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  1. You can check koofers for professor ratings and see if they agree with ratemyprofessor. Additionally there might be a reddit subforum for the specific colleges, you can check https://www.reddit.com/r/college/wiki/faq for a list of college subforums. Some colleges have active reddits, some don't, but if the forum is active it can be a great way to get an idea about the college and various departments.
  2. My oldest lost her scholarship after sophomore year. Her scholarship required a 3.25 to keep, and after her first semester sophomore year she had a 3.2. She wrote a letter explaining extenuating circumstances and they gave her one semester to get the gpa back up, but she did even worse second semester. In a way it didn't matter since she was seriously considering transferring anyway, and losing the scholarship made the decision easier. She transferred to a school closer to home and commuted to make up the money, and she probably would have made the decision to do this even if she hadn't lost t
  3. Well my husband is a CS graduate from SUNY Poly so obviously they hire them. :001_smile: They interview and hire more from Oswego though, although I don't why, it could just be a numbers thing. Or the fact that living is Syracuse is less of a hard sell after a few winters in Oswego.
  4. Another thing I wanted to mention is it depends on what he wants to do after graduation also. If he plans to stay in the Northeast and especially in upstate NY then a private school like Clarkson isn't going to get him places he can't get from SUNY Oswego. If his dream is to work in some place like Silicon Valley then the name recognition of RPI or RIT maybe could help, just because I doubt Silicon Valley firms recruit much at Oswego. My husband works at an engineering company in Syracuse, and he recruits from Oswego all the time, it is one of their top schools for CS. And the kids that a
  5. My son took AP Calculus BC at PAH this year and honestly I wasn't that thrilled with it. He is sure he got a 4 or 5 on the test, so it was thorough, but not a great experience. A lot of the class was just "read this, do these problems." The teaching for the class is mostly in the notes she posts daily, but that is just more reading. She posts links to videos sometimes, but they are free ones on youtube, not her teaching. Also she never gave feedback on whether the kids were writing enough for the free response problems, they were just supposed to read the solutions and figure that out for them
  6. I am using the GPB videos combined with other youtube videos and ck12.org site for a co-op chemistry class this year. It is mostly online in a Moodle course, and if anyone would like access to it just PM me and I will tell you how to access it.
  7. The Chemistry videos from Georgia Public Broadcasting at http://www.gpb.org/ are high school level. You can buy the teachers material for them pretty cheap too.
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