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  1. Originally Posted by Jennifer in MI View Post Wait - he only wants custody of ONE child? Not the other two? I'm sorry you're going through this. Well, but the last time, didn't Andrew want to live with him? At least initially? I seem to remember there were a couple of rough patches with him, at the time, and he wanted to go live with his Dad. but then, not long into the whole custody battle, he changed his mind and wanted to stay with you. Did he initiate this new change? Say something to his dad to sort of feed the NPD issue?
  2. Hm. It's been 3-4 years since I read it. I don't remember much condescension, though. Not that it's not there, just that it wasn't something that stuck with me if it was. As far as the general idea of hiding kids away from the world comment, I sort of agree. We do not help our children if that is our objective in homeschooling or using Christian schools. However, I think that this is a stereotype of homeschooling that those ignorant of hsing realities often possess. The vast majority of Christian hsers are very involved in life outside the home. And as for Christian schools, well, sometimes I wonder if many of today's Christian schools aren't much more than public schools with a chapel requirement included. not much hiding away from the world there! :D I remember being not terribly impressed with the book, though. You've made me want to pull it off the shelf.
  3. I could have written your post when my oldest was 8. After several months of this behavior, we began to notice personality changes too (in August). I took him to the doctor, fearing the worst: Tourette's, OCD, some psychiatric disorders, etc. Turns out he had allergies. Not just hay fever allergies. SERIOUS allergies. We joke that he is essentially allergic to everything God made. When he was tested, he flared up instantly and reacted to everything (like, 40+ allergens): weeds, grasses, pollens, cats, dogs, dusts, molds, ragweeds, trees. We had moved to a new home 7 months prior. The home was on the shores of the Mississippi River, in the middle of a forest. The previous owners had had cats and dogs. So essentially, our lovely little house in the woods was surrounded by everything that set off our boy. We moved 3 months later to a new home across the state. We began treating his allergies and within 2 months we had our son back. The pediatric allergist said that his system was so overloaded that by the time ragweed season arrived (that's his most sensitive allergy, BTW) his little body couldn't handle the overload and that's when we began seeing personality changes. He said that it was not unusual. Because he never displayed itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, etc. we never even considered allergies. It was his Dr. that caught it. I'm not suggesting that the behaviors in your son aren't something more serious. I would, however, recommend a screening to rule something like allergies out.
  4. Actually, this has been my avatar for MONTHS. :D And the Moderators reviewed it several months ago and decided that since it had nothing to do with a political party it has been allowed to stay.
  5. Oh, it's a keytar? That doesn't seem like it'd be a whole lot different than a regular RB guitar! :) Thanks so much. It helps knowing that the keytar isn't essential. Hillary
  6. We have RB 2, and would like to get RB 3. I've seen the software for it in various stores, but I have not seen any of the big boxes with instruments. I'm assuming our RB 2 instruments will be compatible, but isn't there a piano in RB 3? Where have you found that? If we purchase *just* the software, can we still enjoy it? Or do we need to find the software+instrument package somewhere? Thanks! Hillary
  7. Well, I was, but we moved 2 years ago. We were in Northeastern KS. LOTS of homeschoolers there! Montana is gorgeous! That would be a wonderful move!
  8. I use GIMP. It's free, very comparable to the way Photoshop works, and there are many tutorials online.
  9. This has been an interesting thread, but was sad to see it take this turn. To quote the Moderators, "Personal insults are not a legitimate strategy during debate."
  10. That was probably a good decision! :D Hope tomorrow goes well!
  11. I was thinking it must be untrue or a rumor because I saw it on MSN! http://news.uk.msn.com/world/articles.aspx?cp-documentid=156849955 But, to be fair, it appeared on other news sites, so I didn't think a slam about bias was necessary. :D Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/agriculture/geneticmodification/8423536/Genetically-modified-cows-produce-human-milk.html Sky News http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Strange-News/China-Scientists-Engineer-Genetically-Modified-Cows-To-Produce-Human-Breast-Milk/Article/201106116006586
  12. "I do it so when I step up to the counter to order my fries from you, I will be able to do so using correct English grammar." :glare: Ok. I wouldn't actually encourage my child to respond this way. But I'd sure think it. :lol: Poor kid.
  13. I've used RR for nearly 10 years, and have never had a bad experience! :) I just ordered from them three weeks ago. Most of my order left the warehouse in less than a week. One back-ordered item arrived 5 days afterward. They ship USPS or UPS. (Usually it arrives UPS at my house.) I've never received an e-mail notice, however I have never ordered online. Maybe that's only a courtesy for those online orders? I do call, sometimes, to see if my items have shipped yet, but that's usually when I order during the busy August season. :)
  14. We have used the readers up through Grade 6 with all three boys. (Now 10th, 5th, and 2nd grades) We use "Phonics Pathways" (Hiskes) primarily, but then once they've finished the silent "e" section of PP we add in the Pathway Reader series. We begin with the Primer level (I think it's listed as a Grade 1 pre-reader??) and read one story a day. The readers are a nice complement to PP and the stories are simple and very sweet. They are basal readers so, as another poster mentioned they are more sight-word based. But that is not a bad thing, necessarily. We got our phonic instruction from PP, so the Pathway Readers were more for increasing comprehension and fluency than decoding. ETA: We've never used the workbooks. We just read a story a day from the readers. :) HTH! Hillary
  15. He wanted me to put some self-tanning lotion on him, but I drew the authenticity line there. :D
  16. Oooh! Ooooh! Me! Me! I know this one! My ds had to dress in something New Zealand-ish for a "Countries of the World" fair we did 7-8 years ago. I'm attaching a photo. We did face paint. We had a kiwi headband from a long-ago trip to New Zealand. We made a giant tooth from salt-flour dough. (Shaped it. Baked it. Painted it. Then strung it for a necklace.) We also made his outfit from items at Hobby Lobby. We bought a hula skirt. (I think we overlapped two of them to ensure adequate coverage.) I bought some fabric and some of the "No-Sew" glue that the sewing department recommended, and fashioned a waistband. We attached the skirt to that. Very, very easy! After ALL of that, I realized that I probably could've stuck him in a rugby shirt and he would've been fine. :lol: (I also thought that maybe a hobbit outfit may have been fun, but we didn't have one.)
  17. We're currently working through Book D. Does my son like it? No. :glare: Does it work? Yes. :hurray: We use it as described in WTM and review previous books every month or so. Vocabulary learning isn't magic. DS has learned that the book isn't going to do the work for him, so he diligently studies the cards daily and reviews occasionally. He's also more willing to work at it because he's seen improvement. We've just started doing test prep for the PSAT exam this fall, and he got a perfect vocabulary score in the Diagnostic Test. (The one you take before working through any of the study book.) That was good motivation for him to keep working at vocabulary! :D
  18. 1. How many years has your child been in lessons? Child A- 7 years Child B- 4 years Child C won't be counted in, as he's only played for 2 years. :) 2. How many new pieces does your child learn in a year? Child A- 10-15 Child B- Quite a few. He's working through Faber 4A. 3. How many old pieces does your child keep in their repertoire? By that I mean pieces that they still play often enough that they can play them well on demand. Child A- We work on reviewing older pieces so that they are still familiar. When he masters a piece it goes on "The List." List pieces are run-through once a week, or so, to keep them familiar. I think he could play for 30-45 minutes using "List" pieces. Child B- He could play a few favorites, I think. Maybe 4 songs, or so? 4. Does your child follow the Suzuki method or classical instruction (or something else?) Child A and B both worked through the Faber books. Once Faber 5 was finished, Child A moved on to more classical training. Child B will as well. 5. How many minutes per day, days per week does your child practice? Child A- 90-120 minutes Child B- 30-45 minutes 6. Does your child primarily work on pieces or does he or she spend significant time on theory and sight reading? Child A- I've never timed it, but I would guess that he spends about 30 minutes on theory and drills (scales, etc.), and the rest of the time working on pieces. Child B- Spends about 15 minutes working on drills and theory, and the rest of the time on the songs.
  19. Hi MFS!! :seeya: I'm hardly ever on WTM anymore, and most of the names you'd remember from 1999 to the present can probably be found more easily on Facebook nowadays. It's good to see you on WTM again. You've been missed. :)
  20. Oh my heck! Our library only has one book. We had no idea there were more! Thank you! Hillary
  21. We were in a WalMart 2 years ago (maybe three, now??) when the tornado sirens went off. Employees had no idea what to do (which was surprising, as you'd think a WalMart in Kansas would've been familiar with tornados), and they sent us to the back of the store, where customer service was. It was in the center, along the back, next to the restrooms. There was a long shelf I had the kids get under. I don't know if WM has a walk-in cooler in the back? They don't really have a lot of backroom space. Typically, what's on the sales floor is what's in the store. The coolers have an open side where the shelving is, so I don't know if that's a good option. Other stores that have enclosed cooler space would be better, I think.
  22. Firefly will ruin all other television shows for you. :glare: Enjoy it! :D
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