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  1. Well, that's not good! Our local Kohl's also has them, and it appears that they also have them at Kohls. Com.
  2. Walmart. Not fancy or luxurious, but they do the job. My dds say that slips are out of style. I remind them that classy dressing never goes out of style. :rolleyes:
  3. Contemplating what 70 x 7 is even supposed to mean in my life. :-/

    1. Forget-Me-Not


      Forgiveness does not mean giving someone permission or opportunity to hurt you again. ((Hugs))

    2. sassenach


      There's a really short, really awesome book called The Cure. It has a great chapter on forgiveness- what it is and what it isn't. It's really one of the best books I've ever read.

    3. elfgivas


      for me, it means prying my fingers up one at a time, and letting go of the anger/hatred/hurt.... and trusting that God will do that for me, too. i keep picturing that God has this wonderful gift for me, and is standing right there, trying to give it to me, and that i can't accept i until i open my hands by letting go of whatever it is i am hanging on to. it is letting the person/feeling go free... and really, what i am doing is freeing myself...

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  4. Truly, in order to adequately respond to this, I'd need to know if the pizza was even tantrum-worthy. :D :cheers2:
  5. Perfect, well...lol about that one! :lol: Not even close! But still, NO ONE would get between me & my chocolate, or between my dh and whatever food he decided to put in his mouth. It's not perfect parenting, it's not perfect kids, it's common courtesy, and yes, it needs to be taught. Most kids don't come by it naturally, but tantrums over such a thing would indeed push me over the edge. ;)
  6. Cannot imagine any of my kids doing or saying such a thing to any adult at any age beyond about 3yo. Pretty much all the wonderful things my kids have in life were given from my hand, or that of dh. If they didn't appreciate the good things I gave them, but instead complained about what an adult had that they didn't have, I'd feel it was a character flaw that I needed to help them overcome. Quickly. They are no more entitled to have everything I do than they are responsible for providing for the family.
  7. Fast Times stands out as the most embarrassing movie I've ever watched. I still :blushing: just thinking about that scene, lol!
  8. We banked with Tri-Counties years ago. We switched because we have a distinctive last name, and a large extended family. Lots of mistakes with sending statements to the wrong family, depositing checks to the wrong account, etc. This was many, many YEARS ago though. ETA: Does this mean you live near me and Dangermom?
  9. I had a salted caramel chocolate cupcake about 4 hours ago. :drool5:
  10. Wait...which one? The lace one, or the other wrap-style one?
  11. Sadly enough, the no pets in rentals issue is something I had to consider when deciding whether to stay in my marriage. Even if I had wanted to leave, when I looked at rental ads, I could not find one rental that would allow me to keep my dog. She has been my companion through thick and thin, and it would be a loss I don't think I could sustain, to leave her behind. Just as you described, my dog sleeps. Wakes up to follow me wherever I am, and then sleeps some more. I'd be glad to pay a substantial deposit, but still, no pets allowed. :-(
  12. So, the filling, specifically. More pudding-ish? Or a little lighter but still super-rich, like mouse?
  13. I'm trying to pick a MOG dress right now too, and time is running out for me. Not trying to threadjack, but I could use some help too. I think that this is the dress the MOB picked out, in eggplant color: http://shop.nordstro...&resultback=200 I tried this one, but when it came it wasn't blue *at all*. It is definitely purple. Looks nice, but the color is maybe a little bright for me (blue would've been perfect on me) and the lace is kinda...shiny.: http://www.onestoppl...2304-19241-1132 I also tried this one, which fits like a dream, but I just can't do sequins (the wedding
  14. I realize there may be a variety of opinions about "perfect", so I'm just looking for what *you* think makes chocolate cream pie perfection. I need a description of the crust, the filling, topping, garnishes, etc. Thanks!
  15. Funny, but I can't remember either. The only one I know for sure about is my youngest. She's 14 now, and she still calls me "Mama" as she always has. <3
  16. Whew! I think I'd better correct some misconceptions. Some of them I probably created by my phrasing, or lack of clarity, or...honestly, a little mental fog on my part, once in a while. My husband absolutely is *not* threatening suicide, and he never has. At the same time, he is (or was for nearly 50 years) a man who has always been deeply committed to right and wrong. This is not a man who has had trouble staying faithful and honest over the years. It's new, and completely out of character. There is absolutely no way that he could do what he did and not be racked with guilt, even if his a
  17. Wellbutrin is already on board. I shudder to think what this would be like without. I should probably check to see if the dosage can be increased though. Thanks for the reminder.
  18. Well, actually, that's probably part of my problem. I know no one who has time to hang out with me. I know some who would if I asked, but I'd never feel comfortable inserting myself into the schedule of someone whom I know really has no time to spare. I long for something just a little fun. An hour or two of respite where I can try to remind myself that there might be life after this, after him. The times when I feel the best are the times when I'm not in this house, where every single item right down to selecting each 2x4 of the framing was something we did together over the past 25 years.
  19. I know. :sad: I've decided what I think would ultimately be the *best* choice, but I concede that it is anywhere from hard to nearly impossible. I'm trying it anyway. Still, I've been very clear with myself that I'm gonna let myself off the hook without guilt if I just can't get through it, or if the thoughts that life just isn't worth it become more pervasive. Judging when I've reached a level that is dangerous is the hard part, and my answer to that seems to be different at any one moment in time. Right at this moment, I'm ok. Yesterday at about three in the afternoon, sooo *not* ok that
  20. He doesn't see anyone. This is an MFT that we saw briefly together at the beginning of all of this. I still go. The therapist does understand the situation. He seems worried that dh's shell might crack one day, and has told me to be watchful. I have not told the therapist how despondent I frequently am at this point, and I don't want to if it means he might feel like I need intervention in a more assertive way. Still, I'm a bit worried and a bit embarrassed about how often it pops into my mind that it would be lovely to leave this world behind.
  21. Just the term"reservoir of melted butter" has me lovin' this dish already! Surely butter is the answer to all of life's problems. Right? :thumbup:
  22. I'm ok. Mostly. The therapist has let me know that he considers my...husband (?) guy who lives in the house (?) (yes, he's still here)...to be a candidate for suicide, and that I should be watchful. The man I've been married to for 25 years is well and truly broken inside. He holds it together in public (mostly), though it's clear to everyone that it's a false appearance of everything being ok. I have been very careful not to mention just how often I think about how much nicer it would be to permanently end the pain, because, as another poster mentioned, I have such strong obligations
  23. http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Easy-Colcannon?keycode=ZFB0313 This looks yummy. I've never tried Colcannon, but it sounds like something I'd like! On another note, I made this today: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/chocolate-guinness-cake It was really good. :drool5:
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