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  1. You could also check out Growly Notes. It is very similar to OneNote, and works on Macs, iPads, etc.
  2. We were told by our allergist that Epi pens and Auvi Q's are ok at 'body temperature'. They are not ok in extreme heat and cold. My child has carried an Auvi-Q in the front pocket of their jeans for years. No breakdown in the product, no concerns from the allergist. The important thing is that the epinephrine is carried. Having it in a smaller container like the Auvi-Q has resulted in a greater willingness to carry it at all times.
  3. The Auvi-Q is about 3.5 inches by 2 inches and about a half inch thick. So, about the size of a credit card, but thicker. Hope that helps! P.S. The Auvi-Q can fit in the pocket of your pants, whereas an EpiPen absolutely could not. She may find there are other times she wants to be out and about without a purse - and it makes a big difference. Also, they have a program where they subsidize your insurance co-pay. Ours were 'free', and the Epi-pens would have been about $100 out of pocket. Check out their site for more info.
  4. Have your daughter look into getting an Auvi-Q instead of an Epi-Pen. It is the same medication, but they Auvi-Q's are MUCH smaller. She will have an easier time finding a way to carry them.
  5. To answer the question about Magoosh: Yes, it is video lessons. There are a series of video lessons, and then practice problems. On their blog, they list sample study plans for if your test is one month away, or three months away, etc. After you do the practice problems, there is a video 'work-through' of the problem -- which shows WHY the wrong ones were wrong, as well as showing the solution for the correct response. The video lessons do have the transcripts provided, in case your child prefers reading along. The bottom line is you need to use what works best for your child. I know some do not do well with video lessons - and if that is the case, this is not the program for them. It worked well for my child. She liked being able to watch the videos when she wanted, and for however long she felt like studying that day. We were looking to raise ACT score, but did not have the money to spend several hundred on a live, in person class. We also looked at some of the other online ACT Prep Courses (like PrepScholar) , and they ranged in price from $400-600. It was just too much, in my opinion. Magoosh was $79. It also had a money back guarantee. Your child's ACT composite goes up by four points, or your money back. So I felt like for $79, that was a pretty good gamble. If the scores went up by four points - well worth the cost. If the score did not go up, we got our money back. Now, the catch on the money back guarantee is that 1) you have to have previously taken the ACT and provide them with your scores. 2) you must watch ALL the videos, and do ALL the practice problems. My child started with Magoosh when she was three months out from the test. It would be hard to get all that done in one month, unless you had a lot of time to devote. Let me know if you have specific questions about the video instruction - or anything else!
  6. Seconding the recommendation for Magoosh! We also paid $79 - composite went up by five points to a 33! (She was also shooting for a 32....) Much more structured than simply doing practice tests. (Although that is part of it as well.) The program helps you identify weak areas, and then you can focus your practice on those areas. -- I think that is key on raising the scores.
  7. I would still answer -'yes', that they can contact your former employer. Basically, they are going to call HR and verify that your worked there and what dates. (Not sure they would even do that much, given the length of time that has passed since you worked there.) That is different than contacting your former direct supervisor. Also, from an HR standpoint, if someone says 'no, you can't contact my former employer' I would view that as an area to explore further. As in, 'did you have a bad experience there, or were you fired' type of thing. I am guessing they are also going to ask you for references - that is different than 'contacting your former employer'. For a reference, you COULD list a former supervisor (if you are still in touch with them) or you can generally list a friend, or someone you volunteer with, etc.
  8. I have the 2nd edition of Jensen's Format Writing. The ISBN is 1886061297. If you need this edition, pm me for details!
  9. We used Magoosh - it is much cheaper than prep scholar, and has a money back guarantee. (I think it was 4 points for ACT, but they have SAT prep/guarantee, too.) Worked well, too -- ACT score went up by 5 pts!
  10. Here are some next steps: 1) Reboot your computer into 'Safe Mode'. To load your Mac in Safe Mode, press and hold the Shift key while it boots. You can stop holding the Shift key when you see an Apple logo and progress bar. (Note that it will take a little while to reboot into Safe Mode. Unlike with a PC, it is actually repairing things as it boots into safe mode. ) To leave Safe Mode, just reboot your Mac without holding the Shift key. Still having problems? Then go to step two: 2) In your applications, Go to 'Disk Utility' and click on 'First Aid'. If you are not running Sierra, it might have an option for 'verify' and 'repair' disk as mentioned previously. Once that is done, reboot your computer. Still having problems, then: 3) Reset your PRAM and your SMC. Here is a link that tells you WHAT that is, and more importantly, how to do it. Note that the instructions vary based on which mac you have and whether battery is removable or not, etc. So, in other words, read the whole thing. Note that resetting PRAM and SMC fixes a lot of weird things. If you are still having problems: 4) Download 'Rember'. This free software will test the health/functioning of your RAM. It takes a while to do. Here is a link: Good luck!
  11. I agree with the suggestion to check your RAM. Bad RAM makes your computer act inconsistently. There is a free diagnostic called "Rember" that will thoroughly check your RAM. It is even used at the Apple Genius bar, so it is absolutely safe to use. It has found RAM problems for me - absolutely worth checking! Also agree with cleaning out your downloads folder, making sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive (take some off or upgrade the size of the harddrive). Finally, look at how much 'crap' you have on your 'desktop' of your computer. Macs need to basically 'draw' them each time - (for lack of a better way to explain it) and it can suck your processing power and make things slow to open up. I eventually made 'folders' for my stuff on the desk top, and then put all my random documents etc into folders. It helped. Note that when I read the tip to do that, I thought it was BS. But, when I cleaned up my desktop, it made many things noticeably faster. Good luck! Computer problems make me tear out my hair!
  12. I am sorry you did not get the mother you deserved. I have absolutely been where you are - you dread calling, but if you don't you will feel SOOOO much guilt. So you call, thinking that is the lesser of the evils. My advice - send her an email. Get it done today so it doesn't wreck YOUR Mother's day. If she doesn't like it, too bad, so sad. Just ignore her. That is my short term advice, but for long term I recommend the book "Toxic Parents" Also, there is a forum called DWIL on Baby Center. (It stands for Dealing With In Laws - but it is really about all toxic family). It is really eye opening and helped me see how others deal with this and come to terms with how I could handle it. Anyways, lots of hugs. You deserve so much better than this.
  13. Have you considered offering a reward? Make it worth someone's while to REALLY search for his blankie. Hope they find it!
  14. Hart of Dixie - sweet like the Gilmore Girls, but less family angst. Set in a small town in the south. I prefer it to the Gilmore Girls, and I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan.
  15. We use Nexgard, and it definitely works on ticks! Also, the Frontline was an oily mess to apply, you had to worry about it getting on furniture, kids touching the Frontline spot before it was absorbed by the dog's skin. Nexgard is a chewable tablet - no muss no fuss. I REALLY prefer it to Frontline, and am so happy we switched.
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