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  1. I was wondering that also. If the ingredients label is required to be more specific here, that would account for *some* of the differences.
  2. Stupid, stupid question here... My dds both wear exactly the same size clothes, including the same length pants, and they are the same height/weight. Can I get one bike that would work for both of them?
  3. I think you should do whatever it takes not to have that bitterness. :grouphug: You are not obligated to allow people in your home, unless you have a religious base that encourages hospitality. With that said, I don't have a guest room, and we manage to have guests and enjoy doing so. I have the kids all camp out in one bedroom, and I give the guests the other room. When the weather allows, I let the kids put up tents in the backyard, or sleep under the stars. Obviously that won't work for all situations, and you may not be able to do it. Bottom line, if you don't want to, then don't
  4. I'm taking notes, since I also struggle with grocery budgeting. So many good ideas here, we should collaboratively write a book! This may not be something that other people find encouraging, but I sometimes consider this when I'm in the store choking about the prices: http://wsm.wsu.edu/researcher/WSMaug11_billions.pdf http://www.numbeo.com/food-prices/ It doesn't make things cost any less, but it makes me feel strangely better to know that as difficult as it is to fit groceries into my budget, food here is actually less expensive than pretty much anywhere else in the world.
  5. We have weight issues. My dds (teenagers) have mentioned that they'd like bicycles, but in past years the Walmart cheapie bikes haven't lasted well. The terrain where we live is dirt/gravel/rocks, so do they need a mountain bike? Where should I look, and how much do I need to spend? Money is tight, but not impossible, and I'd like to make this a priority.
  6. Unless you are a happy breakfast-skipper, I don't think Personal Trainer Foods will work for you as a diet. I think every breakfast includes eggs, unless you have some other low-carb breakfast alternative that you could pull together on your own.
  7. I dunno about it being no dairy. Some of the breakfast things have cheese.
  8. Yeah, sorry about that! I was on my phone with it's teeny screen, and for some reason it wouldn't let me complete my post.
  9. I was unimpressed with the appearance of the brisket, but it was *so good*. Yum. And yeah, I really like the garlic butter sauce stuff for the veggies. Speaking of the veggies, I am impressed that the mixed veggies that have broccoli in them have some stem pieces, but they're tender and not tough. Yum to the veggies too. I'm not a big fan of the Garlic Herb Chicken. It's good, just not to my personal taste.
  10. The Personal Trainer foods have tasted better than the convenience foods I've bought from Costco, and they are easier to cook because they are packaged in their own little steamer bags. 90 seconds in the micro and it's done. No dried out edges on the chicken, no not-quite-done middles. No covering things so they won't splatter, etc.
  11. Well, let's see...my dh would probably be willing to eat the food, if he didn't see it come out of the freezer (he's used to me cooking from scratch with very little convenience foods). My dh is a BIG guy though, 6'5" and 250 lbs. He would definitely be hungry if he were trying to replace a Big Mac, fries, & a Coke with one of these meals. He'd have to eat two, I think, but he's used to eating a lot of food in a meal, and only two meals per day. Obviously, ymmv!
  12. I received my food two days ago, and I'm trying to decide to what extent I want to follow the plan. I'm not sure it's realistic for me to eat differently than the rest of my family at dinnertime. Honestly, even if I just do the frozen meals at breakfast and lunch I'll probably come out ahead of where I've been in my eating habits lately. One thing I can say is that I've really liked the food so far, and the only problem with it is that I like it so much I could easily overeat on the Personal Trainer Food. That's really very different than other diet meals, which I have tried and then thought a
  13. I am so surprised! Usually with posts like this I end up being one of the most conservative, but this one--no. I think protectiveness is fine, but this is not protectiveness. Being careful would mean teaching a nearly-adult to be protective *of herself*. She needs to understand how to deal with these things on her own, not because it's wrong for you to do it, but because it's a necessary life skill. Brainstorm the options with her, and give her the skills she needs to carry her through when you're not around. If she needs a course in self-defense, make sure she gets it. If she needs pepper s
  14. I'd mentally picture 8 plates, and then I'd try to imagine whether the food I had there would be enough to roughly fill the plates. If not, I'd bring something more, probably something filling, but cheap.
  15. Well, I guess I failed to subscribe to my own thread, and I didn't realize there had been more responses! I'm glad I took a peek at the board today. I bought the deal thing, but I haven't ordered my food yet because my feezer is too full. For me, I cook a lot professionally, and I cook a lot of food for my family that I'd prefer not to eat. I just can't, at the end of the day, stomach cooking separate meals after I've nurtured everyone else with food all day long. I just want it there when I need it, and yes, I'm looking at it as a luxury "pampering myself" kind of thing, which I just don
  16. You know, this has been the thread that just keeps on giving! Thank you all so much! Now I have an arsenal of new recipes to try. I'd love it if anyone who tries recipes from this thread would let us know how it turned out. :bigear:
  17. I would absolutely not do it. Not a chance in the world. Even if it's not a circumstance where there's some sort of financial scam going on, I still see red flags. Unless you're planning on opening & inspecting the package thoroughly, you could very well be unknowingly transporting drugs or other contraband through customs, etc. Definitely not a position you want to be in! Then, what if something happens to the "camera" while it's in your possession? Will they expect you to be responsible for replacement should it be lost or damaged along the way? No. No. No. Just NO. Or if y
  18. I guess my short answer about teaching manners would be nagging all the time, every time. -But to me, teaching manners would encompass things like not chewing with your mouth open, making sure to leave the kitchen as clean as you found it, etc. Some of the things you mentioned aren't things I classify as manners. Sibling rivalry, for instance, says something about character. Chewing on a pencil while you do your math does not, kwim? So, for manners stuff, I nag. For character issues, I look for opportunities to connect with that child and help them to understand their feelings and develo
  19. Okay, y'all don't you love it when you start a thread and then return the next day to find that it is FULL of what you asked for? I'm enjoying the replies so much, and thank all of you who participated! One thing though, I've lost track of who I've sent recipes to, and who still needs recipes to be sent. I'm going to post the links to my recipes here, but only for a little while. Because I use some of my recipes for restaurant use, I don't really want to leave them out there in the wind, kwim? Please get them while they're up! Also, you all can share the pulled pork recipe and the ch
  20. Okay, you've piqued my interest. You never said what the recipe *is* though! The pot pie recipe should be in your pm box.
  21. I'd love to have any of those recipes! You can post them here if you're willing to share with everyone, or just pm them to me if you'd prefer to keep them a little more private. Thanks! (You have recipes pm'ed to you)
  22. Tit for tat, as the saying goes! I'm looking to trade, baby, not give it away for free, lol! Actually, I'm just kidding. :D I'll pm you the link to the pot pie. It's an adaptation of someone else's recipe, and I feel a little bad about posting the whole thing here. Plus, what if I post it here for the world to see, and then nobody agrees with me that it's the best? That'd be embarrassing... :leaving:
  23. If you cook quite a bit and make good food, then I bet you DO have WOW recipes, you just aren't thinking of what they are right at this moment. :-) The comment about the rolls makes me lol! For family gatherings I was always the one to bring scalloped potatoes. Got rave reviews each time. One year one of my sisters-in-law asked me how I make them and if I'd be willing to share my recipe. I told her that, of course, I'd be glad to share how I made them. I proceeded to tell her that I use boxed scalloped potatoes, but add about 4 oz. of cream cheese per box, add extra garlic & minced oni
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