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  1. This.I recently went through a crisis of faith and had to work backwards from what I found to be the most reasonable explanation for things such as creation, moral law and other things that I couldn't explain. . Doing this helped me to find out what I really believed. Once I came to the conclusion that the Biblical account of creation was the most reasonable explanation to me, the rest of Christianity fell into place. . I recommend reading Mere Christianity.
  2. We have 10 kids and have always had just 2 bathrooms.
  3. Thanks. No such luck here though LOL
  4. When I try to post to the classifieds I keep getting logged out an a message that I need to log in to post. I log in and it logs me back out/same message. This is so frustrating!
  5. Weird. I had to do it twice, both to reply to the same person. But yeah, probably due to spam.
  6. If this a new thing? I have sent and received plenty of PMs but now I need to enter a capture code to send PM?
  7. Thanks! I'm curious, does she recommend how often she visited the library? I only seem to get there every 3 weeks...
  8. I don't have my WTM, but I remember a list of books SWB recommends children take out from the library at each visit. Anyone have this list? Thanks!
  9. We went from TOG to Biblioplan. I really like BP but we are doing SL one year US History this year instead of BP. I am thinking of History Revealed after that or back to BP.
  10. Bible/devotions all together DS 11th/12th Saxon Advanced Math(Finish fall) Calculus I at Com College in the Spring Comp I and II at Com College (fall/spring) Apologia Physics History US I & II clep US Government clep Microeconomics clep SOS Spanish II DS 8th TT Algebra I Apologia Physical Science Notgrass American The Beautiful Assorted Literature books LLTL 5 Barton's Reading and Spelling Getting Started With Latin DD 6th Saxon 6/5 Science in the Beginning Notgrass America The Beautiful Assorted Literature books LLTL 5 LOE Advanced Lists Getting Started With Latin DS 4th Saxon 3 Science in the Beginning Notgrass America The Beautiful Assorted Literature books LLTL 2 Barton's Reading and Spelling Getting Started With Latin
  11. I wondered! I had searched HR and remembered you have given it a positive review! Glad you still like it!
  12. Teaching Textbooks 6 Learning Language Through Lit 5 Logic of English Advanced Lists/Prepared dictation Literature-assorted Science in the Beginning America From the Beginning Getting Started with Latin
  13. Do you have a link to the audio for All American History? I tried searching but couldn't find it. Thanks!
  14. Could you please explain what you didn't like about History Revealed? I am considering this for fall. Thanks!
  15. Another open and go OG based program is Reading Lessons Through Literature: http://barefootmeandering.com/rltl.html
  16. Rosetta Stone TOG...I love TOG, it just isn't a good fit for my family. I bought it, sold it, bought it, sold it. Bought it again and actually used it for a few years. Sold it. And just this week was looking at it again. Slap me.
  17. I did look through the samples a bit. I's wondering if the younger two used it as is and I could beef it up for the 9th grader? I guess I'd need to see it in person first.
  18. http://www.answersingenesis.org/store/product/america-beginning/?sku=40-1-403 Has anyone used this program? I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am wondering if this would be appropriate for 9th grade?
  19. I have level 2 for my 9 year old to use next year. I hope the other levels come out in time too!
  20. Yes and no LOL. We are using level 5 now but won't finish by the end of this school year, so we will finish it in 8h. If level 6 isn't finished by then, I am not sure what we will do. I am loving LLTL!
  21. Math: TT Pre-Algebra Science: Apologia Physical Science History: SL D&E LA: Learning Language Through Literature Barton's Reading & Spelling
  22. Thank you all for the great links! But I still don't think any of these are the one I had in mind. I seriously think I imagined it! :laugh:
  23. We will graduate our 6th child from our homeschool this year. Currently 3 are college students. I agree with the poster who said consistency and appropriate workloads. I also feel it's important to teach study skills. Not all students know how to study effectively. We start college classes during high school to give the kids a feel for a college classroom and to tackle the courses beyond my ability to teach.
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