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  1. Good points. I have been thinking about a dog for almost 2 years now, and think that in about 9 more months, I should be ready and able to devote the time and energy to a dog. (If the perfect dog happens sooner, I will embrace it.) Doggy should only have to be alone for up to 3 hours during the day time- if that much, and not at all during the nights that I work, as there are others in the house. The folks I nanny for now have already said if I get a dog, they want me to bring it to work with me, lol. So that part is good. I really am looking forward to the training, and want to learn as
  2. I know several border collies, and they are so sweet tempered- but that hair, oh that hair! Our last dog was a gordon setter, with long hair and long fetters on her legs- she was miserable to groom. I just don't think I can do it, lol.
  3. This is definitely a post for dog owners/experts. Thoughts from folks who have trained dogs to be working/visiting animals would be really cool. I am currently researching dog breeds. Will be attending the local dog show in March to start interviewing breeders, but want to have narrowed it down to a few breeds by then. This will be my first dog as primary owner. I want a smaller dog, but not one that is small enough to fit into a microwave, because believe me, around here, someone would do it. :tongue_smilie: Not fluffy, due to allergies and laziness (I barely comb *my* hair!), and n
  4. I posted other. They seemed like good big dreams when I was four and dreaming them. I wanted to be a mom, a teacher, and an artist. Working on the third and last part of that four year old dream now, lol.
  5. i only got to know my mil for a few short years. She died when my youngest was less than a year old. I loved her with all my heart though, and she loved me back unconditionally. I know we would have gotten even closer had she lived longer. I miss her often- she was often more accepting and loving than my own mother was at that time.
  6. Glad to see this update from you. Was thinking of you all day today. :grouphug:
  7. Gran- I could do that. not as old-sounding as granny, for some reason.
  8. Hi Eliana, The opening is Friday July 8 from 6 to 9 pm. It is the 30 by 30 show (30 works each by 30 artists) at Avanti Art and Design (73rd and Phinney in Seattle). They have a FB page, but no other links for the show. I sorta do feel a bit amazing today! You are amazing too. :grouphug:
  9. Our children grew up calling us Mama and Papa. The Dude will most likely still go by Papa for the grandkids, and I will most likely be Granny. Kids always call me Nanny now, so I thought the switch to Granny might fit me. Honestly, I hope I don't have grandkids for many years, so not sure what will happen!
  10. I am taking control of my life. I signed up for the Post partum doula training that I have been drooling over for a year and a half. I also signed up for the required lactation support class. :001_smile: I have also signed up for an art gallery showing in July- it means I have to finish 30 4x4" canvases during the 30 days of June. :001_huh: the Dude is out of town all week for work, and I am using the time alone to finish up my resume' (current nanny gig ends with the school year in late June- need a full time gig!), collect letters of recommendation, and am spending much time in the
  11. Thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts. Headed to bed now, kinda wanting today to just be over. I vow to do my best to make tomorrow a good day. Swimming in lemonade,:tongue_smilie: LB
  12. Hey folks. I cannot really go into too much detail without breaking board rules, but am experiencing huge stress in most areas of my life right now: emotional and physical health. marriage, parenting, finances, external family, art block, etc. I am doing my best to keep afloat, and to be true to myself, but I have to be honest and say that I am really struggling right now. I am posting here because I am feeling very alone IRL. I am okay, and don't want y'all to worry or feel pity, or that you need to give me advice: I am in counseling, and am getting proffesional advice and help for as m
  13. :bigear:Ooh, more inspiration! I know already that I want to take them to our local Japanese Gardens this spring.
  14. Yep. My dd is severely allergic to dairy, chocolate, and peanuts. Also has issues with wheat and other grains, though not as severe as the other allergies.
  15. woke with a migraine mountains of laundry to do must get out of bed teens and two year olds lots of simularities patience is needed winter cold is here watchings birds eat suet cakes from my warm window
  16. :grouphug::grouphug: I know you have a large family, and will all be there for each other, but do let me know if there is anything I can do. Call if you need anything at all, okay?
  17. We haven't homeschooled in 3 yrs, so I look at mine rarely for our own family; but I do refer to it occasionally (3 to 5 times a year) for specifics, when I am counseling new hs-ers, or talking to the mom of the 5 yr old I part-time nanny for (beginning to hs this summer!). I find myself using Well-Educated Mind much more often, as more of an auto-didact than formal teacher now. Meant to say that when we did hs, I referred to it often, mostly during yearly planning.
  18. I would love to know what sorts of things will be in the workbook. I just ordered the main book- it looks like it will be an excellent resource as I start this venture again with someone else's kids this time! :001_smile:
  19. Thanks for connecting us, Capt Uhura! You just made me buy my first curriculum in 4 years, lol.:001_smile:
  20. Wow! These are beautiful! I had no idea PE was doing this- I have had the book and the loupes for over 20 years now, lol. Thanks for the link.
  21. I have used this too. In fact, I have a huge box of loupes and pass them out quite liberally. They really do change the perspective when drawing what you see. Can you tell me more about your specimen boxes? What sorts of things do your kids collect? We have broken butterfly wings, cicada "shells", insects my dh pinned in college 40 yrs ago, many shells, rocks and semi-precious stones......
  22. Kalmia gave some great tips for starting a group. I found it very fun to lead an all ages group- I have littles as young as 5, and tweens and a teen or two in the same group, and I think it really added to the experience. I would also have some field trips and activities planned for winter or inclement days when the weather does not cooperate. On icky days we would meet at a home, and do things like draw from collections (we have shells, insects, rocks, moss and lichen, some sea creatures, etc.). We would drive to the local museums or science centers and draw from their stuffed bird and i
  23. Wow! This looks great! I usually put my own stuff together, but this looks very nice and tempting, even to an old hsing veteran like me.
  24. Ditto, Chris. We should connect again by pm and have a phone chat sometime..... Hugs back at ya, Needle
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