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  1. If you do match K12's American Odyssey and The Great Courses' History of the US, I would love love love to see how you line them up. I'm strongly considering pairing these for 1 Amer. history credit.
  2. HI everyone. This is my first 9th grader. And suddenly I'm super nervous about how to document, make transcripts, and assign credit to his work. He is college-bound and interested in engineering. I would love feedback or tips or to please point out any obvious gaps. Thank you. Math: Jacob's Geometry + Life of Fred Geometry Science: Hewitt's Conceptual Physics (with Labs and wkbk), + Life of Fred Elem Physics Soc Stud: Runkle's World Geography For Lang: Italian + Rosetta Stone English: finish Growing with Grammar 8, then English I - Intro to Lit, Excellence in Literature PE: he w
  3. Your junior high / high school kids could probably do Prego. I think it's geared at older students, but it moves slowly and has a teacher's edition, and there is a lab portion that you may not need if you stick with Rosetta Stone but it reinforces the chapter work. We used Prego to teach 1st year of Italian at the college I taught at, but it's not complex. Da Capo is the 2nd year level of that series. I also think Barron's Painless Italian is pretty decent for junior high level, but it may be because I'm teaching with it and I already know the language. I don't know how effective it would
  4. clarification: he didn't complete levels 3-8 this year, but rather by the end of this year will have completed 6 years worth of grammar. We started 4 or 5 years ago.
  5. My 7th grader will have completed Growing with Grammar levels 3 - 8 this year. He is good at diagramming and has a strong grasp on language. Still, I don't think he's necessarily ready for a HS level grammar curricula. Although, I don't know? Any recs for grammar after completing GWG? TIA. Darcy
  6. bump. any other ideas? my 6th grade and 8th graders are about on the same level as far as spelling, writing and lit comprehension. my 6th grader is nearly 12 and quite ahead of his grade, and my rising 8th grader is pretty solid on grade with lit and vocab but has no formal writing education yet. TIA!
  7. We did Horizons for math because it's cyclical enough that it will repeat the material again (and again and again and again and... ) which is great for when he had an off day. He is the kid who will fly through material like it's nothing, ace it like a whiz, then the next day stare at the same problems like he has never seen such a thing in his life. We are switching to Singapore this year. Basically, the sheer number of problems in Horizons became an issue. Math was taking either 15 min on a good day or 4 hours on a bad day. It has been very effective as far as progress. He is great at ma
  8. We used Lial's and I guess we liked it because it got the job done. It's thorough, clear, good pace and progression. I don't like fussy curriculum. My husband taught/ monitored this and my son (12 at the time) mostly worked independently.
  9. I recommend Life of Fred for math-hesitant enrichment prior to algebra / pre-algebra. Most boys find it engaging and it's a quick study, really quirky and kind of funny. We used it as a refresher with Singapore prior to pre-algebra. There are about a dozen books or so, but we found them just funny enough that the boys like them, but content-rich enough to be useful. We used Lial's PreAlgebra in 7th and we're using Jacob's Elem Alg in 8th. But I think doing preAlg in 8th and waiting until 9th for Alg may work for your child's age/stage. Back in the day, that's what pubHS did anyway. Re
  10. In my continued research I found: http://www.everyday-education.com/downloadables-pdfs/eil-sample-unit-2013.pdf Does anyone have experience with this, or can rec something else? I like the samples and love some of the titles. Times like these I wish we had a WTM store where we can see all this stuff IRL. ;)
  11. Hi all... I've been a member of these forums for years and seen it through many incarnations as the internet and forums have changed a lot since about 04 or 05 when I started around the old boards. Anyway - I got on a good roll through elem years and haven't been back much as we found what worked for us and kind of coasted happily through those years pretty content with our curriculum choices. Now that we're getting into the 8th grade I'm back for more research. All the abbreviations are new to me again - funny how sub-cults adopt their own language, isn't it?? So many familiar faces a
  12. For mine, the AG was what made the program. We did the recipes esp and my boys love maps. I appreciated the extra reading but we like to go slowly and add in lots of resources around the chapters as well. we used this with the Kingfisher encyclopedia (which I don't believe is avail anymore) but there are other great ency's as well.
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