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  1. Homeschool friends-would you go to this link on fb and like and comment something sweet about our consignment sale in Cary, NC? We are in the running for top 10 in the nation and the # of likes and comments counts heavily. THANKS! I need like 100 more comments!!! Can your kids with fb accounts do it too? It is the Kids EveryWEAR picture!!! Be sure not to comment on another. Haha!
  2. There is ranking in Alcumus. And if you answer quickly enough in class, your answer gets posted. These things keep ds on his toes and doing a lot of alcumus.
  3. My son LOVES his online AOPS class. He is thriving from the competition mostly. Is there something like that which provides daily reinforcement and competition for grammar or writing? Thanks!
  4. If so, can you review it? How long does it take per day? Did your child love it? Did it provide enough reinforcement for retention? What else have you used that you can compare it to? What age was your child? Are answers provided to the questions? What will you move to next? THANKS!
  5. We are using the IEW Fix-it series and enjoying it.
  6. DS13 used Rightstart Math for K and 1. We loved it, but with 4 kids, I couldn't manage such a teacher-intensive program. I switched him to MM and never looked back. He finished 7a last year and began AOPS prealgebra this year. We LOVE Aops and he was fully prepared with MM. He is definitely above average in his math gifting though. DD was unable to manage MM. So it isn't for everyone. It does not have enough repetition for some kids. My DS11 is in MM5B now and doing great. They do it entirely independently - a huge bonus imo.
  7. Could you review it? How long does each day take? Was it meaty enough? Too much? Grade level equivalency? Comparison to other curricula you have tried? Are there any answers offered to the questions? Will you continue with Beautiful Feet? THANKS!
  8. It will take you just 1 minute. We are neck in neck with another consignment sale. You just go here on facebook and like the picture/post for Kids EveryWEAR on this page: https://www.facebook.com/ConsignmentMommies/photos/a.10153796468513578.1073741835.128886358577/10153796468708578/?type=3&permPage=1 And comment that we are the best. The other sale has 5 more likes than us. It is really silly, but comes down to how many people we ask to like and comment. Yet winning best in nation will make folks choose to shop our sale rather than another. THANKS FRIENDS!
  9. Summer, I can't get a message through to you. You had pm'd me. Can you email me? gail [at] kids every wear [dot] com thx
  10. DS12 is gifted in understanding math. He just finished MM7a and I hope he will take the AOPS pre-alg online class in the fall. His age equivalent in broad math on his year end testing is >30 but his math calculation skill age equiv is 23. No surprise to me as he hasn't used a drill and kill curriculum BUT he needs to build up speed and competency in calculations. So I am having him do the classwork only, odd #'s in Dolciani pre-algebra. He is flying through it, doing 5 lessons a day and getting them correct. What next? Any input? I don't want to kill him with work he comprehends already. I just want to build his speed, accuracy, and calculating skills. Thanks for your input! We heard about Dolciani here and it has been a very inexpensive but helpful resource to cover the basics.
  11. I knew I could count on you all! She LOVES romance! Cary Grant, Love Comes Softly, Pride and Prejudice... I'll check into that series!
  12. DS loves the Horrible Science books. LOVE LOVE LOVES them. My girls, not so much! I also like the reading lists in the Heart of Dakota Drawn into the Heart of Reading choices. They are by age and gender.
  13. I love books. I devour books. So do my sons. My 15 y.o. dd never reads for pleasure. We read a lot of living books for school and she enjoys them she says. She also says that a few years ago she read The Third Grade Detectives series and wanted to read more but doesn't recall ever wanting to read more of anything else. She has mild special needs and her reading comprehension score is at a 5th grade level. Is there hope that I can get her hooked on reading? What book would you suggest she read that might hook her? Thanks!
  14. bumping this old thread to ask if any of you continued with this for more than a year? Thanks!
  15. bumping for more input as I too am interested.
  16. We did the first book in one semester and are now in the 2nd book. We've had to slow down a bit as it really does get harder. I think you'd want to start with book 1 anyway though and move through it. I'm still unsure if it is enough, but I like it. I may also buy the software for editing from CTC and try that in addition to Fix-it, but I think we will complete all of the levels of Fix-it. I'm glad I purchased the newer version.
  17. Has anyone had experience using both MUS Geometry AND TT Geometry? If so, can you compare the time each takes, how thorough they are, how many practice/review questions there are so the student really internalizes the subject, etc. Thanks!
  18. I also need to add, I have always thought I was careful about our spending. Haha. YNAB has opened my eyes. I used Quicken and other systems for twenty years but only defensively, keeping track of money but doing nothing at all to budget. YNAB is a whole different baby. And this month we finally have our 6 months extra in savings after two years of working on that baby step! WOOT!!! We still have several baby steps to go in the Dave Ramsey system. In 2 weeks we are starting our 2nd time through the class--it is that good and we need to be freshly reminded of the goals!
  19. I absolutely agree. My husband and I have a shared YNAB account on both of our computers and our phones. We enter every expenditure on it by category the minute we make it, in the line at the store or at the computer making the online purchase. And we took Dave Ramsey's class in a group setting, not trying to do it on our own. This has been a LIFE SAVER for us. Every child should have to do it in high school! Oh how I wish we had known when we were 20 what we know now!
  20. We use zander for $99/yr. We heard about it in a Dave Ramsey class. What Zander does is fixes your problem and your credit, which takes 100's of hours to do. Dave Ramsey pays for it for all of his employees bc/ he says he needs them working, not freaking out and spending hundreds of hours trying to fix the huge mess when someone has this happen to them. I think you also want the homeowners money protection as well as this.
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