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  1. If I have a graduating senior do I need to give her the standardized end of year test (CAT test for us)?
  2. My 13 year old is tearing apart old electronics... on old printer, a tape recorder. Is there anything out there to guide him... to.... do something creative or practical with all this stuff that I have laying around?
  3. We'll be traveling to Atlanta for the weekend. We don't have a lot of time but would like to know what the "don't miss while in the area" are? My daughter wants some good Falafel... any must restaurants? Any must museums? any other musts? Not wanting to spend too much money and if you look in my sig we have a wide range of ages to work with.
  4. Does the Hive know if you can use the Exhibit Hall at the HEAV convention without attending the convention? TIA
  5. We'll be having family over and need some good family movies for the evening... would like PG if possible, but would consider PG-13.
  6. As a Christian do any of you observes Jewish holidays? If so which ones? And how exactly do you observe them?
  7. Okay I feel like an out of touch homeschooling mother of 6 who lives under a rock! I'm trying to figure out what I want... or do they even make what I want? I need something that only plays music (no video, no games, no internet...), preferably no radio (is that possible?). It has to have some sort of a screen so I can select the music/ artist/ song that I want. I would like something that I can put in a docking station (is that what it's called??) or hook up to speakers so headphones aren't necessary. Can anybody help me?
  8. This is a favorite - I've tripled the recipe in parentheses: Olive Garden Toscana Soup 2 ¾ C chicken broth (9C) ¼ C heavy whipping cream (3/4 C) 1 med russet potato (3) 2 C chopped kale (4-6 C) ½ lb spicy Italian Sausage (1 pkg) ¼ tsp salt ( ¾ tsp) ¼ tsp crushed red pepper ( ¾ tsp) Grill/sauté sausage, cut into ½ inch angled slices. Combine stock and cream in saucepan over medium heat. Slice and quarter unpeeled potato. Add kale. Add spices. Simmer about an hour.
  9. So, what does the Hive have to say about The Lost Regiment series? My ds, 12, wants to read some science fiction. This series was recommended by an individual I don't really know and I could safely say is not coming from the same place as our family is... so not sure if this would be a good series for our family. I would call myself pretty conservative about what I let my kids read... I don't like twaddle, I will not allow anything that has witchcraft or demons and such. The list could probably go on... Basically, I guess we're pretty conservative Christians. My boys LOVE The Lord of the Rings... we watch Star Wars and I guess I'm okay with that... they have not seen the 3rd one though. Is anybody familiar with this series by William R. Forstchen? Would you allow your kids to read the series, would there be questionable material? If you are a conservative Christian would you have a problem with these books? And lastly, we've not done science fiction... I'm a little concerned where it might take us and so have stayed away from it. Anybody have suggestions for our family? TIA
  10. We don't celebrate... but after talking to the kids their only disappointment is the lack of candy when everybody else gets it. So, the older three (the only ones who know that Halloween exists) all get to go to Costco and pick out a big bag/box of something that they actually like. It works for us.
  11. Not only is the pencil important, so is the sharpener!! This one is fantastic : http://www.samflaxny.com/browse.cfm/4,7982.html
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