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  1. If so, do you wanna swap? I am sitting here eating chicken pot pie that I consider absolutely a treasure. I would literally cry if I lost the recipe (except that I know where to find it again online, lol!). I have never tasted pot pie filling that I thought was this good. If I had to pick a last meal, this might be it. I also have a peanut butter chocolate dessert recipe that I feel the same way about (except that I have it memorized). It's very, VERY good, and I am not kidding you when I say that people wax philosophical about this dessert. I make a lot of desserts for the restaurant, and
  2. Touching a nerve is right! It isn't as though I haven't done the childbirth thing (I have, lots!), and no one is descending up on her. She's not even being asked to allow people to hold the baby. I just think that sequestering the baby such that family cannot even take a peek is a bit much. She's having people deliver meals to her for 2 weeks (which we are glad to do), so it's not as though she delivered yesterday and we're all flocking there in droves insisting that she has glam hair & makeup. Squirting germ gel doesn't signal that you take motherhood seriously, it signals that you've
  3. I wish I could wait until I hear how you like it, but the sale voucher thing is only good for today, I think. It was hard to tell from a lot of the online reviews if they were sort of "sponsored" by the company or not. I did find a couple that claimed to be unbiased, and even they seemed pretty satisfied though. I really kind of want to try it, and the price is right with the coupon. I'd even get it for my dd so that she could eat the same things I do (which would really help us both!), but it's *really* hard to tell if we'd like it or not. It sounds like just what we'd like. ETA:
  4. My Kenmore Elite was AWFUL! I kept the door open, never left wet laundry in it, and ran the sanitary cycle. The sanitary cycle would help a little bit, but not enough. Now I have a new washer that runs a "clean" cycle. I have to pour a cup (?) of bleach into the detergent dispenser and then run the cycle. I wonder now if I could've done the same kind of thing with my Kenmore, putting bleach into the detergent cup but using the sanitary cycle, and if that would have helped?
  5. This popped up in my Moolala email for today. I'd usually disregard diet meal stuff, but this actually looks/sounds good to me. Has anyone tried this in real life? http://www.moolala.com/deals/id/6NZEP9E?hsp=1&cid=ZL67A8A&pid=Y2JEBQG&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Daily%20Deal%20List%20w%2F%20Locations&utm_campaign=Deals%20Mon-Sun%20AM%202013-07-27 ETA: Grrr....just realized I linked the wrong thing. I am *not* trying to sell anyone on this. Maybe this link will work better: http://www.personaltrainerfood.com/orders/nutrition.php
  6. I wouldn't bet on it. I have a new grand-niece that lives across the street from our dairy. Family members have been bringing in meals for them, and have not seen the baby except for pictures posted on Facebook. The baby is always "sleeping" when people arrive, no matter when they arrive, even if it's family, even if they're very kind & clean & healthy. I just think it's a sign of how far we've come from common sense. I don't know what these people are thinking. Somehow we managed to keep our children alive before germ gel and sequestering of babies. :001_rolleyes:
  7. Taco Bell's action is indeed a good move for all of those parentless children at Taco Bell who had no one to make decisions for them (like parents). There is absolutely no way that "the nanny state" can legislate or litigate our way to perfect health. Sure, go ahead, ensure that there are no toys with my kids' food. That'll surely help, for someone else to make the choice about how healthy is healthy enough, right? In the end, there will be people who determine that others can make their decisions for them, and there will be those who oppose other people controlling every detail of their
  8. I think part of the point is that we can speculate about why and not get *anywhere close* to the reasons/motives that might be true in their case. Perhaps it is that she doesn't want her child to have to bounce back and forth between households. Perhaps she doesn't want her child to have to spend time with a perv dad without her to buffer the contact. Perhaps her husband was abused as a child, and though he clearly has a problem now, she's trying to help him along through the ramifications. Perhaps she's ill and realizes that her husband will eventually be the one that ends up with her kid
  9. There are a hundred good reasons that you've not even thought of. I cannot tell you how sure I was that I'd never stick with a cheater. Really, truly, COMPLETELY SURE! It's more complicated than you think.
  10. There's one little phrase missing. I have decided to stay "for now". Staying "for now" does not mean staying forever. I have no clue how things will go in the future. Right now I'm trying to help get everyone better while planning for whatever happens later on.
  11. I have a large amount (like 2 qts) of drained, canned mandarin oranges. Is there a special dessert that calls for them? ETA: They're not totally drained. There's still juice in the container.
  12. Dh is still going to church, and has done so the entire time. He's crushed in a way I never imagined he could be, but he's still standing. He is not in counseling, and I think the mental contortions he's needed to engage in just to keep from taking his own life have left him in denial wrt how far the relationship went with the other woman. He does not deny talking to her, and has been firm the whole time about how horribly wrong that was, but he denies that it went any further than that. I see no point in pushing him about that. Either we will divorce, or we will stay together, and I don't
  13. It is too late to try and move. Dairies aren't of any financial worth as dairies, and we live in an area where the land would not be in demand for development. We wouldn't be able to sell and get enough money to buy somewhere else, and since financing through banks is tightening up, there would be no help there, even though in the past we've been *extremely* financially stable. My dh and his seven brothers will be the last farming generation in his family. His dad came here from Holland, and the family was a dairy farming family for generations & generations before then. I think that c
  14. It's very true--the farmer dies with the farm. My dh will be the last in a long line of dairy farmers, and is one of seven brothers. All are dairy farmers, and all are failing. Are you doing well with dairy farming? If so, do you mind saying where? It can't possibly be this bad everywhere, though it's super-specially bad in California. :-(
  15. They're fine in cookies, but I'd expect the fondue to need adjustment. The ganache recipe that I make uses 4 oz. cream per 5 oz. chocolate chips. When using the Kirkland, I have to use appx. 6 oz. cream to 5 oz. chocolate chips.
  16. I'm here. Still. Where to start with an update... I am still, at this time, married. I have decided to stay for now, to help my dc with their last years before leaving the nest, to help my dh try to get back to...whatever normal can be at this point., and to help my family through the hardship of farm failure that is still looming in the future. For now, the dairy is still running. I don't know how long that will last. Ds's wedding went well. It was difficult for me emotionally because I always had such expectations for what it would feel like when our first dc got married. I n
  17. Well {sigh}... I think the Kirkland product is a "better" product. At the same time, I've been using Nestle Semi-sweet for many, many years, and have really had nothing but good comments about my desserts. My recipes are not working well with the Kirkland choc. chips. The ganache recipes that worked well are coming out *much* too solid with the Kirkland. Yes, I can (and do) add extra cream to make up for the difference, but still, I miss buying the big bag of Nestle from Costco. I will have to check with the restaurant supply now to see if they carry the TH.
  18. Thanks all! I had thought of a few ideas, and I'll try to run them by the hostess. I'd thought maybe chicken marsala, or perhaps chicken with a light mushroom/cream sauce, because then the chicken should be fall-apart tender and without bones. Maybe some braised beef with sauteed onions and a touch of gravy (these are farmers, so likely beef eaters). Maybe a wild rice blend or garlic mashed potatoes if they're true traditionalists. Roasted seasonal vegetables or sauteed green beans with toasted chopped pecans. Green salad if they'd like it, and some type of bread/rolls and butter. Alte
  19. I am not doing the beverage service or dessert. I have lots of nice meals that I could offer, I'm just having difficulty knowing what might appeal to them, and since its during a time of bereavement, I don't want to annoy them by offering lots of things before I figure out what they might have in mind. This part is usually not difficult!
  20. If someone told you that for a catered luncheon after an 11 a.m. memorial service that they weren't interested in sandwiches and salads, and that they wanted a meal that was both easy to eat and substantial, but not as heavy as prime rib, what would you think they were asking for? ETA: Budget is not a big concern for them.
  21. I was never overweight until I had my dc, and even then, I was okay until I piled on 5 pregnancies in 7 years. Since then, it's been a neverending struggle to try and lose the weight I put on with those pregnancies. I took a trip to Paris & Rome with my ds. The food was wonderful, and I ate whatever I wanted during that time. In the 10 days that we were gone, I lost ten pounds. I enjoyed public transportation, and along with that came frequent walks to metro stations, bus stops, etc. If our destination was close, we walked there. In my real life I life in an area where public transpor
  22. My guess would be that the bride-to-be was taken aback when asked about when the rehearsal dinner would be, since she probably assumed, as is fairly customary, that the groom's family would be planning (and paying for) that event. She probably felt awkward about it after that, and yes, probably a little put out at having to unexpectedly do the planning & budgeting for the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding. I would, at a later date (but asap) apologize for the misunderstanding. I would not feel snubbed, though I would feel apologetic and eager to clear up any miscommunication with my
  23. Not to sound critical, and I hope it doesn't (I've missed the backstory), is there some reason you can't get on that plane with him? I agree that you can't do anything to stop this from happening, but there's also nothing to stop you from being right there at every possible opportunity. If the moment comes when he can't take it, you could be only a hotel room away rather than 2 1/2 hours or across states. At the same time, if I were in your shoes, I might feel ready to step back a bit from a terribly difficult parenting situation and let things unfold however it goes. That'd be completely unde
  24. I will be sure to check that. THANK YOU so much!
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