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  1. Pet food pate served with stale crackers? 😩
  2. Not sure his age, but the big thing around here is the "buckle down" belts made from recycled seat belts. They are adjustable from sizes to fit my 9 year old girl up to 38" waists. There are all kinds of Disney, marvel, Harry potter, pokemon, power rangers, etc designs. And they are super easy to get off because you just push the button like a seat belt. Might not be what you are looking for, but thought I'd share :)
  3. Increasing protein in your diet can help as well, by helping to pull that extra fluid back into the blood vessels so it can be excreted through your kidneys. Elevating is hood, elevating above the level of your heart is best!
  4. This sounds SO much like my "marriage". We've lived separately for about 20 months and no progress, though he says he wants things to be better. I really need to make that trip to my lawyer... but it is really hard! Big hugs to your friend because I truly get it, down to the questions of whether it is biblical, as I've been told it is not and that I should never remarry. Which is hard when you are 31 and would love more children within a healthy relationship. I know I need to make those decisions based on my own heart and convictions but it is hard to hear from a friend who hasn't been through this.
  5. My daughter did an overnight (kids only) at the Milwaukee county zoo. I think it was 79. The Milwaukee public museum also does overnights during the school year, those are 40-57 per person depending 9n if it is a special exhibit and if you are members. We have not done one yet...
  6. I'm assuming traffic is bad in the morning too? Is there a certain time to avoid? I've heard good things about Chick's beach, if we head that way, I think that is where we will go. Shells and tidepools sound perfect! My kids tend to be timid so I think exploring the beach area will happen more than swimming. My 6 year old is terrified of sharks and is convinced if he steps in the water he will see one ^_^ The state park looks like fun too, we may do those together. Hoping for good weather! Those restaurant ideas look great!
  7. So, you all talked me into more days! We are booked for 6 nights, 5 days. We are staying at Patrick Henry Square, through our timeshare, which I understand is very close to Williamsburg! Thanks for all the restaurant ideas, it is always hard to know where to choose! That park looks awesome and like a great place to run off some energy, for sure planning a stop there. At this point, we are thinking a day at Williamsburg, a day for Jamestown Settlement and possibly Yorktown (if we have time for both on the same day), and a day for the aquarium / dolphins. The other 2 days we will do the zoo / another day at Williamsburg / either Yorktown beach or Chick's beach / fun attractions we see along the way :) I'm going to leave these plans a little open, so we can decide what we feel like doing. The zoo will be free, and animals are a hit if they are not as excited by the historical places. It looks like the aquarium has homeschool discounts as well, just need some proof of homeschooling. I am going to call and see if they accept anything from out of state. I think we will skip Historical Jamestown for this trip based on the kids ages. Meeting up sounds like fun!
  8. Hmm, maybe I can add a day... we have accommodations through a timeshare, so that might work. I was thinking 1 day for williamsburg, 1 for Jamestown/yorktown, 1 for the aquarium/dolphin boat and one for the zoo/beach. We probably wouldn't be spending the whole day at the beach... play in the sand, splash in the surf, a couple hours maybe. We'd miss historic Jamestown with that plan. I will look into adding time though! The kids are more excited about the animal attractions so I'd hate to cut them out if I don't have to.
  9. I am considering taking my 3 kids (9,6,2) to homeschool days at Williamsburg in mid-September. It would be about a 15 hr drive, and I would be alone. I would drive down over 2 days, and we would have 4 days for activities. We are considering: Williamsburg Jamestown settlement/Yorktown Historical Jamestown Virginia aquarium Virginia zoo Beach- kids have never been to ocean, any family friendly, calm water beaches. Shallow is good :) Dolphin boat tour Any tips for these? Is this a nuts plan to do alone? Are these attractions stroller friendly? Anything totally awesome we are missing? Thanks hive!!
  10. We like Scribd instead of audible. You get 3 e-books and 1 audiobook per month, for 8.99 a month. If she could "flip" pages on a computer, ipad, phone, etc that may be a good choice to get both audio and ebooks.
  11. Also, we would cover any expenses like going to the movies, activities, etc. She will sometimes get them a lemonade or ice cream out, which she doesn't ask to be paid back for. Of course, if we are out together, I am just as likely to treat her to lunch, etc. It just works out :)
  12. My mom babysits for me while I work part time. She doesn't charge us per se, but I pay her here and there. She would never ask, but I know that it is appreciated when I give her a chunk of money. We never worked out an hourly rate or anything like that though. She has a similar arrangement with my brother, who pays her occasionally for watching his kids.
  13. I think it would mean that your bp is dropping when you change positions quickly. Moving slowly is your best bet, staying hydrated too. I don't think your cardiologist is wrong, but if you feel you are at risk of falling or passing out, you may be more comfortable with another opinion.
  14. I'm a home care nurse, and we report bp's to the MD if it is under 80/50. Often they will just recheck later, or adjust med if the person is on med for high bp that are dropping it too low. Symptoms are important too, dizziness, feeling faint, etc.
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