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  1. Sometimes people click the option to have FB automatically send the invites out to everyone in their e-mail list. If she had you in her contacts at some point, FB would send an invite. When I get those kinds of requests, that's what I assume has happened.
  2. Then ask. I think it's a valid question: "Why must I pay for anything other than the book and weekly dues??"
  3. Does your cost include books and vests/uniforms? I pay: * $9.99 per book. *$10 if my child needs Cubbie or Sparky vest *$13 per green T&T t-shirt *$14 per blue/white T&T jersey Plus $0.50 per week dues. That would be the minimum costs. I think asking the director *why* the higher prices would be fine. I can tell you that prices in the AWANA catalog for the above materials did not significantly increase this year.
  4. K-6th grade = Singapore 7th and up = Saxon I was surprised there was no Saxon option!:001_huh:
  5. When I was a child, our library was downtown. (Yes. One branch. Downtown. In a capitol city. That was it.) We lived on the edge of town, perhaps 20 minutes away by car. So we only went once every couple of months during the school year, but more often in the summer. Nowadays, there are tiny local branches all over the place, and it's much more convenient to go. However, I was at my *school* library 2-3 times per week during the school year.
  6. I've used musicnotes.com several times and have never had a problem. :001_smile:
  7. I've lived in La Crosse, Fountain City, and Sheboygan. If I could move back to La Crosse, I'd do it in a heartbeat. A HEARTBEAT. :D We love it there. (In-laws live there, so we get to visit often!) Sheboygan was a nice second. it was a very nice small city in which to live. And right on Lake Michigan!:D It's an hour north of Milwaukee, an hour west of Fon du Lac, and 45- 60 minutes south of Appleton/Green Bay.
  8. This happened to my dh once. The entire teaching staff at his company (7 or 8 people) had an extra $700 added onto their checks. We contacted the payroll person, who assured us that the amount was indeed correct. Other employees contacted the company and received the same assurances. So, we paid off the note on our car. One month later the teaching staff received a letter explaining that the extra $ was an error. :glare: The company said we'd have to pay it all back, but would be able to do it in stages, if needed. None of the teaching staff were happy, and the payroll person lost their job over their mistake. I guess I'm surprised that your dh didn't question the extra $ with his boss. But, at this point, all he can do is ask his brother/boss to allow him to pay it back in stages, rather than one lump sum. :grouphug: This isn't fun.
  9. I agree with the above posters. We've used Omnibus 2 and 3, and will do 4 this year. I can't see how you'd do it, other than simply using the reading lists. (Well, most of them.)
  10. My mom used to make zucchini parmesan... sort of. It was one of those recipes that got started during a year with a plethora of zucchini. She just sort of made it up, but it was really good. I *think* she sliced zucchini into about 1" slices, then placed them on a cookie sheet and brushed them with olive oil and a bit of garlic salt. Then she covered them (but not drowned them) with pasta red sauce and mozzarella cheese. Then she baked it. I'm not certain if the baking was enough to soften the zucchini, or if she steamed the slices a bit first. Also, making a homemade minestrone of vegetable soup and adding in zucchini chunks could be yummy as well. (FWIW, zucchini bread with chocolate chips freezes *really* well. :D)
  11. Aren't they only on the shelves in the US for certain months of the year? Winter months, or something? Hm. I'm going to have to google this now. I'm hungry....... :D
  12. I din't quite know how to answer your poll. I was raised atheist, but I *knew* lots of people of other beliefs. When I was in college I became a Christian. Did knowing other Christians as a child help? I don't know. Possibly. Did it hurt my faith? I suppose my atheistic parents would say "yes." I don't see myself as having a faith as a child, though, so how could knowing believers if other religions hurt it? :confused:
  13. Why don't men go to the doctor? Why do women go to the bathroom together? It's one of those mysteries of the ages....
  14. My preschoolers learned them, but not through any effort on my part. Grandparents gave us a couple of wooden United States map puzzles. :)
  15. I've used Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go phone service since 2004. I've never had a problem regarding customer service, billing, etc. The coverage was pretty good, but we noticed that if we traveled out in the boonies we were more apt not to have service until we approached a bigger city. Driving from Milwaukee to Kansas City, for example, wasn't a problem. Driving from Kansas City to Denver, then Salt Lake City, Boise, and Portland saw LOTS of dead spots between cities. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  16. Wow. :001_huh: We've purchased 5 homes and sold 4 over the past few years, and I've NEVER experienced anything like you have! If they're making THIS many mistakes with paperwork *now*, I'd be concerned that they'll have everything needed for closing and something won't be skipped. I agree with posters who've suggested your friend get renter insurance and have a contract drawn up by your agent. Once the potential buyer moves in, it's TERRIBLY hard to get them out if something goes wrong. You'll want to protect yourself, and your friend. I'd hate to see a friendship lost because of assumed good intentions/ actions.
  17. I order from the Book Depository in the UK. They offer free shipping. Excellent customer service too!
  18. Well, we all dress and shower before school every day. No school in PJ's unless it's a special occasion: someone's birthday, maybe. Years ago, when eldest ds was in 2nd grade, he had a hard time separating playtime from schooltime. So we bought 3 polos and a pair of khakis for a "uniform." It really did help differentiate the time for him. Plus, when we went out during the school day we didn't get as many questions from people. Everyone assumed he was excused from school for a dentist appt., or something. :lol: When he outgrew the pants we stopped with the uniform. By that time there was no need.
  19. For my son, it was spots first. Then the feeling crummy/fever later in the day. My younger two have now had it yet. I'm still waiting to encounter someone with the pox! :glare:
  20. If you just want lessons, then look for Park and Rec, Rd Cross, or private swim lessons. We did YMCA lessons with my oldest for 5 YEARS and made little progress. He couldn't swim a full lap. Then, when the oldest was 8 we tried swim team lessons. Within a week he could front crawl a full lap. Swim lessons done by a swim team will prepare the swimmers for team someday. We did the swim team lessons for all 3 boys, and it was a fantastic experience. Teacher: student ratios were 1:4. They focused on the strokes and endurance. They were serious about teaching diving and the 4 basic strokes, and kids learned quickly. We'd do it again in a heartbeat! :001_smile:
  21. The final season saw the writer/creator leave. The writing, which was the heart of the show, just wasn't the same.
  22. :iagree: I have a hard time buying the idea that Nicolas Cage is a brilliant historian. :glare:
  23. This. Although, I must say, I *loved* Lorelai's response to that! I own the first few seasons (up until Rory graduates from high school) and enjoy them. But the show really went downhill once Rory went to college, and I refuse to mention that final season. (shudder)
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