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  1. I think, on the subject of school, busywork is going to happen, in a classroom setting with 20-30 kids, all at different levels, some of them will be doing busywork at some point. And I talk to my kids about this all the time. I remember writing pages and pages of grammar and math, even though I already knew it. My oldest hates writing and the lessons in FLL are plenty for him. He understands, writes a few sentences, and is done. No more. I would never make him just sit and write sentences if he already knows the concept. That's busywork. On the other hand, my second loves writing. In
  2. I'm leading toward this might be what I need. So thoughts now after a couple weeks: We visited my friend's CC on Monday and I'm pretty much in love. I really think it's what I need to motivate me to teach them better through the week. We already do FLL, WWE, SOTW at home and I'm familiar with the classical model. I love how you can tailor to each kid, and that each kid is doing the same types of things, just on their level. (They were all surprised to know that their science project was the same for all three of them!) It will be more money, and I'll have to be there but it's really not
  3. Wow, you guys have blown me away with your input! Trying to, again, reply as much as I can. :) I DO think we need more field trips! Our one co-op does them once a month but last month it was a trampoline place?!?! and would have been $40 to go there and no educational value so yeah. The other one we were busy. I think I need to pare down MY activities. I'm trying to do too much myself, and then I get annoyed or stressed out when I have to spend time on the kids instead. And I laughed so much about the house cleaning thing. If it got much worse, we might get diseases. lol I
  4. Thanks all! Trying to address questions:        DH is supportive of us looking at different options. He is also supportive of me getting enough time for myself. Other than feeling like I can't send them to public school (which I have issues with as well), he is really open to helping me out and giving me the breaks that I need. He works a normal, 8-5 M-F job which is good but he doesn't really have much flex time during business hours. All that being said, I *still* have the kids all day every day. He can't do anything about that fact.   &
  5. Background: We weighed many choices when my oldest started school and decided on Christian school for him. I prayed about the next year because of the cost of schooling, and I decided I would be able to home school him. He is an EXCELLENT student - intelligent and relatively self-motivated. Fast forward to now. My oldest is in 3rd grade. The past few years have worked well, but ever since January, I have felt pulled and haven't felt the desire to teach like I once did. My biggest qualms with homeschooling are having all four home with me 24/7 (have 3rd, 1st, 3yo, 2yo) and not having e
  6. I might end up starting a new thread on this, but since you mentioned it: I haven't done any WWE with my 3rd grader - just the dictations from FLL and he was doing HWT up until now. What level should I start him on with WWE? I might do the assessment with him and see but I'm thinking maybe level 2. He is in FLL3
  7. My hubby and eye have weird things like this. Like, I was taught to tie my shoes left handed so that's how I do it. Both hubby and I change diapers the "wrong" way - with the baby's head facing the right and butt on the left. When we change the diapers at church, the table is always set up "wrong" - with right handed people in mind. But we are both right handed and do it that way.
  8. My hubby and I are right handed and our two older kids are left handed! My MIL is a leftie and remembers the teacher trying to get her to write with her right hand in school, but I think it was being phased out by then because she never listened. The only thing I've really noticed is our HWT book actually says some words are written differently if you are a leftie - like they have them cross t's from right to left instead of left to right. I'm not sure what else. I do know that it seems like you have to work with them a bit more on handwriting because they tend to want to form things wrong
  9. So I went to buy the next HWT for my Kindergartener who is just about done with her current one and realized, after all this time, that I accidentally bought her the first grade book for Kindergarten!! Ha! I remember that it's VERY similar to the Kindergarten one, so similar that my now second-grader didn't even finish his last year because he didn't really need the review. So my question is, should I go back and get her the K level one, or ....? She definitely still needs work on printing and forming words correctly. Has anyone used the level 2 book? We went from level 1 to level 3 cursive wi
  10. ^^This is hilarious! You are so creative! I don't think my kid would like the music part - he would get too distracted listening to it! I do like a lot of your ideas - like teaching it to the toys and declaring you done after a certain amount of time and you can't finish later. My son HATES not to finish something. He will leave math unfinished, but only if he knows he can finish the rest of the lesson next time. So I wonder what he would do if I threatened him with not finishing it next time. So far, sitting with him is very effective. Plus, we are doing geometry right now and he loves
  11. He started disliking Horizons towards the end of last year so I don't think it's a good fit. I think MM is WAY better with conceptual stuff and he is learning many more ways to do math and I really like that aspect of it. He knows the material, just gets overwhelmed with the amount of work he has to do. I do think crossing out problems would help. I like Math Mammoth and I don't think switching again would really help. BUT I do think that if this went on, he would really grow to hate math. He already says he does. So yes, it's time to intervene. So this morning, I sat down with him and w
  12. Thanks guys! He didn't need me to sit w/ him last year so I guess I just assumed he should be able to do it on his own this time as well. I'm going to try and sit with him and really help him. I do sit with both him and his sister at the beginning but it takes him a lot longer than that to get it done if I'm not focusing on him. I just need to figure out the best use of time for this. Maybe I could have him work on things he can do himself first while I work w/ sister, who really doesn't take long to get her stuff done, then when she is done, work w/ him with Math and whatever else, then come
  13. Ugg.... so ever since the end of last year, tackling math for our then first grader has went steadily downhill. Since he started second grade, it sometimes takes him all day to do his math. This really puts stress on me because I have to constantly redirect him. Some info: I switched from Horizons to Math Mammoth this year thinking maybe a change of pace would help. He KNOWS the material but just doesn't want to do it. I've tried starting early, which works better but still takes him until lunch to get it done. He always wants to get it done first, but I've taken to letting him work on it
  14. So I *think* we've decided to stick w/ Singapore for our math, after using Horizons last year and my son not liking the repetitive-ness of it and looking at a lot of other options like Math Mammoth, Math U See, etc. We bought the workbook and have been going through it but I definitely need the Teacher's Guide and manipulatives to help DS really see what they're doing. The thing is, it's costly. And I'm cheap. And he is the first of four kids. So, are the TG and TB easy to find used since they are reusable? If I can get those for $5-$10 each, that makes the $12.50 textbook easier to stomach.
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