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  1. Just how far away *are* you? :bigear: I'm hoping that his is one of those things too. I almost felt a little sorry for the guy. He seemed surprised that no one who called would even come to see the car. I almost didn't myself. Hopefully I'm not just being a chump. He seemed like a nice guy who's trying to support his family, and he can't get someone to even look at the car because he can't make himself understood on the phone. {sigh} I think maybe I've done all I can do, and that if the paperwork is in order, we should do it. ETA: When we asked him for the VIN number so we could check for
  2. Ha! How United States centered am I? It never occurred to me that someone might think CA=Canada rather than CA=California. :D My dh, while not a mechanic professionally, is very, very experienced with cars. He's not seeing anything worrisome, though we know that there can still be hidden issues. From his perspective, at this price he can replace the motor and/or transmission if necessary, and still not come out terribly behind financially. If it were an accident such that it would cause frame damage, it would likely show on the CarFax, or there would be signs of repairs made. I think
  3. Yes, I made it clear to him that there was no sale unless all paperwork was present & in his name, and that it matched his id. He said that that would be no problem and that he has clear title & registration.
  4. We have been looking for a used car for dd. She has been working hard, and is looking for a car under $10,000. There are no used cars in that price range from dealers that have less than 90,000 miles on them. We found a car on Craigslist, a 2011 Chevy Impala with 64,000 miles on it. We went and looked at the car, and it's nice. A little dirty, but no visible issues. No oil drips in the parking spot or on the undercarriage, oil on the dipstick looked clean, no rust, a few dings here and there. Motor sounds good & smooth, and the car drives well. The tires have some wear left in them. T
  5. Sunday worship is more important than any dinner party, or any conversation. Perhaps it's the age of my dc. We are no longer always in worship together. In my world, spirituality is not really limited to that 1-2 hours on Sunday, andI am blessed to be able to worship freely any day. Responding to a text that your teen has been in an accident though? Definitely worth interrupting my worship. I just mean that while I place a huge value on uninterrupted worship, that 5 seconds that it takes me to receive an emergency notification is worth the interruption. As always though, I understand that peop
  6. Eh, I guess I *wish* I wouldn't look, but the fact is, I definitely would. Everyone who knows me knows that on Sunday morning I'm in church. If I receive a text message during that time, it's almost guaranteed to be an emergency, or at the very least, extremely urgent. In all these years, I've only received two text messages during church, and both times I was glad I'd gone ahead and glanced at the message rather than ignoring it until later.
  7. How old are her cheap ice cube trays? If the cubes aren't coming out, maybe there's a buildup of minerals over time that's making them stick? I think I'd try soaking them in vinegar, rinsing well, and then giving them another try.
  8. Okay, here goes: Small fruit basket Two ceramic rabbits, one on each side of the fruit basket. That's it.
  9. Okay, about the mixers, you're my kinda gal! About the toaster, I found a metal serving tray that has sides about 1" tall. The toaster lives on the tray, which I keep in a cabinet and pull out when we need it. All the crumbs are contained in the tray. :thumbup1:
  10. My dh pronounces the "th" in Thompson. 'Ya know, like everone says "Th"omas Jefferson. :huh: :eek: :willy_nilly: Drives. Me. Insane. He's been doing it his entire life and refuses to believe that's not the correct way. Actually, it wouldn't be so bad, because it's not like he's often called to specify which variety of grapes we buy, and he doesn't often discuss the founding fathers. BUT, he does a lot with cars, and his favorite tire mfg. is "Mickey Thompson". At this point, I have to pretend not to hear it, and not to worry about how stupid it is when he says it in front of other people.
  11. Rhubarb is notoriously watery & sloshy when baked. I don't think you'll get anywhere with putting it back in the oven, but could you repurpose the pie? Maybe scoop out the filling and use it over ice cream, or layered with some simple cake cubes and whipped cream?
  12. What would you serve with chicken pot pie to make it a complete meal? They cannot have salad or any raw veggies, or any fruit that has seeds or skin. Just bringing the pot pie on it's own will feel too sparse to them. Along the same lines, what sides would you serve with these other main dishes? I have things I'd usually pair together, but I'm interested in hearing what other people would do: Pulled pork sandwiches Chicken cordon bleu Grilled chicken Marinated London Broil Pot roast Potato cheese chowder with bacon Salisbury steak
  13. I have brought meals for an elderly couple before in the past when one or the other hasn't been feeling well. Often I'd bring a meal for their freezer, a meal for their fridge to heat & eat the next night, and a hot meal for that evening. The husband has been hospitalized recently and continues to bounce back and forth between home & hospital. The wife sent me an email asking if I'd be willing to supply them with meals for a couple of weeks, since they've loved my cooking in the past and they really need the help. I'd be glad to do so, but there are dietary restrictions right
  14. If so, can you convert a file from .Dpp into something I can actually open/view?
  15. Erm...I guess I was, as I've told my dc many times, the meanest mom in town. If it made my life more expeditious, or if I thought it was an educational opportunity for them, they did indeed watch a video together, discuss, whatever. I'm trying to think of how I enforced that. :001_unsure: Okay, I think what I did was in the beginning, I sat the kids in assigned places in the family room, with trouble-makers & button-pushers farther away from each other. In the beginning, I had to sit there with them to make sure they didn't talk during the video, but over time they became very good a
  16. Whew! So I did the right thing. :thumbup1: He is trying to make my problems go away in terms of making a city-owned building work for my possible new business. Very, very nice man, and I'd like to address him respectfully, but also in a way that acknowledges how friendly he's been towards me. Thanks all!
  17. I have a business issue that I've been corresponding with our city manager about. I've been addressing him as "Mr. So&So" but I noticed that in his last email he signed off with a shortened version of his first name. Does that mean that I should be using his first name now? :unsure:
  18. For some reason, I've had the impression that it's completely improper to send an invitation to an unmarried couple unless they are already residing together. I'd have sent it to dh and guest, unless you were someone I knew and would have invited anyway. Then I would have sent one to you at your address and one to him at his.
  19. I like "4th St. Cafe & Bakery" because it answers the question about where the restaurant is located, each and every time someone mentions it or sees it in print. The location is also an integral part of the small-town business district, so the fact that it's on 4th St. is a bit of a status thing in my little town, and would add to the feel that the restaurant was sort of a "community fixture", if that makes any sense. The concept is a breakfast & lunch cafe + bakery. Nicer than greasy spoon or hole-in-the-wall. A place where the farmers (who are more sophisticated businessmen
  20. I need a logo for my business idea, and I don't really know how to go about getting it done. Anyone able to answer that for me? I want a crossed whisk & wooden spoon, just a line drawing, and then the name of the business (4th St. Cafe & Bakery) in some creative way. Any ideas?
  21. This dress in gunmetal: ETA: The dress is longer on me than it is on the model in the picture. http://www.jcpenney....d=SearchResults These shoes with this bag: ETA: All of the shoes & bags were ordered online & are set to arrive tomorrow. http://www.zappos.co...lie-lynn-pewter http://www.zappos.co...na-larry-pewter (as long as the bag isn't too shiny) Or these shoes and this bag: http://www.zappos.co...na-forbes-steel http://www.zappos.com/nina-logan-steel (I bought the bag in "steel" color, they're just out of it now, I think) I admit that the shoes & bag ar
  22. Ds is getting married next weekend. I have made arrangements to have the rehearsal dinner at a nearby community hall, and I've arranged to have a caterer friend take care of the meal. Do we have to do anything else for that dinner? Like, are we supposed to say something before or after the meal, or anything like that? I don't know why I can't remember how that usually goes. :001_rolleyes:
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