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  1. My son's school has classes through Wed. Most students do attend, because they have strict attendance policies (6 absences, excused or not, and you are withdrawn) and an integrated program (which means you can't fail any classes unless you want to make up an entire year, there are no ala carte classes). He does not come home, because it's just too far (opposite coasts) and not worth it. Last year he came home for Easter for a week (I had the airline miles to spare) and he said that wasn't really worth it, either, because you spend 2 full days traveling. So he will only come home for Christmas break.
  2. I think it depends on his major. He should talk to someone in the math dept and ask them how students who have scored like that on the AP exam have traditionally done in the next level of calculus (whatever that would be for him, depending on what credit the school will award). One good reason to re-take at the beginning is that it will make calc into a relatively easy class vs a challenging class as soon as he gets to school.
  3. My kids always shared. They could have had their own room, but we chose to use the 3rd bedroom for an office and exercise room instead.
  4. I didn't have specific requirements, but my kids have always known that I won't pay for things that don't make sense to me. Which means that it would be less about the specific school and degree, than on how the kid pitches it to me. Art degree for an aimless kid who likes to paint and doesn't have a life plan? No. Art degree for a kid who wants to draw story boards for movie productions and such, and has a plan for how to parlay that degree into an industry job? Yes. And I won't pay for anything immoral, or subsidize an immoral lifestyle.
  5. There's no reason she can't live at home and continue sharing a room with her sibling. It won't kill her. My son does go away to college, but in the summer he shares (as he did before) a room with his 12 year younger sibling. He's getting to live for free in a home he did not purchase. Beggars can't be choosers.
  6. I detest laminate flooring (and I do have some), so I would be saving all of my pennies to replace that, because my fridge needs are pretty simple (I actually got rid of the fridge our house came with because it had a water/ice line, to me that is just something else to break). BUT, if you are greatly troubled by the fridge, then sell the one you have (fix it first, it's easy enough), and use that as partial payment towards one you want.
  7. It's got nothing to do with hygiene. The greatest source of bed bugs is new clothes and shoes shipped in from 3rd world countries.
  8. He did the right thing. I wouldn't have tried to save it, even it if it was stitched with gold thread.
  9. If the furniture was in a home, and especially a bed room, with a bed bug infestation then it could have bed bugs - even if it's wood, metal, or some other hard surface. Bed bugs hide in the cracks and crevices of hard furniture. If you want to buy that stuff you can kill the bed bugs by keeping the furniture below 20deg for several days (ie in the shed in the dead of winter), or above 110deg for several days (might be able to accomplish that by putting it in black plastic in direct sun in July). ETA: you might also be able to disassemble the furniture and clean out all it's cracks and crevices, which would also do the trick
  10. This is what we have, and I love it. It does take a willingness to better understand your insurance than other policies, but it's a great value, and the lump sums each year really can accumulate if you don't have many issues. Interestingly, my dh said that we are the only family in his company that uses the HSA option, according to his HR person. Apparently many people feel it's too complicated.
  11. Shred it and bury it in something saucy, like enchilada sauce, next to black beans, rice, and cheese, rolled up in a flour tortilla.
  12. No, especially not after the way they treated him to begin with. He can just say, "I'm sorry to do this, but I got this offer, and it's so much greater than what you are giving it to me that I can't afford to turn it down." He could try to negotiate with the small company to match or exceed the offer, but I would probably just beat a hasty path away from them, because they would already be tainted in my eyes. ETA: it's not rotten because it would be a big step up (in terms of pay, if nothing else). It's not like he's making a lateral move to another company for essentially the same job situation. That would make him flightly. But this isn't flighty, it's making a reasonable move up. It's not reasonable for any company to expect someone to stay when they are offered a large advancement.
  13. I completely agree with you. And I would strongly discourage him from taking the job he already said yes to, whether Sabre makes him an offer or not. They have already been highly deceitful and that is when they were desperate to get someone in the position. Like an abusive boyfriend, they aren't going to get better after the wedding.
  14. No, but I have two blue eyed children even though neither parent has blue eyes.
  15. Sometimes these things "work out" and you the kid becomes very successful http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/05/01/a-teen-and-his-teacher-emmanuel-macrons-unusual-marriage/
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