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  1. On Rainbow resouces you have to buy minimum US 500 to benifit from 20% shipping. US 900 to get 26% shipping and I can carry on and on. US 50 can mean up to 100% shipping. It is so funny when you try and order a book on abebooks and pay US 19 for shipping on a US 1 dollar copy. Sorry US50 is not realistic...
  2. Or South Africa.... Shipping really makes me sick...
  3. When remediating Grammar for a 8th/9th grader on which level with CLE would you start.
  4. I will be praying for you. I am so sorry to hear this.
  5. Your son sounds so much like my daughter. She was tested at Grade 12 reading level in Grade 3 and seems ok with Fiction reading. Did very well in spelling. Memorize a list get 100% on test but she cannot decode new words. Is there a place where I can acess the nonsense words tests. She is now 14 and battling with Apologia Science and deading complex instructions in her Math. Hates writting and her writting and spelling are a mess. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Thanks for the great suggestions. For grammar what would you suggest?
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions. For grammar what would you suggest?
  8. My recently turned 14 year old needs something to build on her LA skills. She reads beautifully and reads all the time but our LA instruction has been touch and go both on her writting abilities and her grammar ones. She is also not the best speller in the world. We used the Keys Series to solidify her Math and she has done wonderfully. Maybe someone can chime in...
  9. I like Hannah also spend when I have cash. I live in South Africa as well. I spend far too much on curricula but less than I would when they were in Private School. Someone mentioned the one pair of shoes. I have a summer pair, a winter pair and a close off in front, open in back brown high heels for formal functions and a pair of takkies. I need special shoes and there is no way I can afford more than one pair per year. I buy a local brand called Green Cross and from the factory shop, discontinued models. I have had people pass comments on my apparent one pair of shoes and my apparent love for books and curricula. I really do not keep track of how much I spend.
  10. Fibro attack really bad but some things were achieved by DH and kids. It is still quite bad that I stayed home from church today. Hopefully I will be better by tomorrow.
  11. Laundry, we were at conference the whole week and have 5 loads plus and that is excluding the bedding. We do not use the dryer (it is also broken) and have to hang inside so it might take a while Only 2 loads n blankets done Fold and put away laundry (few loads pilled up on Guest Room's Bed) Only partly done by kids Change and vacuum beds Roast 2 chickens and make salads for tomorrow Done by DH Clean lounge I am unsure if I will be able to achieve any of this as I am having a major fibro attack but we will see. I will enlist the kids help. Make dinner Bake GF allergy free cookies for tomorrow
  12. I second se7en, but I live in South Africa. There are some other SA websites. Will look into it and will update later.
  13. They will not send us RR catalogue to South Africa. I wonder how much it would cost to have it shipped. I would so love to get my hands on one. Well the joys of living on the other side of the world...
  14. Grieving is hard. We started HS in 2010 and that same year I lost both my mom and dad in love, We are still having a hard time trying to recover. Praying for you and hugs. :grouphug:
  15. I would also like to add that as an Homeschooler I appreciate the freedom we have to teach our children what we belive. I find a lots of these comments offensive and unfair to people with a differant view.
  16. We are Young Earth so I do resent some of these comments. But anyway being a Science major I do believe in presenting my kids with different views so we also read books on Evolution. Most member at our church are Old Earth Creationist or Intelligent Design so we are in the minority. My children are allowed to watch documentaries and most of these present Evolution as fact. Evolution is not fact as it cannot be proven without fail. I much more prefer the way I was taught at school in Europe. The Creationist Theory and the Evolution Theory. Ok, we spent a lot more time looking into Evolution but at least they tried to present both sides. I grew up catholic and most were lined up with an Old Earth view so creation was not a problem. I am still trying to wrap my head around Old Earth and I am finding it hard to find materials on it. We have decided to teach our children our religion and our beliefs and views but we try to expose them to other views and then we discuss it.
  17. Thanks... I can use all the hugs in the world. I just feel like crawling in a whole and cry...
  18. I do not know how to do multiple quote but from Hunter... Over the decades, I have come to believe that the best thing we can offer a high maintenance family member is NOT to allow them to become the center of the family schedule, or to gobble up too much time, money and other resources. :iagree: I wish someone had said this to me years ago. Hunter also said: This often means dropping expectations for them, and that feels so scary and negligent. I'm finding the same techniques work the same when I was raising children, and when I live within a group of single adults. The rhythm needs to be a good one. Efforts need to be made to bring everyone into the rhythm, and sometimes, the needy persons needs go unmet. They just do. But at least they are not so resented they are pushed out of the group, and at least they don't tear apart the group, that they so desperately need. The group comes first. First off, meal on time, proper sleep schedules, holiday/nature rhythms, clutter control and all that. Needy people especially need to focus on the body and soul as well as the mind. Time for self-soothing as a priority; even before academics. Time for exercise as a priority; even before academics. Spirituality as a priority; even before academics. With all our drama and uncertainty I am leaning towards this... I am printing thiso can read when needed. :grouphug:
  19. The Tuesday after Easter weekend we saw the new doctor and she will assit with diagnostics. She is leaning towards HIES with celiac but she is also investigating HES and IPEX so he might have one or more. These things never tie up nicely with a bow. She is a pathologist that specialises in diagnostics not a clinical doctor so in future she will be liasing with the team of Phisicians attending to my son. She has also organized for Genetics to be done in Hong Kong. The problem in my son's count is the highest she has ever seen in Africa (she does the entire continent rare auto imunnes except for North Africa). She said he needs the meds like yesterday, Because the count is so high at a young age... She seems to think when all the testing is done that she can apply for special dispensation to bring the drugs in but we are not sure if the insurers will pay because these are trial meds. We have the second highest medical cover plan in SA because of my husbands BP meds that would not been cover by anyone else. I actually wanted to downgrade last year but because the kids needed extensive orthodontics and I needed extensive dental work I decided to dipinto our svings and stay on for another year. Now we will probably have to stay for my son as well. The kids cannot go to school but I have been looking for a job in case the application with the insurers drag on. I had a nice meeting and if finalize it is a nice offer. I hae been self employed for years and the reason I am pursuit this offer is that would allow me to take a mortage on our house to cover meds ofr a while whilst the insurers decide to cover. Please look at the list I compiled and make suggestions on my daughters education. This job is part time in the office with the expectation of full time so I will be expected to do work at home to cover shortfall hours. At least I can spend sometime with the kids. I have two ladies in mind to come in and yeach kids while I am in the office 4 days a week. For my son I have several scripted materials that he likes OPTRG, FLL, ASS that they could take over easily. Also the free phonics lessons... The lady could also do RA and other core work. For math I would change them both to MUS and in the pm (office days I would be home around 14:00) I woul work with the kids on math but both kids really hardly ever ask for help on Math. I throw the book at them and they move on now and then they will ask something (my son will ask assistance with reading some word problems) . We are only planning to do three days a week. My son will join in when he cans. Sometimes he is very tired and sleepsmost of the days. On those days we will do some reading, writting and some. Adding in Bible... I had a long discussion with my daughter and she now understands that her brother might not always be able to join in a full day of school but she will be expected to do 3 or 4 full dayswork per week and light work on fifth day (runnig around for doc appointments and treatments). We need prayers to get testing done and get meds soon and for insurers to cover these... Thanks to all for prayers, thoughts and suggestions...
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