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  1. I've had a hybrid Niro for almost four years. It's a great little car. We bought it just before taking a 5000+ mile road trip and have taken it on quite a few 2/3000 mile trips since. We've had zero issues with it - although we are strict about maintenance. But it IS a KIA, so the stock tires are cheap and wear out quickly, there's more road noise than in a higher end car, some of the finishes look inexpensive, etc... But overall it's been a good little car that we expect to pass on to our oldest when he starts driving in a few years.
  2. Longtime lurker here. I haven't seen too many personal accounts of receiving the J&J shot here so I thought I'd share mine as thanks for all the Covid information I've gotten here and found so useful over the last year. I have terrible medical anxiety so I specifically sought out the J&J due to the "one and done" factor. I received the shot Tuesday afternoon. I ended up leaving the recovery chair area after a minute or two, because I knew if I continued sitting in there I would pass out. I finished out my recovery period in the car, laying down, AC blasting, and I was fine. By evening I was definitely feeling more tired than normal and headed off to bed a little early. The next day (yesterday) I woke up feeling like I was at the tail end of the flu. Headache, muscles and joint aching, no appetite. I spent most of the day in bed alternately reading and napping. By 8pm my fever had broken and I could tell the corner had been turned. Today I feel absolutely fine and grateful to be fully vaccinated.
  3. I've found YouTube to be a great resource for gardening. Some of my favorites are Garden Answer, MIgardener, Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden), and CaliKim29.
  4. Cuyana, maybe? https://www.cuyana.com/classic-leather-zipper-tote.html#navy
  5. Lots of good ones already listed! I didn't see these so far - Annie's Eats Baked Bree Foodie with Family Mommy's Kitchen Our Best Bites Paleo/GF Paleo on a Budget Paleo'ish on a Dime Gluten Free or Die A Girl Worth Saving Elana's Pantry Practical Paleo Stupid Easy Paleo The Preppy Paleo
  6. Madewell Transport Tote or Everlane Twill Backpack, those are the bags I see most often.
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