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  1. Wishing you all the best, Critter! We are headed on a 3 day weekend road trip to our favorite city! Today and tomorrow will be highly educational with lots of outdoor fun and time with family and friends we don't see often. So I will get to count quite a bit of school time. Sunday is up in the air. We'll see what we get up to. 😊
  2. Critter, I loved geometry in high school too, and am hoping my kids do as well! And, yes, that is very cool that you get to read books not on the shelves yet! Today, we went to the local library so we could check out books since the library yesterday wasn't one we could check out from. Then we got a few groceries and now we are back in the big city for yet another medical appointment. For one of the kids this time. We did go to Barnes & Noble before the appointment so the kids could use up some gift cards. So its been a lovely book centered couple of days! 💞
  3. Good morning! We are at the library in the big city while dh is at a medical appt. Its sooooo nice to sit in a comfy chair surrounded by well organized books rather than boxes! I'm totally counting this as school time!
  4. Good Tuesday Morning! Its way too early here but I'm awake and can't fall back asleep so 🙄 Week two of Two Crazy Weeks is done. Although this week is turning out to be pretty crazy as well. Since everything got put on hold for house stuff, now life stuff is getting piled on this week. Today is one more crazy hectic full day finishing up at the old house. And then... you guys should see the mayhem I'm dealing with here. Its going to take forever to get this place unpacked and organized. 😥
  5. Well, week one of two crazy weeks is done. We managed to do our modified school lessons Monday through Thursday last week. Friday was super hectic and lessons didn't happen. After today (2 hours shopping just at Lowes, for instance) I can tell we will need to take this entire week completely off. Serendipitous Journey: Welcome! I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough year. I hope things look up for you. A mostly free London trip sounds like a fantastic step in a positive direction! I'm not sure how much I'll be around this week, so have a great week, everyone!
  6. Based on the coments here, it seems that sea salt and other greys need very bright natural light to work in a room. I'm starting to rethink color options because there are a lot of huge shade trees in the yard and I'm thinking maybe we need a warmer tone. Although, I'm not sure it will go with my furniture. I think I'm going to paint everyting a basic white primer just so the walls aren't gross and then over the next few months while living there, I'll do some large samples in various locations of the house and decide on a color. Thanks for all your help everyone! If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to post them! I'd love to hear them. 😊
  7. @Ottakee and @Patty Joanna I'll have to check that out. The floors are a honey tone...
  8. See, this is why I don't like to paint a house right away. I like to live in the house for a full year before I paint the walls so I can get a really good picture of light in every room and how it changes through the day and seasonally. This new house needs repainted really really badly though so I'm trying to choose a color without really knowing what I'm dealing with. I guess I'll just have to pick one and change it later if it doesn't work. I'm leaning away from Sea Salt after reading the comments here. Agreeable Grey is messing with my head because its such an agreeable color, who could argue, right? 😂
  9. I've "heard" posters here sing the praises of the Sea Salt paint color many times. We are painting our new (to us) house and we are down to 4 paint swatches. I think Sea Salt looks green but yesterday, in bright sunlight, it looked gray. Either is fine. Green would go with our couch. My living room curtains are gray. My concern is painting the whole house (except for the kids rooms) Sea Salt. Would it be too much green? Is it gray during the day and green at night? Is it best as a greenish change in a master bedroom from a more neutral color throughout the house? Our new house is very modest. 8 foot ceilings, neutral mid tone hardwood floors, white kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is on the north side and is going to be pretty dark most of the year. There are bright lights installed in the kitchen. I'm open to other color suggestions as well. Thanks hive experts!
  10. Man that stinks! Do you have a strong stomach, usually? I hope you'll be okay! And, I hope they didn't charge you for any of your food! Side note: we also have a very important engagement tonight so I took the kids to get fresh haircuts this morning and I don't know what has happened to them since we got home but they are being monsters! Crying over everything, yelling at each other. I finally said, "we are going to this very important event tonight no matter what. You guys already know that. So everyone is taking a nap this afternoon. The End." So hopefully you'll be at your very important engagement feeling just fine and we'll be at ours not yelling or crying! 😄
  11. Preach! I wish I could! Dd is 2e and has behavioral and other issues. Her need for comfort and dependence on me has always been very high but since puberty kicked in, its off the charts! In just trying to help her cope at this point. I'm hoping the hormone fog will lift in a couple years and we can work on developing some independence.
  12. @Ravin and @marbel You guys are right, I try to accommodate everyone all the time. Its exhausting. I can work on that. 😊 @PeterPan thanks for the link! I will try it!
  13. Yes! This exactly what I need to do! I will try really hard to do this next time.
  14. Thank you! That's what I thought. Not all group situations are like that one. Maybe that was a bad example. I struggle in all groups where I'm conversing with multiple people. But its worth working on overcoming my introvert behavior to see if that helps. Sorry I can't multi quote guys. It wants to quote every post I've ever quoted since the new forum and I can't figure out how to erase them! 😄
  15. So this is probably an introvert thing more than an EF issue? I like that idea! My answers above certainly support that idea. I think it would be easier to improve upon my personality than EF struggles.
  16. To your first question, no I'm not comfortable and it drives dh crazy! I will just let people go on and on because I can't tell them to pause or I need to hang up or whatever. Hmmm.... I hadn't made that connection but it seems so obvious! Thank you! To the 2nd question, it wouldn't have mattered. I have a very close relative that is 16 years younger than me and I never interrupt. I almost never interrupt my kids. Sometimes I have to to say 'let the doctor do his job' and I hate that I have to do that! So uncomfortable!
  17. So you're saying most people would have a hard time mentally in that situation? Yes, your example of how to get things done one at a time is exactly what I need to do in those types of situations. I should have shut down the house talk because it wasn't the time for that and moved them and dd towards leaving. I forget that when its my turn to talk, I don't HAVE to answer house questions right then, I can say whatever I want! Like, "well I'll let you talk to dh about that later because I have my friend, Sally, here to help me move this furniture. Sally, these are dd's relatives." I just CAN'T THINK in the moment to actually say the logical thing. Where's that head bang emoji when you need it?!
  18. I'm sorry you have the same issues cause it sucks but I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one!
  19. Oh my gosh I think I would faint of embarrassment if I tried that! Lol! I guess then, I'd have to say I am definitely not good at commanding a crowd! 😳
  20. I'll just get right to the example that is prompting this post: Today, a friend came over to help me move some furniture. Then some relatives showed up EARLY to pick up dd. So the two events unintentionally overlapped. One relative start talking right away about house stuff (we are buying a house) then the other relative started talking about dd and what they were going to do and getting needed information from me. Meanwhile, my friend is standing there and waiting for me. I'm wanting to introduce them because I don't think they know each other but relatives wouldn't let me get it in. I'm also trying to remember to thank relatives for taking dd (they are spending money and time on her) and make sure they hear me thank them because they are particular about thank yous but also they never stop talking long enough to hear any! Lol! And I needed to give dd attention in the form of a big hug and kind words before she left. She will jump in the car without it then ends up calling me in tears an hour later because I didn't give her love. So here's my issue. I felt like my brain was in a washing machine or blender during this exchange. I was trying to talk to three people about three different things and it just all runs together and I can't focus. Plus actively saying to myself in my mind "remeber to thank them loudly" over and over, it felt like I could feel physical brain pain to hold on to that thought. After reading and researching ADHD and executive function issues in kids for dd, I'm pretty sure I'm ADHD Inattentive type with definite EF issues. I've since built in a lot of supports, simple routines, and visual/ audio reminders and checklists for myself and they are helping me so much. The biggest struggle I have now is in the above example. And that type of situation happens a lot with coordinating care and treatment for chronic illnesses in our family, plus extra curricular activities, a non-profit I volunteer with in a big group, and more. Anybody know what I'm describing? Can anybody point me in a direction to improve?
  21. I can't remember if I posted this last week or not but I don't think I did: 2 full sets of scuba gear donated Another trash bag of clothes donated A car booster seat The donation place is closed Monday so this will be tomorrow's HUGE purge: A futon A TV stand A dresser A large toddler tool bench toy Another trash bag of clothes A wall clock A set of prints for the kitchen wall A set of prints for a child's bedroom or bathroom
  22. There is actually litigation going on right now over this issue.
  23. We might be taking a spring break here ourselves depending on how things go. We have to be out of this house by the end of the month so we have 2 weeks to close on our new house, remodel some scary plumbing situations, paint the whole house, clean the whole house, move in and clean the house we are leaving. 😱 So I might not be around much the next two weeks. In fact, if you do "see" me, tell me to leave the hive and get back to work! 😄
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