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    I've been homeschooling my kids since 2001 using WTM.
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    LA as in Louisiana
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    tae kwon do (I'm a black belt as are my kids)
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    Homeschooling, of course, but I used to be a computer programmer.
  1. :iagree:I think this is a great observation. I think you might need to add another layer to it though. I think Penn Staters have accepted the sexual abuse of the children by Sandusky and certainly nobody is blaming the victims. The second layer is that you have a man who outsiders view as being idolized by students and alumni, while in reality, he was looked up to as a role model not a deity. Let's think of it as someone who might be a role model in your (general) life like a parent or important person in the community, who has done so many good things and been a great mentor to many young
  2. Actually it's not a matter of him getting it. He's rolling over and playing dead hoping that the publicity nightmare will pass over as quickly as possible.
  3. I agree with regards to Sandusky. However, I don't have all of the facts despite reading way too much about it all, and I have a hard time believing that anybody on this board knows everything that transpired especially since dead men can't talk. And we certainly can't believe everything that the media says.... That's all I'm trying to say.
  4. I'm so glad all you judgemental people know the whole truth about everything. Wow.
  5. I thought I already cleaned out my dd's room, but it seems to be accumulating more stuff. She has to be moved out of the room in a couple of weeks so our exchange student can have it, so it is all going to have to go somewhere soon! The kids' bathroom also is on my list for the next couple of days - I can't believe how much stuff has been crammed in the cabinets.
  6. I'm on the other side of the state, so I'm not much help. Just wanted to say welcome to LA! I wasn't thrilled with moving here either, especially coming from Chicago. While I would still jump at the opportunity to move, I really can appreciate the place my kids call home. I had to get to a point of acceptance first though. This state is so different from anywhere else I've ever lived - there is lots to learn and experience.
  7. My kids both homeschooled until high school. For my dd, I signed her up for Classical Conversations in 8th grade to get her used to being in more of a classroom situation, taking notes, and doing assignments for someone other than me. For my ds, I had him take 2 on-line classes to try to accomplish the same thing. My advice is to make sure she's strong in math, reading, and writing. I also suggest testing her every year with ITBS or something similar so she's used to taking a test like that. It might make it easier to sign her up for school if you have those test results as well. My dd n
  8. Our Constitution The 2nd Amendment The opportunity to be whatever I want to be
  9. I saw a picture on fb today that said "Men with big books make me hot." Not. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  10. Atlanta is my dd's favorite place to go. If you are interested in Civil War things, I highly recommend the Cyclorama - very cool, and it's right next door to the zoo if you are interested in it. I've been to better zoos though... We also love Coke world. We drank the free samples from around the world until we were nearly sick. The aquarium is right next door to it and it's really nice. The CNN tour was pretty cool too. There are several museums that were nice like Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the High Museum of Art.
  11. We love the Beach Club - it has the best pool with a sand bottom. It's also close enough to Epcot that we would go there after coming back from another park just to get something to eat and see the fireworks. It's also within walking distance to Hollywood Studios. I feel no need to stay anywhere else. If my kids were younger we might consider something closer to Magic Kingdom.
  12. I would imagine that one is perfectly fine. We have the slightly smaller, less expensive http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-ICE-20-Automatic-2-Quart-Cream/dp/B00000JGRT/ref=sr_1_3?s=appliances&ie=UTF8&qid=1338780194&sr=1-3 that we like a lot. Very easy to use and best of all, no ice needed. It does mean that you have to plan ahead to make sure the bowl is frozen, but we often just leave it in the freezer so it's always ready. I love homemade ice cream :tongue_smilie:
  13. I said other because it depends on my mood or sometimes I use a combination of the two.
  14. I don't know if it's any stronger but Veramyst is what works best for me, including my itchy eyes. If your ears are bothering you, try taking some Sudafed to help dry things up. I used to get ear infections every spring from allergies until my db, a PA, recommended the Sudafed in addition to my allergy nasal spray. Just make sure it's the real stuff that you have to sign for at the pharmacy counter and not the stuff on the shelves.
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