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  1. I know BJU, and soon Abeka, will have digital textbooks, I am wondering what other digital textbooks are available? Thanks.
  2. I know BJU, and soon Abeka, will have digital textbooks, I am wondering what other digital textbooks are available? Thanks.
  3. We are using BP this year and the companion could be used alone as a spine without adding MOH or SOTW if needed.
  4. Longshot, but does anyone have The Teaching Company's DVDs for The Divine Comedy that I could borrow? Thanks.
  5. I would love to read some of what you did. I remember reading some of your posts in the past and always enjoyed reading how you homeschooled.
  6. Ds 17 and 15 Dante's Inferno Ds 14 Journey to the Center of the Earth All 3 are reading I don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Athiest
  7. If we can't get it working this week I will call them. Thanks again!
  8. think you and thank him for he help. We are still in the set up process though. It has my son reading some scripted text so the program can recognize him. At this point he has to keep reading the script and he is getting frustrated. hopefully we will be able to finish the set up soon and start using the program.
  9. We have the software. I am going to check out the youtube videos. thanks!
  10. I didn't know windows has this option! How do I get there? Could you share how he uses Inspiration? Does that have a speech to text option too?
  11. We are having trouble with this too. Frustrating. I haven't read that book, but I will look for it on Amazon. I feel like it;s time to start implementing more o the tools available or students like him. I don't mind reading for him, but he wants to be more independent.
  12. I don't mean reading programs such ass Barton, AAR etc. but programs you use to help with school such as Dragon Speech to text and so on?
  13. My 14 yo is having trouble getting the dragon program to recognize his speech. He has been reading the sample text until the program has enough to recognize, but he has to keep going. He did 6-7 years of ST and graduated but he has a very nasal, monotone speech when reading and I am not sure if that is the issue. Not sure how to proceed. I think Dragon would really help him move forward in his schooling. Once we can get Dragon working, I am hoping he can dictate his science notes and then have the program read it back to him so he can study. I have no idea if Dragon does this or not?
  14. This thread should be stickied at the top of the page. Thank you so much, Ruth!
  15. I was curious because I was looking at some budgeting tools online and each has listed % for the various categories. We are tweaking our 2014 budget so knowing what % to budget there maters to us. Or rather what % is reasonable helps in deciding.
  16. We are at 24%. I thought that was high but I guess for our family size that is normal. I'd love to cut that down some though.
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