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  1. Ethnicity? No. Membership and activism for a group such as La Raza? Yes, depending on the case. In the case I assume you are referring to, it is unclear if there is a conflict of interest. La Raza is a very progressive pro-illegal immigration group, and the judge in question has been very involved with some of their work.
  2. When my husband was in graduate school for ChemE 12 years ago, he had a classmate from China, and he and his wife were also our neighbors in married student housing. He was getting his PhD. When they first arrived they were terribly home sick and couldn't wait to get back. After two years, they were desperate to find a way to stay. They had had a baby, and it had given them the desire to stay in the U.S. and have more. At least that's what they told us. Forced abortions happen everyday in China, right up to 40 weeks. I don't care how "pragmatic" the thinking behind the one child policy is, coercing a woman into a partial birth abortion is barbaric.
  3. I've been thinking about the weirdness of the Mary/Mabel/Tony/Charles situation. It seems like they are going for a Noel Coward type situation, which would usually be fun. But because of the melodramatic tone of the show overall and the seriousness of the other plot lines, it just isn't working. Which is too bad, it could have been a breath of fresh air.
  4. I burned very easily when I lived in the South as well. My MIL once took my children to the beach in Florida, and I warned her to reapply their sun block several times during the day to avoid burns. She didn't, of course, and they came back burnt to a crisp, she didn't take me serious because in the far north where she lives you don't burn as easily. I was pretty irate. Wear sun hats, cover up with clothing, and make sure not to spend more than 15 minutes in the sun without taking a break in the shade. Bring water wherever you go. And tint the car windows. When I was pregnant in the South, I stuck to the shade or stayed inside :). We had a very shady yard, over 30 trees, and all the parks had shade trees as well. We brought shade umbrellas to soccer games, the beach, etc. I had a baby in the Deep South in the middle of July, honestly I spent the last month trying not to leave the house :).
  5. I assumed she was 14-16 in the first season, and 12 years have gone by. She must be at least 24-26.
  6. It also seems like political posturing to me as well, but I was surprised the military have to go through it after NJ and NY recieved so much pushback. It seems the folks in CT are quarantined in their homes, so that would be a difference between that situation and the one in NJ. It is tough. I don't want mandatory quarantines for everyone, but the doctor who was supposedly self quarantined but went bowling had started to feel lethargic a few days before the bowling. This is a lack of common sense, and it's coming from a doctor, it's reason to give anyone pause.
  7. U.S. soldiers who are returning from Liberia are first being quarantined in Italy. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ebola-outbreak-u-s-soldiers-returning-from-liberia-placed-in-isolation-in-italy/ I just would like some consistency. It seems no one cares about the people quarantined in CT, but NJ is being called out for one nurse. I didn't like the way the quarantine in NJ was handled either, but I still think that in certain cases quarantines are necessary. Is it the concept of mandatory quarantines in general that people don't like, or do people support them if they are handled in a humane way?
  8. I thought she would come up with a scheme to take the child to America, after all she has family there. Fleeing haphazardly to a hotel does seem foolish. But her family was a bit insensitive, they seem more worried about the dog than Edith. But the Dowager does truly care about her and is worried, she will find her before long I hope and help her come up with a more permanent situation.
  9. I just read that IL and CT also have mandatory quarantines, "On Saturday, in a sign of growing concern about the virus, Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois, the home of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, began a quarantine program similar to the one in place in New York and New Jersey. Connecticut, which enacted a similar policy on Oct. 7, has quarantined nine people who have so far showed no symptoms." http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/10/26/nyregion/nurse-in-newark-tests-negative-for-ebola.html?_r=1
  10. The mandatory quarantine orders in NJ and NY are getting pushback from the White House: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/10/27/nyregion/ebola-quarantine.html?_r=0&referrer=
  11. It is mandatory in NJ now as well. Here is an account of how it is being handled by a quarantined nurse in NJ. Her complaints about the TSA are pretty common experiences for many frequent travelers. My husband travels for business quite often, and he has been treated with this level of incompetence just trying to get out of Atlanta. http://www.dallasnews.com/ebola/headlines/20141025-uta-grad-isolated-at-new-jersey-hospital-as-part-of-ebola-quarantine.ece
  12. None of this sounds worse than exposing people to Ebola. And a doctor should be willing to give up bowling for 21 days. Just saying. My son was a preemie born during RSV season, I know a thing or two about self quarantining. It is a small sacrifice compared to exposing someone to life threatening illness. Health care workers of all people should understand this. Quarantines used to be pretty common place before air travel. I don't understand why these people can't just do it.
  13. We were on Medicaid for several years. We ended up having to pay out of pocket for some needed dental work when there were no dentists in the area taking new Medicaid patients. These Dentists were happy to work out payment plans we could afford, and would reduce their rates for children. If my child had a cavity, it was taken care of regardless of what sacrifices we had to make. Access to care is there for anyone, you just have to figure out how to pay for it. That case made me so angry, my sons cavity only cost a little over $100 to fill, and they wrote most of it off for me. I realize there are higher cost of living areas, but dentists do charitable work all the time for kids. This poor kid was neglected, by everyone, his parents and the system. He could have had the care he needed. BTW, my church has a charitable fund that is available for situations like the one in the article. They will help pay medical bills and pay for treatments and other urgent care or emergency care that is needed and also assist with secondary bills or loss of income that arises from medical issues. Assistance is out there, I wish more people were aware of it.
  14. He took a subway ride an then an Uber ride to go to and from Brooklyn for the sole purpose of going bowling at a trendy bowling alley. God bless him for his service in Africa, I hope he recovers, but this doctor is a jackass.
  15. I agree about different roles, and staying out of the way. I'm referring more to interpersonal problems. It seems when there is a crisis having to do with the family, like Edith is having right now, their instinct is to keep Cora out of the loop. Part of me thinks it is because Cora would have wanted to find a way to have her grandchild living at the Abbey, and her English relatives didn't want to take a risk like that. But I think Cora is quite good in a crisis. It is also true that Cora doesn't want to be involved in every personal crisis, she is certainly quite different in personality than the Dowager.
  16. I agree, I didn't mean the character was clueless, I meant that she is often treated as clueless by her husband, her MIL and sometimes even Mary. I think she has developed very thick skin and incredible patience to deal with it, and for her it has always been worth it because she loves her family. But they had better start showing her some appreciation :). One of my favorite scenes of the whole series is when she walks in on the Nanny abusing little Sybie, and dismisses her right then and there. It showed how sharp she is, and how fiercely protective and forceful she can be. She is no shrinking violet when push comes to shove.
  17. And every reader has a link to a page listing all the readings they've done, and you can filter them by "solo" to find the books they read alone. I do this whenever I find a reader I like and download any books that seem interesting or that I know we'll love.
  18. I think that is why I don't like Shirley MacLaine on Downton, her bad plastic surgery does not work in period pieces :).
  19. I don't know, she's been treated like a "clueless American" probably her entire time there. I think she tunes out her in laws for the sake of her sanity. You saw this when Sybil died, all the things it appeared she had been oblivious too she was actually just bearing patiently, and with Sybil's death she had had enough. Of course the Dowager was able to smooth it over, but I think part of that was Cora deciding that it was easier to make peace and let go of her anger, so she did. But it seems that she is going to come to the end of her patience with Robert again soon. Perhaps she will accompany Branson and Sybie to America to help them settle in.
  20. Adrian Praetzellis Mark F. Smith Karen Savage Elizabeth Klett Bob Neufeld Kara Shallenberg Lee Ann Howlett
  21. My son was being belittled and picked on by a girl at school last year. He got into trouble one day because he lost his temper and started yelling at her to leave him alone, and a yelling match ensued. I instructed him to control his temper of course, but I also told him not to put up with disrespect. I knew from what she had been saying that she simply doesn't like my son and finds his personality to be annoying, and is also too mean not to say something rude. So my strategy was to teach him how to calmly and respectfully stick up for himself. I told him the next time she starts saying rude things that he should politely and calmly ask her why she is being so rude. If she reacts that she doesn't like him or that she thinks he is annoying, or some other insult, I told him to calmly say "There will always be people you aren't going to like, if you don't like me that's fine. But you need to be polite to me. If you can't, then just leave me alone." This situation did come up again and he took my advice. The girl in question was taken aback at his directness and she did actually apologize, saying she would try to be nicer and just ignore him if she had too. School has been much more pleasant for him ever since. I'm not saying being direct will work for everyone, but it's worth a try.
  22. I prefer blogs about the nitty gritty, day to day aspects of homeschooling. I like bloggers who post about what works for them knowing that it won't work for everyone but might work for some. I also lack support IRL, so blogs and forums fill that role.
  23. But the outcry from the public has been due to what were inadequate medical protocols. It seems someone with at least some knowledge of infectious disease outbreaks would help calm the public's unease.
  24. I've had it 3 times. I think it depends on your age and overall health. When I was younger I was back to my old self in 2 weeks. With my last bout it took me about a month to feel like I was back to normal, that was with anti-biotics and an inhaler. I hope you have a speedy recovery!
  25. This is what I remember reading in the 1990's about Ebola, that the more cases occur the more mutations can occur, which is why it is so important to isolate outbreaks and stop them in their tracks. I'm not panicked over Ebola, I'm just flabbergasted over the incompetent response, and honestly citizens complaining is what gets these bureaucrats to react. I think it's our civic duty to scrutinize all of our public agencies and speak up if we see incompetence. I'm not anti-government, I have family who work for the NIH, the DoD, and local governments as well. But they work for us, and we need to let them know when we think they are dropping the ball. It does cause them to make improvements. Containment seems like the common sense way to handle this, and so of course I think we should be sending more aid to West Africa.
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