find me and just sit nearby while they each do a math lesson and a writing lesson. We'll see how much I can get done before I have to take ds in for allergy injections this afternoon. I should have another car full of donations to get rid of by the time we go.
  7. Critter- I hope your back pain is better today! Here's my plan for today: we have a ton of board games and learning games on a shelving unit in the school room. The little guy gets into them and mixes up the pieces. So I made a deal with the big kids that if they get all the pieces in the correct game boxes so I can pack them, I'll let them have the day off of bookwork. They haven't started on the project yet, so we'll see if they pull it off. 😊 I am packing all day long minus the frequent kid interruptions- packing with kids takes forever! We'll do read alouds and independent reading at the end of the day when we are all ready to wind down.
  8. Dh and I cleaned out his work truck today. 2 big black trash bags of trash out of it and a BUNCH of supplies going to the company warehouse in the morning. I drove it to the nearest carwash and vacuumed it out. It took four rounds of vacuuming but it looks awesome now! I made a small dent in the garage. I am parting with 2 complete scuba sets, a trash bag full of dh's too small (or too many) winter work clothes and work coats, and a ton of grocery bags to recycle. I organized the kids outdoor toys but they wouldn't let me donate any of them. That's what I get for going through it while they were right there, playing outside. 😁
  9. I'm getting great ideas from this thread! I won't be able to use them until after we move but I'm craving some good dinners! Ours our looking like frozen pizza, frozen rav, frozen waffles with peanut butter, quesadillas, use-up-all-the-food salad, pb and j, grilled cheese. Blah! I'm thinking I'm going to cook up some homemade real food this week to freeze before I pack the kitchen.
  10. That's what I should have done with my cookbooks! 😒
  11. I just got back from the donation center and unloaded a whole SUV full of stuff! A highchair, a whole set of pots and pans, muffin tins, plastic food storage containers with lids, cake decorating supplies, an electric skillet, trash bags full of outgrown kid clothes, cookbooks I never use, and an old Play Station 2 with all the cords, tons of games, and the inserts that came with the games. So so so happy to be done with all of it and I'm motivated to get rid of more!
  12. Good morning! The kids have appointments this morning. We will be doing a major read aloud marathon when we get back because The Cricket in Times Square has to go back today and we've barely made a dent in it! Somehow I got the order in which to read our books mixed up and that one got pushed to the back of the basket. 🙄 I am also going to shoot for a math lesson and writing lesson for each of the kids this afternoon, too, then its family movie night!
  13. Yesterday was a success! Dd had a ton of fun on her field trip and came home with a few trinkets to remember it by. The boys and I ended up having a playdate with ds7's buds and we were outside hiking and playing at the river all day! I was not prepared for that at all! I found a breakfast bar, a protein bar, and individual bag of trail mix at the bottom of my purse! 😂 That held us until 1:30 then we had to hunt down a burger joint. The boys scarfed down their food and begged to go back to the river. So we did! Today I have to stay home and do school work with the kids and pack! I'm just going to do writing lessons and math lessons with them and then get to packing. Then I'll do read alouds before the kids bedtime when I'm tired from packing.
  14. Good morning! Today's schedule is a little different. Dd was invited to a field trip today. They are all girls and all good friends so the boys were not invited. Which is a good thing for dd, but leaves me scrambling to find something fun for the boys to do! 😊 We will drop her off at 10 and see what we can get up to. I sent messages to ds7's homeschool buds so we'll see if anyone is available. Other than that, its packing packing packing for me!
  15. Hopeistheword- you certainly have your hands full! I'm so glad you had a good day! HSL- that is exactly how I felt a couple months ago. My energy was totally zapped and I just couldn't push through the sickness. Take that nap! Your body needs it! Today is our modified school schedule this morning, then packing and a meeting about the house this afternoon. More packing tonight.
  16. I think last time I posted here, I was stuck on paper clutter. I went through everything and have 2 cardboard diaper boxes of papers we no longer need sitting in the garage. We will burn them this spring and summer when we sit around the fire pit. I now sort of have a system for incoming paper. Its not perfect but we are officially moving and I needed to move on to other things so we'll see what the flow of the incoming paper is in the new house. I decluttered the boys' room and set up a toy rotation system for the new house since its a major downsize. It also means 3/4 of their toys are already packed! Win, win! I gave two huge reusable shopping bags full of girl clothes to a friend with a daughter younger than mine. We also gave away dd's huge Barbie dream house and all the barbies and their clothes! So glad to be rid of all that! This weekend, I threw out 2 big garbage bags of junk (broken/worn out kid stuff) and 2 big trash bags of things to donate. I packed the hall closet and the linen closet. The bathrooms are down to essentials only, the rest is packed. The tv stand contents are packed. I gave away a bunch of babyish DVDs. The living room bookcase is packed. The storage Ottomans are emptied (they are to heavy to move when full). The medicine cabinet is essentials only, the rest is packed. I gave away several of dh's suits, dress shirts, and ties to someone in need. They no longer fit him and he had way more ties than he needs anyway. Today the kids put essential school work for the next month in their backpacks so now I can declutter and pack the school room. That room is dead last on my list though! 😄 I'm happy with the things I've done but there is still so much to do! 😱
  17. I've found mine under the seat of the car or in the pocket behind the front seat where we've hidden it while out and about and then completely forgot it was in there.
  18. Congrats on the new house! Sounds like dd's appointments were productive, if not particularly good news all around.
  19. Critter, you had me! I thought 'wow, my head hurts just reading that work load' before I got to the end! 😄 Runningmom80- Welcome! We need more posters here to chat with! I don't really like April Fools either and dh doesn't like pranks at all. The kids have inherited that from him so we basically ignore April Fools Day. Today is our modified school schedule. What do homeschoolers call it when they scale way back during a time of upheaval? I feel like there's a term I'm forgetting... Survival schedule? Bare bones schedule? Those sound kind of negative. I want the kids to be excited about moving to a new house! This morning consists of read alouds, math lesson, science show, 1 audio chapter of Narnia, and memory work for both kids. Spelling, writing, and handwriting for ds, writing and handwriting for dd. Library, errands, packing, and laundry the rest of the day and evening. Plus independent reading before bed as always. Have a great day everyone!
  20. We are hiring load/unload moving helpers and renting a moving truck for them to use (dh will drive it) separately. The website gave us a total price for the hourly rate of hiring 2 guys for the amount of hours we'll need them. So for gratuity, do I figure 15-20% of the total price, divide that in half and give them each their half? I read somewhere to give the full gratuity to the person in charge but I don't think that one of the guys will necessarily be more in charge in this situation. What have you all done in the past? And, do I need to plan to have water and snacks to offer them or are they expected to bring their own? Can you tell we are not pros at moving? Lol 🤣
  21. Yesterday was school work, lots of house decluttering, packing, and organizing. Today is a long medical day. Kids are with their bffs (and bffs mom!) and having tons of fun. When we get home, its family movie night. I'll have to sit with stacks of books, books, books, and pack, pack, pack while we watch the movie.
  22. Today is day 3 of the new school schedule and so far the new schedule is working well. I do the read alouds, of course, and I have to teach the 2 math lessons. Other than that, the kids are petty independent with the rest and come find me when they need me to answer a question or look over their work. Which is freeing me up to declutter, shampoo carpets, pack, and many other things that need attention right now.
  23. Good morning! I have another Very Important Appointment this afternoon so we will do our new daily school schedule this morning before I have to leave. Read alouds, language arts, and math. The science show and audio book they can manage without me (dh will be here).
  24. I absolutely cannot watch HGTV type shows. They make me so twitchy! People seem so shallow and greedy on these shows. I'm going, "be thankful you have a roof over your head with modern plumbing, refrigeration, and heating and air conditioning!" We are in the process of buying a house right now and the tub has to go. Its riddled with hairline cracks, you can tell there is mold behind the poorly installed shower surround, its really terrible. And here I am feeling guilty for tossing it. I've found myself trying to think of some way to repurpose that nasty tub so it doesn't have to go to the landfill! 🤣 Another conundrum is the toilet. It is super old and has a huge tank. So if we change it out to a water efficient one, we save on water usage but the old toilet is, once again, in the landfill! 🤔
  25. Good morning! Sorry your kiddos are sick, HSL! I had an important appointment early this morning and another errand after so I'm just now sitting down with my coffee and breakfast. The kids are motivated today because they want a new batch of library books. So they are done with breakfast, morning chores, and their backpacks and jackets are by the door! That never happens! 🤣 We'll do schoolwork when I'm done with my breakfast and library and errands when dh gets home with the car. New Daily School Schedule For Super Busy House Buying/Moving Time Period: 1. Read alouds with mom or dad 2a. Ds: spelling lesson, writing lesson (only has a few more then he's done for the school year!), handwriting lesson 2b. Dd: grammar lesson or writing lesson, handwriting lesson 3. One full math lesson for each kid 4. 30 min of a science show or 30 min of a history show followed by library book basket on the same topic 5. Memory work in the car 6. Audio of Chronicles of Narnia 1 chapter either in the car or at a meal
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