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  1. Is there an admin who can read this who can tell me why it says you need to be a group member to read / reply to this message? I'm not part of any social groups so I'm not sure why this is. Thank you.
  2. So far our trajectory has been: Lial's Beg. Algebra for Algebra I Jacob's Geometry Lial's Intermediate Algebra for Algebra II Lial's Pre-Calculus What is recommended to do next? Does Pre-Calc cover the trig concepts needed or should Trig be taken with Analytic Geometry prior to Calculus? Larson's Calculus? if this, I see several editions and versions. Lial's Calculus with Applications? (is this rigorous enough for College / ACT prep? ) I am finding so many varying options and I have to account for 1 student who has goals of pre-vet med undergrad, and 1 student who would be happy
  3. Is this really legit? This is their first paragraph, and outside of being awkward I don't really know what that last sentence even means: But I cannot see available classes, or anything else about the programs, staff, or really any information at all. No contact info. No click to learn more. No "sign up here." Just 1 kind of odd initial page. Too good to be true?
  4. Good to know. Thanks for the feedback! He doesn't really need it for his Science credit since he's doing Bio, I thought he'd just like it. I'm using it as my 4th grader's science this year, and making my 15 yo read it to/with him, so I'm counting it as a supp in hopes he gets something out of it, along the way. :)
  5. Math: Lial's Intermediate Algebra + additional practice book Lit & Comp: Excellence in Literature guided books and writing Teaching Literature through Art supp History: K12's The American Odyssey: A History of the United States Great Courses: The History of the United States on DVD ( 84 lectures by 3 college prof) Biology, Holt, Rinehard, Winston (2008 version bc it's so much less expensive!) + study guide/ lab worksheets The Story of Science, Hakim (first book linked, there are 3 texts in complete series) Foreign Lang: Italian Animation & Drawing - online c
  6. We're pairing the DVDs with this text: The American Odyssey: A History of the United States I can't speak from experience yet, since I'm in the planning stages like you. Neither is here yet - ordered, and I'll be matching lectures with Chapters once I have my hands on the TOC and Guidebook. Paired with some research and 3 short papers, as well as some experience with the democratic process (We live in Iowa, it's prepping for an election year, so there are a lot of opportunities to participate in American voting system here) we should have plenty of hours for 1 credit in American History
  7. We're using the same one you will this year (http://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/history-of-the-united-states-2nd-edition.html?pfm=UpsellSlider&pos=2&recloc=pdp) and I'm going to attempt to line up The American Odyssey: A History of the United States with it. That doesn't qualify as a college text, so I'm not sure your daughter can get AP credit for it, but as of right now - we're in a state where you have to DE to do the AP tests, so we're not. DE requires a bit more meddling here, so we're opting out. A choice I hope we won't regret! :)
  8. Thank you so much, those of you who took the time to respond. I know planning is time consuming and high school has a whole different learning curve - so please know I am very grateful for the time you each gave me to respond so thoughtfully. We've decided to use k12's The American Odyssey: A History of the United States as our spine and the Great Courses as a supplement and line up chapters as much as possible. He enjoys historical fiction so I'm hoping to multi-course some of his literature & comp work to be parallel. He's also doing an art / art history course and I'm going to also
  9. If you do match K12's American Odyssey and The Great Courses' History of the US, I would love love love to see how you line them up. I'm strongly considering pairing these for 1 Amer. history credit.
  10. Yes - I'm not sure how to credit these either, although I think I'd like to pair it with a history text. (Ugh it's mid-August and I'm scrambling. Why have I procrastinated??) :)
  11. If any of you have used Great Courses as a high school credit course or even as a supplement, I'd love to hear how you did it. The course I'm considering is The history of the US: http://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/history-of-the-united-states-2nd-edition.html?pfm=UpsellSlider&pos=2&recloc=pdp It has 84 (30min) lectures for a total of 42 hrs. So not enough alone to count as a full credit, but seems meaty enough for a 9th or 10th greater to use as a launch point. How have you used Great Courses to work for you, how do you document it for HS? Thank you for any insig
  12. HI everyone. This is my first 9th grader. And suddenly I'm super nervous about how to document, make transcripts, and assign credit to his work. He is college-bound and interested in engineering. I would love feedback or tips or to please point out any obvious gaps. Thank you. Math: Jacob's Geometry + Life of Fred Geometry Science: Hewitt's Conceptual Physics (with Labs and wkbk), + Life of Fred Elem Physics Soc Stud: Runkle's World Geography For Lang: Italian + Rosetta Stone English: finish Growing with Grammar 8, then English I - Intro to Lit, Excellence in Literature PE: he w
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