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    I've been homeschooling my kids since 2001 using WTM.
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    LA as in Louisiana
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    tae kwon do (I'm a black belt as are my kids)
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    Homeschooling, of course, but I used to be a computer programmer.
  1. Susie, have a merry merry and a happy happy. I hope things are going well with G5.

  2. Hope you have a very merry Christmas. May you beat them all in air hockey. ;)

  3. A Merry Merry and Happy Happy to you!

  4. ~***************Merry Christmas**************~

  5. Hey Vicki! How's it going?

  6. Pop in..hello. Great pics.

  7. Hi, Krista!


    Has it started cooling off any in your neck of the woods?


    It was downright chilly here this morning. And foggy!

  8. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

  9. So, are you going to post some Disney pics?

  10. Just wanted to say hi. I hope the pg is going well. I'm still expecting her to be born on Halloween.....

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