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  1. But does the g say /g/ or /j/ ? I assumed /g/ so we pronounce it King-ee.
  2. That is the way I learned to read. It wasn't until I was an adult, researching how I was going to teach my son, that I discovered phonics and retaught myself. I'm SO glad I found phonics. I hate the whole language method. I thought I was dyslexic before I learned phonics.
  3. My Father's World Kindergarten got my son reading in no time but if you don't want to buy that...try this method. Write the vowels one under another and then take a beginning sound (you can use letter magnets) and hold it in front of the first vowel and have her sound it out using the short vowel sound. Then move down to the next vowel using the same beginning sound. Repeat until she has done all of them. Pick a new beginning sound and do it again. After she gets the hang of this, add an end sound. Example. a e i o u ba be bi bo bu bat bet bit bot but
  4. Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading has a wonderful cd that puts the spelling rules to music. The program is very teacher intensive but the cd can obviously be listened to alone. There is a second CD with the grammar rules.
  5. We used Singapore but bought it through My Father's World so that it came with the schedule and never even bought the teacher guide. I don't know how long that would have worked but it worked 1b-2a However, Singapore wasn't quite the right fit so we are using Math Mammoth this year. We really love it. It does not come with a schedule or teacher manual so you decide how many pages to do each day and everything is taught on the page.
  6. We are going through Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading. It is a full LA program. I love it!
  7. We are 7 weeks into Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading level 2. My 7 year old son knows all of the "teams" and has a good grasp of the rules so far. He is very good at spelling words that can be sounded out and use the most common sound. However, he definitely is not remembering the words that use less common sounds or are sight words (true sight words, such as "eye"). He needs LOTS of repetition to memorize anything and even then, he usually forgets if he doesn't continue to use it a lot. Should I add more "study time" to memorize the words? I don't want to use any form of whole word but I'
  8. Nevermind! The seller had another copy and is going to send me the pages. I'm not sure how to delete this post.
  9. Math Mammoth has been a great fit for us this year.
  10. My son (almost 7) reverses a lot. b and d. p, and q. Even b and p sometimes. m and w. He mixes up 2 and 5. He also writes his 7s backward about 50% of the time. He knows what they are and he knows the sound or value so I'm not worried. I don't know many 15 year olds that don't know their b from d. Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading helped a bit because they make sure that you teach how to write the letter correctly. When you write a d you draw the hump first and then the line and with b you draw the line first and the hump after. Usually it helps my son for me to say hump or line first?
  11. I bought an old copy on eBay (2000-2001) and it is missing pages 17-24. Does anyone have the program and could maybe email me those pages? I'm so sad because I really love what I've gone over so far. I can send pictures to whoever to prove that I have the program if you are worried about copyright issues. Thank you!
  12. I hated, HATED reading until I was about 12. It was a battle to get me to pick a book up, much less read it. Then one time my brother was suppose to read The Outsiders and do a book report. He didn't want to and I was a people pleaser so I decided I would read it and tell him what it was about. I read it in less than a day and wrote a book report that he got an A on (ethics aside...). I haven't stopped reading since. It just took finding the book that sparked my interest. My son also hates reading. I am still searching for that book...but it's ok because I know it'll come.
  13. For us, Language arts (we use Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading. includes spelling, phonics, reading, writing, handwriting, grammar, etc) Math (switching to Math Mammoth this next year...was using Singapore) History (My Father's World, it includes Bible) Science (Next year we are using the science included in MFW, the last two years we have just read books, watched documentary, watched Magic School Bus, talked about nature as we explored it) PE (karate, gymnastics, and we take lots of walks, hikes, kayaking, park trips, backyard sports. I am a firm believer in children trying all sp
  14. Are you religious at all? My son hated listening to anything without seeing pictures until he started listening to Adventures in Odyssey. He will sit for hours and listen now. We read the Harry Potter books last year and now we're reading the Hobbit. But I owe it all to AIO because that got him to where he liked listening to stories and not just looking at pictures.
  15. I don't know if I am too late but I'd like to recommend Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading.
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