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  1. I pulled hard for a Frances or Mildred or a Liza. We ended up naming my daughter Leila Grace. I would have loved a little Millie Grace or a Liza Grace a Liza Frances. (Double names are popular here in the south.) Husband didn't like the name Liza, Elizabeth might have been ok, but her initials would have been EGG and then I didn't like it. We were arguing over names til my water broke. Mildred was my grandma's name and Leila was my husbands grandmother's name--actually spelled Lela. The other great grandmother's names were Susan and Alvira. Also, I must have gone to church with
  2. Depends on the amount of books. I like my Bell bike basket that I got at a yard sale for $1. Metal, sturdy, and also clips nicely on the bike that was given to me. My 12 year old likes to ride my bike down to the library every week, so it works really well. I also have a 31 tote that fits a lot of books.
  3. The fear of bathing seems to go along with dementia, as well as it being exhausting. I worked in a dementia unit for awhile, and it was really a secure assisted living, and although many were still mobile, they really needed nursing home care. Even in the nursing home, it would often be a fight to get them in the shower. Also, I don't know about the staff in your particular facility, but we were always short staffed, and we always tried to buddy-up for the baths. That may also play into it, if they are trying to get through a list.
  4. Looking at my grocery book: Prior to 2013: tiny kids 3 and 7, $200/month budget, Aldi and a little shopping at Walmart and Sams 2013 to 2015: bigger kiddos, $550ish/month, no Aldi, shopped at Sams, Albertsons, HEB 2015 to now: kids 8 and 12, $300ish/month, Aldi, meat from HEB, occasionally a stop at Walmart Price books will tell you the story--I write things down as I go. Just a couple of items since we purchase everything but meat--I like the beef and pork from HEB, also cheese..I don't like the little bitty packages at Aldi. Whole milk plain or vanilla organic yogurt $2.99 at
  5. I take a candy tax. There have been many discussions over how unfair this is. LOL I say, I gave you life, I paid for your costumes out of my spending money, and am spending my evening walking around neighborhoods when I want to be home reading a book, so hand over the Almond Joys.
  6. This year's offerings: Chocolate coins for the kiddos Bacon Jerky for DH Pringles for all Ice-cream toppings for all--sprinkles, choc. sauce, cherries Chickfila calendars/cards for kiddos Redbox card for hubby We also give the family a couple of games and movies and will spend Christmas evening playing games, watching movies, snacking and eating ice-cream. I'll do special appetizers to go along with the ice-cream and the toppings.
  7. As the mom and wife of extra picky eaters... We follow Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibliity. I am responsible to cook, they are responsible for the actual eating. This takes the emotions out of serving and trying to please. I make sure that every meal has something that they can eat. At home, my son will make himself a sandwich. We've been at friends and NONE of my family ate but me. They had sandwiches when they got home. That doesn't stress me out anymore, but I feel bad for my friends. They try to scurry around and find something, anything for my poor picky pants to eat, like i
  8. We wait for the Duluth Trading sales. A couple of times a year they are about $15 each. Hubby loves!! Hanes were just falling apart and we were buying so many so we switched.
  9. I love the 24-7 bags from https://flipandtumble.com/pages/shop-reusable-shopping-bags. I got one of every color and it just makes me happy to look at them. They hold 35 lbs, and are machine washable. Super compact. All my other free ones were falling apart.
  10. Every place we've lived is different. Currently, in a small TX city: P/u twice a week, up to 4 massive trash cans, no recycling--that got shut down. Less that $25 per month. Downsides: We usually have half a small can full for each pickup. You buy your own can at Walmart or Lowes. Another TX city: shared dumpsters in the alley. P/u twice a week. Downside: wind blows trash around and animals got into the dumpsters. Free with our rent. Did some great dumpster diving. SC small town: P/u once a week. Grouchy city employees. Landlord refused to replace worn out bin. They refused to
  11. I did Mighty Nest for awhile and we loved it. I switched to Grove Collaborative, which runs a little different in that you can get your own items set up that you want for a delivery once a month. Gotta get my fix of Mrs. Meyer's products, and they have exclusives that I wouldn't see in Target. Prices are good and I love getting it delivered to the door.
  12. After spending a crazy amount of time the last few years decluttering, so we could move with my hubby's jobs...my #1 rule is "How hard is it going to be to get rid of it?" and the #2 rule is "How hard is it going to be to transport?" I basically stopped bringing stuff into the house. I never thought I would be interested in minimalism, just decluttering, but it is the most freeing thing I have done. I have more space, more money in the bank and more time, since I don't shop for fun anymore. Its so much easier to clean now, and we can reset to zero in just a few minutes per room. Di
  13. Today...a solar panel assembly tool, Indian pajamas, and an eczema happiness study. I have no clue. There is nothing that I was researching, talking about to my husband, even dreaming about.
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