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  1. I don't know but I'm following. I need to pick up a couple things and I didn't realize they had a spring sale!
  2. Good idea! Spanish--I didn't end up outsourcing Spanish and I regret it. We tried Galore Park's and, while it was really good, I'm just not good at teaching her Spanish. I signed her up to take 1A with The Potter's School next year. Grammar--We didn't do much at all, as much as I hate to admit that. She's working through Khan Academy's grammar and that's about all we've done in a concentrated manner. Math--We did stick with Lial's Algebra & outsourced it to Jann in TX's class. FANTASTIC choice! As much as I think I could have done it, I think she got SO much more out of the class by having Jann teach her. History--SOTW + add'l American history is what we did do. Science--We've done physics all year using CPO & Mr. Q as our spines. Writing--We continued with Writing & Rhetoric but next year I really am going to look into a BW class or two. Spelling--We used Megawords 4 & 5 and it was a GREAT fit for her. She's enjoyed it.
  3. She's 12. She decodes pretty well and fluency is there but her reading is a bit below grade level. She's progressed a LOT in the last year. She's getting help through Lexercise (no dyslexia diagnosis but some mild markers). We do some audiobooks for her reading but not all of them. She listens to them frequently outside of school. She'll start her fifth literature book this year and one of those was an audiobook. I'm open to doing more that way. (Sorry for leaving out some important details the first time!) .
  4. My daughter doesn't love reading and can be pretty resistant to it. She's a pretty slow reader. I'm having a tough time with how much reading she should be doing. If I'm choosing quality literature with her and doing analysis and such, how many books a semester would be "good"?
  5. Man, oh, man. Tears streaming down my face reading this. I've spent all evening reading more about homeschooling high school and feeling overwhelmed. And so sad. My daughter is finishing up 7th grade and the high school threads have left me feeling unsure. Then this thread. It was just what I needed! So I'm going to bump for others, like myself, who are seeing high school coming at them full speed ahead.
  6. My daughter has been enjoying Simply Charlotte Mason's A Visit to...series. It uses Material World & Hungry Planet and combines map work with questions & reading from the book.
  7. We use Maps, Charts & Graphs for that part of geography. It's a workbook & straight-forward. My oldest really likes it and my middle one is fine with it though he doesn't love it.
  8. My daughter is 12 and an unmotivated reader. We build reading time into her school day and we discuss the book but I don't give any assignments, per say. At the beginning of the year, I create a list of books for her to choose from for the year and then add in 1-2 books for history and/or science. She just reads at her own pace, picking up the next book of her choice when she's finished with one.
  9. Math has always been a strong subject for my daughter. We did SM & MM in elementary, Lial's pre-A last year and this year she is doing Lial's Alg with Jann in TX's class. She's doing well but, as I watched her struggle through the last unit, I began to reevaluate my plans for her next year. Primarily, I'm concerned that she isn't quite mentally mature enough to handle geometry if she hits parts that require a lot of extra work to understand. So I'm wondering if it would be better, particularly long-term, if we spent an extra year doing algebra but with a program that takes a different approach or teaching to it. In particular, I was considering AoPS but I'd be open to others as well. I also thought about doing a mish-mash of mostly algebra with another program but also adding in some geometry. Before last spring, I didn't envision her going into a science career. I pushed math because she enjoyed it but didn't expect her to need calc-level math (and above) for a career. But last spring she started talking about meteorology and then this year started talking about physics. So I'm a bit overwhelmed with figuring it all out now! I may not even be making my thoughts clear. ETA: I also wonder if my worries are more projectional--I had a HARD time with geometry, really hard. I loved math and loved algebra & trig...but geometry didn't go well. So my worries may be more worries than actual reasons to not move to geometry next year.
  10. I forgot to add a cursive book to my Rainbow Resource order last week and I was really hoping to start this week with my 9yo. I have looked at Joy of Handwriting Cursive and saw some on TpT. But I was hoping to get some recommendations.
  11. ReadTheory provides Lexile scores after your child reads a passage & takes a test. A few passages are needed to get a good average, though.
  12. I'm looking for a something to help me focus on better paragraph writing with my daughter. She's 12 but her writing is below grade-level. It's only been in the last year or so that she could be given a topic and then write a paragraph or two on it without the entire thing resulting in tears. It's still not easy for her. Now that she can, I really want to focus on improving that skill but I don't know where to start. My goal by the end of the school year is to get her to do a 5-paragraph essay with assistance and a 3-paragraph piece without assistance. I'm not looking for a full writing program, just something that would focus on paragraph writing skills. We use W&R as our main program, along with Writing Strands. I credit both Writing Strands's approach to getting her to be willing & able to put thoughts down and W&R has definitely improved her quality.
  13. Religion isn't brought into the texts but, as Laura said, she is a proponent of ID. There are parts were pre & 1 mesh but not in all areas, so they can't really be done simultaneously. We used Pre when my kids were 5 & 8 and it was plenty easy for them. We ended up finishing all four books/topics that school year. I liked that it got done. Their explanations were good & stuck with my kids. But when I looked at the level 1, I didn't like it as much. I also felt like it was pretty expensive for what I got, considering the books weren't full-semester books for us. Combined with then learning about the author's stances, we opted not to continue with it.
  14. That's pretty similar to how I plan or, at least, how I used to plan. As the years have gone on, I've needed to firm it up a bit, mostly to reduce the stress on myself. But not by much. For history, for example, I made simple sheet with 36 boxes in it. At the beginning of the year, I sketched out what chapter in SOTW we'd (roughly) be on each week, allowing for some empty weeks to catch-up/veer off course. But that is all that is on there...the details come later. I do something similar with science.
  15. Its in the FB group. Direct link to the post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LandryAcademy/permalink/1275192155852768/
  16. Wow. :( I'm sorry to all of you that have a lot of money tied up! I hope they are able to return at least some of it. I really feel for all involved. I'm sure the Landrys are trying to sort out their next steps but I hope they take the time to make contact with whatever info they have right now.
  17. Yikes. I'm guessing they took it down b/c of all the comments flooding in and/or so they can focus on other areas. But that sure isn't reassuring to the parents who they will need to support them if they're able to sort it out!
  18. Thanks for the suggestions! I looked at Analytical Grammar and, as much as I like it, I don't think it would be a good fit for her. It may be for my second, so I'm going to save the idea for him. We looked over the suggestions and she choose Fix-It. She likes the very get-it-done nature of it.
  19. We only have a few generic semesters, so I don't have a lot invested in how this turns out. The lack of communication & the e-mail that, to me, came off very all about them, though, has soured me a bit. This morning I hopped on their page to see if there was anything this spring we could use credits on and saw that they are still selling generic credits. I understand they may need that for cash-flow purposes and that taking them off may cause more panic. But it bothers me that they are selling them (plus everything else) when they are under such financial strain, particularly when many people may not have any idea the situation. I do hope it turns out well. I was looking forward to using them next year and we've been eyeing a couple of their camps.
  20. I feel 'ya. We're on our sixth state during our HS journey and it's only getting harder as the kids get older. I hope you are able to find something quickly!
  21. This is one I keep coming back to. Have you looked at the placement tests? I'm wondering if they are pretty accurate. That looks interesting, too. Did you continue on to the Stay Smart program?
  22. I have looked for reviews on these but I haven't found much. Has anyone used them? My daughter would be at the upper age end of the class for next year (books 5 & 6) but a struggling writer. She's enjoyed the books well enough but I'm wondering if the online class really adds much to it. The sample class is for year 1 (she'd be in year 3), so it doesn't give me much help.
  23. This fall, we focused more heavily on writing & reading, opting to do grammar just as a one-semester course this year. But now we're nearly ready to start and I still haven't chosen anything! We used Growing with Grammar in upper elementary years. She liked it well enough, it got done but I didn't feel like she retained much nor carried it over to writing. I need something that is very get-it-done w/o a lot of parental teaching needed. She likes workbooks. (FWIW, for writing, she's primarily using Writing & Rhetoric with an occasional Writing Strands project thrown in. Both of them are something she enjoys though the amount of reading in W&R can really bog her down.) I'm not opposed to sticking with GwG for now. I've looked at several middle-school grammar programs and I'm having a hard time really finding something I love.
  24. My daughter turned 12 this fall. She gets Discovery Girls already. For Christmas, I got her 3 magazines to choose from for a subscription--Priority Girl, Curious Jane (Create Jane?) and Girls World. The first two are a bit more serious & topical, the last one is pretty fluff.
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