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  1. I sent my 14 year old to high school last September. He was very difficult and schooling him was very draining. It didn't help that he is 6'2" and taller than my 5'11". And yes he learnt phonics on the trampoline and kindergarten was done in 15 minutes intervals throughout the day sometimes with him upside down on the table or jumping on the trampoline. He is thriving in high school.
  2. Bandusiatutorials.com - literature and writing classes $550 a year engaginged.com - literature, grammar and a web design class $200 a semester
  3. Our tree is up until at least the 6th of Jan, sometimes even later. That is what we have always done. At home, the whole season is full of parties and outings. Today is Boxing Day and there is usually a lot of outings to different beaches.
  4. He destroys the room. He jumps from dressers, beds. I have given up and he just hangs out with us , sometimes he watches tv while my twins are doing Biology. He is fast asleep by 7pm though.
  5. My dh and the 4 older kids got it this year for the first time. I didn't and my 3 year old didn't either. The reason they got it: my 12th grader is at the CC most of the day and I have a 9th grader in PS for the first time.
  6. Nothing. The kids do what they want to do- usually sleep late , eat all day , watch TV and play video games.
  7. No, I don't. I don't want to know. Between CC and online classes, I really do not want to know.
  8. My 12 year old twins were not interested in letters and numbers at 3 or 4. I just kept reading to them , playing games and they were reading by age 5. I wouldn't worry too much.
  9. My twins want 1 of these for Christmas. Does anyone know which is best( The White House, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Empire State Building or one of the other ones.. Also , they are asking for puzzles. Does anyone have a favorite for that age group?
  10. My boys wear jeans and tees to church and everywhere else. I insist that they are decent looking though and will make them change clothes if they look scruffy.
  11. I don't drink coffee. I have never had cappachino, latte, expresso or any of that stuff. I don't know who Paul Walker is. Dh told me. Never heard of Fast and Furious movie. I have never watched any of the daytime soap operas in my life. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit bore me. Have never watched an yof the recent Star Wars movies. I have never eaten apple pies, pumpkin pies or any of those pies with fruits or vegetables in them. I like meat pies. I hate cheese cake,. I don't do Facebook and I have no idea what Pintrest is. I am the only one in my household without a smart phone(well the 3 year old also). I still have a prepaid Tracfone because I don't really call anyone.
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