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  1. Thank you for this. This just saved my sanity.
  2. My 9, soon-to-be-10-yr-old son is wrapping up Singapore 4b and CWP 3. We have done Singapore from the beginning and plan to continue. He is a mathy kid (his father's son, doesn't get that from me!). Question is, I am considering ordering Teaching Textbooks math program for the computer - not to replace Singapore but to feed the beast. I had him take the placements tests. He got all the tests right in 4, 5, 6, and 7. By the time he got all the 7 right, I started to get concerned. According to the placement test he places into pre-Algebra. Is TT really that far behind Singapore? I mean h
  3. (Thanks to Jennefer for alerting me to this post!) Congrats on the birth of your daughter. I am so happy for you and your family. Wishing you a quick recovery and at least a little sleep. :) -Darcy (who had to recover a password to remember how to log onto the boards)
  4. I got to see Play Attention in action in Cincinnati. I thought it had a very expensive price tag, but I guess compared to others it isn't as bad? I dunno. The child had to watch a whale. If he did, it went down, if he didn't it floated at the top. At the end it scored him on his ability to bring the whale down. You have to perform at 80% to move on to the next level. The child didn't, but I'm not sure anyone could have in the middle of a workshop. I just can't picture my child being reinforced by bringing a whale down, so I'm not sure what the motivation is to pay attention, i
  5. I always love to read those posts with 5 yos doing pages and pages of phonics and math. Tee hee. My 5 yo, admittedly, isn't a typical 5 yo. He can now name 5 letters of 26. He cannot identify any numbers yet, although he can count to 20 or 30 most times. He also understands a 1-to-1 correlation, and more and less. He likes to color - and colors on the maps and history sheets (somewhat randomly, but occupied and focused in his seat) his big brothers do. He mostly spends the day playing legos and wearing costumes. He is learning to be self-sufficient in the bathroom and get
  6. Well, I was in the ring. But I was removed; the button slowed down my site. So, if you'd like to stop by: http://www.lifewithmy3boybarians.com Wishing you a quick recovery!
  7. I recommend This Country of Ours and pace it to go along with the time periods. There are some outdated vocab issues in TCO - such as calling Natives "savages". Since I am doing it as a read aloud for a 5yo, 7yo and 8yo I can substitute as I read. But I know my 8yo would be able to handle a discussion about ignorance and terminology and still get the value of the stories. Also of interest: Starry Messenger Pocahontas The First Thanksgiving (~early 1600) If You Lived..... series: Time of Squanto, Colonists Horrible Histories... series: Colonists The Courage of Sarah Noble (
  8. Well, my son is developmentally about 3 - so I thought I'd weigh in. :) He is getting Lego Mars mission stuff and Lego City stuff. He wants to be just like his big brothers. While he is quite mature enough to assemble all the small peices, he has hoards of willing assemblers here to help him. ;)
  9. Peace Hill Press is on the (enormous!) list of vendors coming to the Midwest Homeschool Convention April 16-18 in Cincinnati. EEEEkkkk! I've never been able to go to a convention where they were represented. Midwest Homeschool Convention is sponsoring a give away on my blog. You can win a family pack of tickets (worth $75) so you can go, too. Details here: http://www.lifewithmy3boybarians.com/2008/12/lwm3b-give-away-homeschoolers-this-ones.html I would love to know which WTMers are going! I've only ever met Jennefer at Smooth Stones. But I have many of you on my blog re
  10. -Multi-level: acceptable for 4th grader, but adaptable for special needs/preKer -Old earth -creation & adaptation / or evolution (I can ad lib!) -Prefer secular over Christian, but see above -Lots of reading lists, sources for read alouds -scientist bios as well as experiments -has a kit with everything I'll need already in it. I am willing to consider any topic, but son is leaning toward something with experiments (he's been watching too much Time Warp, methinks!) This is for all boys. They won't enjoy drying/pressing flowers or journaling. They want to "chuck b
  11. This may seem like the obvious answer, but I am using SOTW as our spine. We really focus on lit go alongs. So I pull all the lit choices from sources like Sonlight, Veritas, Good Books list, other bloggers I respect, All Through the Ages. We aren't protestant, so I have to edit a bit for some of those resources' recommendations if they overlap with church history. We also add saint bios and church history that is compatible with our faith. Currently, we are also using This Country of Ours (with some of the "bad words" edited) and starting SOTW3. We are in the early-mid 1600s right
  12. May I ask you all? what font style did you use before WWE and how are your children liking the font in WWE? I loved OPGTR but the font was awful. We had to do everything on the whiteboard. Just curious if PHP had fixed this since OPGTR. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Are you asking specifically for language? My brand new 7 yo is doing: Singapore Math 2a, 2b History from 1600-1850 (SOTW 3, This Country of Ours, Kingfisher HE) narration across curriculum ETC 4, 5 and 6 (maybe farther?) Primary Language Lessons He is not ready for writing, either mechanically (lefty who still struggles with pencil work) or mentally (can't spell well, isn't ready for it). He is a great reader, and his lit and book choices are on my blog. For writing, we will be using both IEW and WT when he is ready.
  14. I flew all the way from Iowa to Texas to hang out with Jennefer from Smooth Stones. She is even more amazing in person. I am hoping for an even bigger reunion, errr... union? with some more kindred spirits. I have worked with many WTMers on their blog makeovers, so I feel like I know them. And I think some of my local hs'ers are lurkers. But I don't know their screen names. Maybe they'll come forward? Any other Iowa lurkers?
  15. Well, this one is a no brainer for me. I pulled a few tricks out of my bag and did my own. Then, I begged my friends to let me do theirs. Almost 2 years later, I made a business out of it. So... I vote for "did my own" and add on, make a living doing it. I LOVE blog makeovers. I find myself much more engaged in the blogs when the author has customized it to fit her personality. This is true even when I didn't do the makeover ;)! I have a hard time investing emotionally in blogs when the blog owner has not. This isn't to say the blog owner needs to invest a lot. Even just add
  16. Loved this series. It's a mistake to think that because the main characters are mythological that the book is dark or evil or offensive to those concerned about morals. The book was written by a Christian woman (Mormon, specifically) and there is an underlying themes about immortality. While the book is absolute candy, the character development is wonderful. There are real issues that face teens... physical relationships, parenting, trust, sacrifice, academics, values, self-restraint... It's been awhile since I've had such *fun* with a series. This in no way competes with, repla
  17. I haven't posted on the boards in awhile... But we've been using Singapore from the beginning. My brand-new 7 yr old (just had a birthday 5 days ago!) is in Primary Math 2a, using the text and the student book. He is also doing Challenging Word Problems 1 - which I recommend doing a full level behind. He is also using IP - intensive practice. I love the IP books. The problems are richer, a little more thought-intensive and really help the pace for kids who are racers. My 8 yo is doing PM 3b, IP 3a and CWP 2. He finally has a good pace using all those materials. Prior, he was fly
  18. I think the pace is perfectly fine. :) The website says the books are for K-4. And while I don't think it will take 5 years, it's for those range of ages. My 6 yo is working in ETC 3. My 8 yo (who started this late) has 10 more pages in ETC 6. My 6 yo does 3-4 pages a day, my 8 yo does 5 pages a day.
  19. That post ^above^ gives me great hope! :)
  20. I thank you all for your responses, for your honesty. I did make the purchase. And it's not that I have given up on Writing Tales 1. I own that (gee, shocker, right? ;) ) too, but it's a little (read, LOT) too complicated for my boys right now. They are math geeks and I so love them for that. Numbers are so uncomplicated. I was hoping this could give us some elementary tools we can use until we're ready for WT1. I ordered the teacher DVDs, the student DVDs A, and I ordered the one with fairy tales, fables and myths. I like knowing that if they don't fit us, we'll be able t
  21. I have them start memorizing a 12 x 12 table in 1b. Back then it's only "skip counting" but the results are the same. My 6 yo can fill out a 12x12 table (now) very quickly. but he did one 3 times a week starting back in January. He is now in 2a, doesn't realize it's the timez tables he knows. For some, he still adds on to the number before it (8s for example) but I'm totally okay with it. When my 8 yo hit a wall with long division in 3a, we took 7 weeks off and played a game using triangle cards that are factors. it's also a good way to cement those facts. We have Timez Att
  22. So, I've listened to every audio of Andrew Pudewa I can get my hands on. I've watched his YouTube videos (he cracks me up!). I went to his online conference via HOTM Online Conference and got to ask him some questions. I've googled. I've searched this forum and read everything I can think of. I've stalked WTM members and bloggers like Michele and Beth that use IEW successfully. Yet, I'm still breaking into a mild sweat. I have buyers remorse and I have even clicked the order button. That price tag is just - well... I have to work lots of hours to pay for it. (Thanks to my
  23. Jenn - from that page, click on the style that you want on the tabs located slightly above and to the left side of the screen: Zaner Bloser, etc. Then there are links on the right side to click and download. *hugs* -Darcy
  24. Definitely use my 3-hole punch and clipboards each and every day. But can I add a third? Lots of manipulatives to keep my littlest busy during school. But now I'm thinking I should get an electric pencil sharpener. So many people have mentioned it. :001_huh:
  25. Where did you find the chore chart, Jess? It's a great idea - simple, visual and effective. Can your kids reach the top? Or does it just look tall in the picture?
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