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  1. My announcements were a combo of announcements and invitation to grad party. I think I used those pre-imaged (not the correct word) cards from Costco. Under the school section I just wrote "Home School & XX Community College (DE)" Pretty much simple as that.
  2. My oldest was fine, but my youngest had to mature. He went to a very large university right out of high school (his last two years were dual enrollment program specifically designated for high school students that kept the kids in a cohort with the same teachers for two years). He took Chemistry - the class that has about 500 students- and had difficulty trying to get help (his issue). Anyway, he came home and finished his first two years at the community college, and now is back enrolled at big university for his last two years of engineering. He was able to practice advocating for himsel
  3. My thermo prof thought he was helping us differentiate between enthalpy and entropy by consistently emphasizing the first syllable in both (ENthalpy, ENtropy). What a goof. I have not showed my kids my college grades - I want them to have higher standards :tongue_smilie: . But, I have taught/explained to them that tenacity can take you far.
  4. My dd goes to a small liberal arts college in a big city. She was still eligible to take a work study job, as a lab assistant for a cancer research office at the massive state school across the highway. I think they have some kind of agreement between schools.
  5. DD - who wasn't quite sure what she wanted to major in, applied to 4. DS - who knows what he wants to major in, applied to 5 (I made him apply to schools OOS). Neither kid really wanted to go to an OOS or other side of our state school (each child may have been switched at birth).
  6. University of Washington - ds Major - Civil Engineering because he would like to design and build castles :tongue_smilie: Why he chose it- Engineering, rowing, good school, close to home.
  7. A gap year doesn't have to be spectacular. My daughter applied in the fall of her gap year for colleges the following year and was admitted to all. During that year she worked then went on a trip to Europe over the summer (but this was obviously not on her applications). Just another point. Though lower level classes at big U's tend to be very large, engineering (junior & senior level) classes really are not. Sorry if I repeated what someone else may have pointed out.
  8. We finally received the letter this weekend from University of Washington and he's been admitted into the College of Engineering! Another huge relief; he is psyched!
  9. What a fun sounding job - for a kid who loves the outdoors and hard work! I may bring this up to some scouts I know.
  10. Congratulations to your ds/dd! He has not actually received the envelope yet. With the help of a friend, he was able to see on-line that he has been admitted. He read the statement about a dozen times to ensure he was understanding correctly :laugh: . ​For some reason, we will both feel relief when we get the actual envelope in the mail.
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