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  1. I placed our very first homeschool book order a couple of days ago, and dd started jumping on the bed when I told her. This will be our first year, and we are both very excited! I think the thing we are looking forward to most is getting to spend so much time together and learn new things together. We're waiting to start until after Labor Day, though, when the little guy starts his church preschool program!
  2. Haven't tried it yet, but we're looking at God's Great Covenant by Classical Academic Press. So far, I'm impressed.
  3. I think that's where I am now. I get the big picture -- which is really important. And I like the potential it has long-term. It was when I started trying to go from big picture to actual, day in and day out implementation that I got overwhelmed. But you all are being a great help with that. Haha! I know, I was just teasing. I was surprised someone I've never met could nail me so well. I think you and I could be great friends. :) I could absolutely see myself looking back in 3 or 4 years and saying the same things you're saying. I know enough about writing that I think I could teach d
  4. Thank you! Those are some excellent things to keep in mind. We are fortunate to have a very good co-op in our area. I take the kids to the Y with me three mornings a week, and I will continue to do that (I am borderline diabetic, so my exercise time is crucial). DD swims with me, so the break/physical activity will be good for her too. Yes, you caught me... I'm definitely a Little Red Hen type ("I'll do it myself")! :) I hadn't planned on WWE because someone gave us a set of R&S grammar books, which should cover us in terms of composition practice. But it might be worth the invest
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. I love the idea of learning Latin, but we are so not ready to go there yet! But I know my problem (and dd's too) will be to try to do too much. Baby steps...
  6. That's also helpful, thanks! I think she will be able to work independently on a lot of things (as I said, she is advanced in reading/writing -- part of the reason we are homeschooling -- although average or even slightly behind in math). But I just don't know for sure. I do also have a 2yo boy who will require (read: demand!) a lot of attention during school time. I am hoping we can do the bulk of our "together" work during naps and while he is at preschool two mornings per week. When I made out my initial schedule based on the time frames in WTM (I know she says nobody uses them, but I had t
  7. That helps a lot. I'm not sure how long it will take her to accomplish different tasks, so I'm sure our schedule will be in flux for awhile. But having an overall schedule and goals for the year will make it easier to stay on track. I am trying to strike a balance between being over- and under-scheduled. I can't believe all the responses and advice -- you are a very supportive community! Thank you all!
  8. I haven't even begun homeschooling yet, but this is all so helpful for getting started. Thank you all for sharing!!! I had to come to terms with meal planning awhile back, and I created a six-week rotating meal plan. Each week has 5 dinners and includes not only a list of ingredients, but also complete directions for making the meal (even if it's just "steam veggies in the microwave for 5 minutes"). That way, if dd is helping out, or if I just have no energy left to think, all I have to do is follow the instructions. Each week also has a coordinating shopping list with every ingredient nee
  9. Thank you all, I am feeling a little better now. :) I will definitely check out the lectures. They sound like they would be very helpful. And I'll see if I can possibly get my hands on the first edition of WTM for more curriculum ideas. I like TOG, and the idea of a preplanned schedule is appealing. It also seems to line up nicely with the broader themes of WTM. But, I think I would like more control over the literature selections (dd reads/writes well above grade level). Also, cost is a factor, and while many of the suggested texts in WTM are available in our (small) public library, n
  10. Please bear with me; I am completely new to all this... Hubby and I are 90% sure we will homeschool our daughter (just turned 8, going into 3rd grade in PS) starting this fall. I am very drawn to the concept of classical education laid out in WTM. I love that it is academically rigorous, emphasizes reading (I was an English/history major), and provides a good amount of structure, but with some flexibility (anything remotely resembling unschooling is definitely not our style). However, I am a little insecure about my ability to handle the day-to-day planning that will be involved. I have fr
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